Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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The smack was a little too powerful and Param only stabilized himself after flying a few dozen meters away. He looked at White and scanned it with his spiritual sense, and only after he was satisfied did he decide to return to the island. While flying back he remembered what White said.

"Go back to the island. Learn from the Authority Pillar. Awaken the spirit of the island."

Isn't this the longest that White has spoken? He smiled as he thought that. Returning to the island, he went straight towards the so called 'Authority Pillar'.

The Authority Pillar looked like it was made of glass-like crystals, except that it was sky-blue in color. The words 'Authority' was written in bold strokes in an ancient and archaic language.

Param sighed as he said: "Authority Pillar." His words seemed to have an effect as the Authority Pillar gave off a faint light, and small white lights could be seen inside travelling as if in an electronic circuit.

He sat down in front of the pillar in lotus position and closed his eyes. The Authority Pillar hummed a little, and Param felt his spiritual consciousness connect to the Pillar. The clothes over his body were made of energy, just like those of in the woman in his dreams, and the fluttered lightly even though there was no wind in the air.

Immediately, Param felt a lot of globes of light filled with archaic characters inside something similar to spiritual consciousness of the Pillar. These globes of light had different sizes, and could roughly be divided into small, medium, large, and extremely large sizes. The largest globe of light was in the center, floating high above all. The size of the ball determined the level of knowledge and the amount of archaic characters inside. He used his own spiritual sense and an immaterial tentacle connected to a small-sized ball of light. The archaic characters quickly appeared inside his spiritual consciousness and presented before him. The characters were unlike mortal characters, and each one of them seemed to be connected to some phenomenon. Each word contained thousands of meanings and variations, and could not be read by mortals.

With his new powerful mind, Param quickly finished reading and moved to the next globe. Second, Third, Fourth….Param greedily absorbed knowledge as he moved to next small-sized globes.

Time passed, and when he finished the tenth small-sized globe Param suddenly felt a heart-rending pain.

"Aaaggghhh!" He screamed as he felt his spiritual consciousness fracturing. He rolled around in pain, and soon fainted.

Inside Param's spiritual consciousness, the archaic characters were wreaking havoc as they corroded it from inside.

"F*ck!" he exclaimed. From what he'd learned from the Authority Pillar, the spiritual consciousness was something that connected the soul and the body, and was akin to an operating system. The spiritual consciousness protected and encapsulated the soul. If his spiritual consciousness was damaged, if would have to say goodbye to his awesome body. Even worse, if his spiritual consciousness was destroyed, then he could only wander in this world as a soul.

As he thought of how to deal with this situation, cracks appeared in various places, and started to spread around like spider-webs. Seeing this he immediately used his spiritual sense and tried to control some of the mild archaic characters. They were 'Still' related characters, pertaining to stillness and inaction.

Gaining control of the archaic character, he immediately used it against another archaic character. The character resembled a gigantic golem, and was tens of kilometers in height. It's each step created horrible tremors throughout the spiritual consciousness, and it occasionally turned immaterial and displayed it's archaic character- 'Heavy'.

"Go!" Param shouted, and launched the 'Still' archaic character using his spiritual sense. However, the archaic character stopped the moment it lost contact with his spiritual sense and floated in the air.

"Hmm? What happened?" Param furrowed his brows as he checked the archaic character with his divine sense. Moments later, he became stunned as he looked at the 'Still' archaic character floating in the air.

The archaic character did not have problems, but rather it's nature was to be in a still, frozen state that it did not move.

"So troublesome." He mumbled and grabbed the character and flew towards the 'Heavy' archaic character. The latter looked at its landlord and stamped in that direction.

"This bastard!" Param cursed as he dodged and flew near the archaic character. The golem tried to swat away its landlord but did not succeed. Finally Param slapped his palm carrying the 'Still' archaic character onto its body. The golem roared, unwilling to be controlled by someone else.


Param softly spoke. His words seemed to have a mysterious effect, and the huge golem disappeared, transforming back into an archaic character. He had just captured it with his spiritual sense when he sensed danger. He immediately dodged to the side, only to get kicked in the face.


Param flew in a parabolic path, but immediately stabilized himself above. He was fortunate because his attacker had already reached the place where he would have fallen. He glanced at the figure below, only to see a gorilla sneering at him disdainfully. At the same moment his body turned immaterial for a moment, displaying his true form, an archaic character- 'Martial'.

