Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Exiting his spiritual consciousness, Param glanced around the island. The island was completely desolate, and except for a few places was extremely plain, akin to a man-made island. Param glanced at the Authority Pillar and trembled a little. He still remembered the earlier pain, and would definitely want to avoid it if possible.

The Authority Pillar was extremely mysterious, and when Param connected to it he realized that his supernatural power in one way came originated from it. That was the same reason why he couldn't far beyond a certain distance above in the sky.

However, the pain he suffered this time was not in vain. He gained a lot of knowledge from the pillar, and now he didn't need to use his innate spiritual energy to manipulate natural phenomenon. Also, he didn't notice that he'd grown a blue-white crystal on his forehead when he retreated from the Authority Pillar.

All that's left is to awaken the spirit of the island, he thought. In fact, he'd lost sensed another consciousness similar to White existing in the island, however at that time he had no technical knowledge.

He dug a hole big enough to fit him and buried himself inside. As he didn't need to breathe and eat, he could easily stay underground for a few weeks or even months. He concentrated, using his spiritual sense to scan the entire island. The island was at least thrice as deep as it was wide, and there were even underground rivers formed of pure energy. However, this energy was unlike his mild and immaterial spiritual energy. Instead, it extremely wild and unrestrained, and was more materialistic. While spiritual energy was suited for spiritual consciousness, profound energy seemed to be suited for the flesh.

Scanning the entire island body, he found that although the island also contained an existence with scattered consciousness, the case was completely different from White. The spiritual consciousness on the island only existed in those underground rivers. But he could not completely extract them, as it would affect the vitality in the island's land.

He scratched his head for a while, thinking of a solution. Finally he thought of an idea, and activated an archaic character- 'Formation'. With spiritual consciousness as a guide, formations were set up throughout the island. Profound energy was extremely wild and unstable, and could only be passively controlled. He activated another archaic character- 'Restrain', suppressing the profound energy for a short moment. He extracted the majority of the profound energy, leaving a small amount to keep cycling around.

Param sensed that the archaic character 'Restrain' could not properly suppress the profound energy, and it kept struggling. He could feel that the suppression over the energy was growing weaker with each moment, and could explode anytime. He immediately guided it to the center of the formation, where he'd created his masterpiece. The profound energy was forced to assume a spherical shape, and Param activated another archaic character- 'Refine'.

The character was extremely domineering, and Param remembered how difficult was it to seal this archaic character, and there was even a moment where even he was almost refined!

Param used the formation and the archaic characters 'Restrain' and 'Refine' successively, and after a long time was able to gather the scattered fragments to rebuild the spiritual consciousness. However, the spiritual consciousness was still inactive and without a physical body.

Param guided the profound energy while simultaneously activating another archaic character- 'Heal, Life'. The character immediately combined the profound energy and the matter around it, forming an egg.

It's finally finished, he thought and closed his eyes. Unknowingly, he fell asleep while still meditating. In his dream, he thought about various things, and felt a little uncertain. Thinking about the present world made him feel hilarious. The only source of light in the present world was White, and it was the light emitted by White's body that the sky reflected!

It would have been good if there was at least a sun, he thought. He didn't realize that at this moment the crystal on his forehead suddenly shone with light and released tremendous heat. The heat looked materialistic and flew in the sky in a curved path, gathering at a single point. The ball of heat became larger and larger, and eventually grew into the size of the island. With the sun's heat, the ground of the island started melting, and even started to form lava.

At this moment Param woke up as he felt that his butt was on fire.

"F*ck! What the hell happened?" Param screamed as he looked around. In just a few moments he found the culprit and cursed.

"Where did this guy pop from?"

He used his spiritual energy to push the sun further into the atmosphere and tried to drive it away. The sun was pushed further and further, until it reached the same height which Param had reached before.

"That should do it." He nodded and went back to the island. He put his hand on the ground and used his spiritual sense to inspect the egg.

Dear egg, please don't get cooked!

