Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Shining in the dim light, small waves slowly crashed onto a coast. The water was crystal clear, and no signs of filth could be seen unlike those coasts near human settlements. However, surprisingly there was some strange debris 'thrown' by the waves on the coast.

Param felt something caressing his face and slowly opened his eyes. The waves arrived and retreated in a rhythm, splashing his face with crystal clear water. He got up and scanned his surroundings, and asked the question every transmigrator has to ask:

F*ck, where am I?

He remembered riding a peddling boat in a carnival in a lake. Then fog arrived and he kept drifting with his boat for a long, long time. Eventually he felt weak and lost his consciousness.

He heaved a sigh of relief. At least he was still alive! His first thought was to look around and understand where exactly he'd drifted to. He may have drifted to the other side of the lake, which was outside the city.

Time passed, and Param sat down on the ground with his head scratching. Somehow he had arrived on an island which was in the middle of nowhere. The island was extremely strange. The strange part was not the fact that the whole island was barren, with no signs of plant and animal life, nor the fact that even the stones and sand of the island looked extremely smooth, fragrant and high quality, but the fact that there was a huge crystal pillar at the center of the island! Even though the pillar had a normal exterior, Param knew that it was extraordinary just by the words engraved over it. The words were written in some unknown, archaic language, but Param still was able to easily read them. The words were written in bold strokes and seemed extremely unfathomable.


Param could not help himself but snort when he read this. This is clearly the work of some seriously delusional person! He returned to the starting point and scratched his head in frustration. He could not gain any clues all this while, except for one conclusion.

Perhaps he was no longer on Earth.

He had this idea when he accidentally looked above in the sky. The sky looked completely blank, with no signs of any celestial bodies. However, the sky still emitted a dim white light. That was the reason he could still see around him.

Time flew by and a week passed.

Param now had confirmed a few surprising conclusions. First, it seemed like he was no longer human. This was because he had not eaten anything for a week and he was still as fit as a bull. There was never a moment when he felt weakness or dizziness. His innate minor problems and diseased that had troubled him for a long time even vanished. Furthermore, he discovered that he no longer needed to breathe, sleep or excrete. Param almost cried when he discovered this, and was troubled whether he was turning into a monster. In fact, he'd perhaps indeed turned into a monster, because he realized that he had gained disastrous strength. If he wished, he could even create booming noises just by punching in the air.

Another fact was that he was indeed not on Earth. This was because he could somehow sense that this world was filled with various kinds of unfamiliar energies. Even the island where he lived on, the sea surrounding the island, and the sky above contained different kinds of energies.

Another week passed.

Param was slouching on the ground with his eyes closed. He was frightened that he would open his eyes and see the same brown land, the same sea, and the same dim white sky. He could feel that he was terribly bored, and his mind was breaking. So he decided…

He would seek death!

Opening his eyes, he stood up and leaped in the air like a frog. A vacuum pocket was created behind him as he flew in the air. This was another ability he'd recently discovered.

There were no clouds or markings in the sky, and he could not guess how far he had traveled into the sky. Looking down, he saw down and shivered. The island had become the size of a palm and was slowly disappearing! How far had he flown away?

At this moment a unique sense of joy came into his heart. He had always wanted to do dangerous stuff like sky diving, para-gliding and bungee jumping. But being a coward, he only dared to dream instead of doing it actually.

Steeling his heart, he decided to fly higher and his body flew upwards. However he realized that he was slowly losing his flight power. No matter how he willed, his speed kept reducing and eventually he came to a standstill. At this moment the island had become a dot. The dot was surrounded by vast ocean of crystal clear water, and was silent except for a few small and medium waves.

Suddenly, Param saw something extraordinary. A long distance from the island was a patch of white in the water. This patch was white was very eye-catching in the crystal clear water. For Param who was bored to death this was something extremely tempting and he flew towards the white dot.

The white dot grew larger and larger until it grew as large as the size of the island. The surface of the white dot was not solid, and was extremely viscous. Param flew a few inches over the viscous liquid and felt the liquid with his hand.

The white liquid was extremely strange. Not only did he sense a strong energy from the liquid, he could feel that it was filled with scattered fragments of consciousness, as if a huge entity had his brain cut into pieces, working individually.

Unconsciously energy was released from his palm which traveled into the white water, and he felt the scattered fragments react.

"Who are you?"

Param heard a vague voice in his spiritual consciousness. The voice came from the scattered fragments in the white water. His eyebrows rose in surprise. He only knew that his mind had developed into something mysterious known as the 'spiritual consciousness', but he didn't know how to use it. So he could only reply using his mouth.

"I am Param."