"This bastard!" Param rapidly flew towards the gorilla while materializing a saber. The gorilla similarly materialized another saber, which was fancier than his own. He slashed upwards while the gorilla slashed at a weird angle, aiming at his wrist.

How could Param, a novice, fight against the gorilla \u003cMartial\u003e, a born expert? The saber slashed, and a palm holding a saber fell down. Param fell on the ground while bouncing a few times. He got up and held his regenerating palm, looking at the gorilla with hatred. Moments later his palm reappeared, and the gorilla held a fighting stance like an expert.

"Humph." Param snorted, and flew upwards at subsonic speed. After reaching a satisfactory height, he flew downwards while activating an archaic character- 'Heavy'!

He reached the ground in a few seconds and collided heavily, creating a shockwave. The archaic characters, including the gorilla that was near the crash point were damaged, and reverted to their true forms. He quickly used his spiritual sense to lock on to those archaic characters and seal them.

After capturing them with his spiritual sense, he turned his head towards another character and laughed.

"Hehehe. You guys are dead now."

A long time later…

"Two left…" Param spoke as he forcefully controlled an archaic rune and locked it with his spiritual sense. The two remaining archaic characters were a little special, as they behaved extremely human-like. One of the characters looked like an innocent courageous boy, who seemed to be protected the other archaic character in the shape of a little girl. The innocent girl even gave a sobbing expression. It seemed that they were terribly affected by his previous ruthless methods.

Param looked at them as he activated an archaic character in his disposal. His eyes became clearer, and an archaic character floated in each of his eyes- 'Truth'. Using the archaic character he could see their actual form. The true form of the courageous boy was actually the archaic word 'Protect', but what surprised him was the little girl behind the boy, whose archaic character had two attributes- "Heal, Life".

In excitement he could not help himself but walk towards them. The courageous boy immediately summoned a sword and shield and took a stance like a knight.

F*ck! Little kid, even if you have to act like a hero, you don't have to make me a villain!

He raised his hands as a sign of surrender and smiled.

"It's okay. You don't need to be afraid, I mean no harm."

He indeed looked harmless, with thin body and lazy appearance, but when the two kids glanced at the archaic characters sealed behind the scary man they shivered in fear and the sword and shield in the courageous boy's hands grew a notch larger in size.

Param sighed at their reaction. So troublesome!

"How about this? If you agree to do as I say, I won't seal the both of you."

Hearing this, the little girl quickly nodded, while the courageous boy frowned. Apparently he did not seem to trust this scary man. Param couldn't be bothered and waved at them.

"\u003cHeal, Life\u003e come, can you repair this?" he asked pointing at the cracks on the spiritual consciousness. The little girl made a troubled expression and activated her power. A mysterious power flowed towards the crack, and the cracks started to heal. However, Param with his \u003cTruth\u003e could see that it was not very efficient, and a lot of this mysterious power was wasted.

He stopped the little girl and thought for a while. Suddenly he was inspired by an idea and activated an archaic character- 'Formation'. The character itself had many variations, and each variation followed certain rules. Soon formations covered the fractured parts.

"Try now." He encouraged the little girl. The little girl nodded and used her ability again. This time the formations showed their effect and the cracks healed rapidly, and the courageous boy was astonished- the scary guy is perhaps not as useless as he seems! At this moment he saw Param looking at him and he immediately looked elsewhere, afraid that the latter would read his thoughts.

Param sensed his spiritual consciousness and found that all damages have been healed. He swore that he would never study so diligently.

Studying is injurious to health!

But wouldn't he be injured every time he used the Authority Pillar? Param thought over this, and realized that he was injured only because his spiritual consciousness was too weak. Hence, he must first strengthen his spiritual consciousness!

Thinking this activated an archaic character- 'Soldier'. The character had the form of a young androgynous teenager, and Param thought how such a young person can even become a soldier. He then called \u003cProtect\u003e and said as he grandly waved his sleeves.

"Do you thing."

The courageous boy secretly snorted twice, then used his power to complement the 'Soldier' archaic character. The soldier transformed, changing from a teenager to an attractive young person. His gear changed, looking more magnificent and pronounced. Perhaps now he had changed from a soldier to elite solider.

No matter what, you are still a soldier! Param consoled himself as he thought this.

With his spiritual consciousness fixed, he exited to finish another task.


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