It was the first time in two weeks that he had spoken, and that was his name. His words seemed to carry a mysterious power, and both Param and the scattered fragments in the white liquid felt some large changed occurring outside the three dimensions.

Some time passed, and when Param was almost about to leave he heard a small voice in his spiritual consciousness.

"I see."

At first, Param was confused. What did that mean? Then suddenly he realized. About an hour ago he had told his name, and now came the reply.

What a terrible lag!

Maybe the white water is just slow to think, he thought. But he was happy, at least now he had someone to talk to! So he opened his mouth to ask:

"So, what are you?"

One hour later…

"Spiritual Ocean"

Param furrowed his brows. "What does that mean?"

One hour later…

"Spiritual Ocean"

Param smacked his face and tried a different approach. "Do you have a name?"


Param nodded like an expert. "In that case, you shall be White."

One hour later…


The discovery of White gave another direction to Param's life. His greatest fear changed from 'being bored to death' to 'asking a stupid question to White'. After all, waiting for White's reply was quite painful!

After many dozens of questions, Param finally grasped the trick. As long as he was careful and didn't ask 'Wh' questions or questions with long answers, White would definitely reply. All other questions would otherwise be rejected. And the painful thing was that White would take an hour to say: "Question rejected!"

A few days later…

Param was slouching on a crystal white sofa bragging about his past. The crystal white sofa was requested by Param and created by White. Of course, it also came with a reply: "Shameless!"

But how could Param become embarrassed by something said by some mere white colored water? He comfortably slouched on the sofa and bragged nonstop. Although the sofa was as hard as diamond, he didn't feel any discomfort with his crazy strong body.

The amusing thing was that there would sometimes be supernatural phenomenon when he spoke, and changes in climate were common. This would have been a beautiful scene, however the speaker was not explaining some Grand Dao, but a fake story about how he saved seventeen people from dying, how he had kissed his college professor, and how he'd fought against a cheetah.

Param spoke so much that his throat became dry even in spite of having a supernatural body, and realized that there was no response from this beloved audience.

White is becoming more and more arrogant! Param cursed inside and snorted. He closed his eyes and decided to sleep. Although he didn't need to sleep, he still sometimes did for the pleasure of it. During sleep his spiritual consciousness would be active and he could analyze and contemplate things more clearly during this moment.

Unknown to him, White's body silently shone with a dim white light and something invaded Param's consciousness.

In his sleep, Param saw a clear dream. A woman with long hair and long robes flew around him slowly. Her hair and clothes existed between illusion and reality, and it seemed that she could change their form according to her will. Her body was very curvaceous, with the proper curves in the proper places. Her skin shone with vitality and her face was beautiful with a pair of small red lips.

Param finally realized what this was. This were his withdrawal symptoms from lack of watching p*rn. He woke up and maintained and half-conscious state, and used his left hand to relieve himself from the accumulated stress.

In his dream, the fairy-like woman danced seductively, sending waves of lust in Param's spiritual consciousness. His body felt heated and his hand increased it's speed.

This was truly a beautiful scene where a powerful transcended man rested on a gorgeous crystal white sofa while relieving himself of his sexual frustration.

In his dream, the seductive woman reached the height of her dance, and similarly Param himself reached climax, and surprisingly they finished together.

Golden fluid flew out and fell on White's body, slowly disappearing inside. White's body stopped shining, and the fairy-like woman disappeared in a flash in Param's dream.

He opened his eyes and gazed into the distance, remembering the woman in his dreams. He couldn't help but think, that woman was really hot!

After a while, he suddenly furrowed his brows. He could sense some changes happening to White's body. His sofa suddenly shook and threw him in the air. Param flew a little and stabilized himself. When he looked down, he realized that his beloved sofa was gone! He arrived near White and sensed the changes inside.

It seemed that the scattered fragments were converging, forming a singular entity. Param was excited. Did this mean that White was taking a physical form? He became a little worried. After all, White was just a bunch of scattered consciousness. This process was like building a house from wooden planks.

Surprisingly, he sensed another spiritual consciousness within White being created. This consciousness was completely blank like a newborn, unlike White which was almost impossible to invade and filled with various kinds of knowledge.

At this moment he received a lengthy message from White.

"Go back to the island. Learn from the Authority Pillar. Awaken the spirit of the island."

During these previous dozens of weeks Param had repeatedly nagged over how he was kidnapped from Earth to the island.

"What about you?" Param asked. From weeks of conversation, he could determine that although White talked extremely less, it was extremely smart and had a real personality.

White didn't reply. Instead, it turned into a large palm and swatted Param into the air like a fly.


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