However, it seemed that he didn't have to worry. In fact, the egg had even absorbed a portion of the heat. Checking its condition, it looked like it would take some time to finish creating its physical form. Using his spiritual sense, he scanned the underground rivers, which now he called 'profound veins'. The profound veins were now much calm and not as unruly as before.

"Humph! Now I'll show you!" Param said as he used his spiritual sense to activate one archaic character after another and set up another formation to refine the wild profound veins. The profound veins had lost their strength but were still arrogant and refused to be refined. But how could it succeed in rebelling when even its main body was refined? The profound veins passed through the refining formation, successfully getting refined. The refining formation used by Param was not as domineering like the one he'd used before, and was much milder in it's efforts, as he wanted the profound veins to develop a new spiritual consciousness.

The profound veins, on passing through the formation became purer and more active, although it still maintained its wild character. He could see it vaguely take the shape of a creature, with a lion-like head, deer-like horns, bull-like ears, snake-like body and eagle-like claws.

Yes, it was a dragon.

The dragon roared and sent shock-waves underground, arrogantly displaying its might and unwillingness to be refined. Param shook his head. He couldn't be bothered by show-offs like it. Anyways, the profound vein dragon will 'enjoy' getting refined after each cycle. Thinking about this made him happy.

He meditated for a while to recover his energy, while silently thinking about his next plans. He had vaguely understood what he wanted to do- he wanted someone for companionship. But how was he supposed to do that?

He must take one step at a time, Param thought. So first he decided to create a river. Although the ocean water wasn't salty, he felt that a river was definitely necessary. But how could he create an ordinary river? If he created something, it is a given that it must have some sentience.

Flying to the shore, he made a grabbing motion and a large amount of water four times the size of the island floated near him.

"This will do." Param nodded and again activated many archaic characters, refining the water. The large water ball grew smaller and smaller in size, until it was sixteen times smaller. The water ball now was slightly blue in color, and occasionally reflected light.


Param glanced upwards, and saw the sun which he'd thrown in the sky. An idea came into his mind, and he grew excited.

Although he had personally refined the sun and the ocean water, his refining skills were not good and could only develop a primitive level of spiritual consciousness, while the quality of the consciousness depended on the quality of the materials themselves. That is why he now had the idea of using natural phenomenon to slowly and steadily refine the ocean water.

He made a grabbing motion in the air, and pulled his fist down. The sun floating at the borders of the sky seemed to be pulled by something as it slowly descended. Placing it at the center of the sky, he pointed a path in the air. The water from the water ball immediately followed this path and flew above the sun. The water was split into two and flowed in a circular pattern in the air until it met the sun in a pincer.

The water did not collide with the sun, but merely created a bubble of water around it. The water used for creating the bubble was refined by the extreme heat of the sun, and flew down after being refined. The downward flowing water created wide and powerful waterfall, and it seemed as if water was falling from the heavens itself. When the water reached the ground, it immediately flowed in a predestined path created by the mighty creator, passing through various places on the island. After reaching the edge of the island, it suddenly flowed upwards into the sky, like a reverse waterfall and met at a point in the sky. This point was exactly opposite to the sun, which was now wrapped inside a layer of water. The water at the top of the reverse waterfall split into two, completing the circle in the sky.

At this moment, a full rainbow circle formed at the top of the reverse waterfall, and looked like another celestial body.

Param admired his creation and could not help but think: This bro is so awesome!

He thought for a while, hesitating. Finally deciding on something, he looked at the sun and said:

"You shall be Yang!"

In response the sun became bright red and more fierce and domineering. Also, a small white dot appeared at its center. The water bubble seemed to have difficulty restraining the sun. But Param didn't seem to care as he turned his head towards the rainbow and said.

"You shall be Yin!"

Immediately, the rainbow shined brightly with light, and myriad of colors unseen by mortal eyes were added to the rainbow. The rainbow circle cutely expanded and contracted as if to approve his sentence. At the same time, the rainbow circle was enveloped by a white layer, and at the center was a small red light. These changes seemed to make the water colder and more powerful.

Param smacked his lips as he sensed two spiritual consciousness's beginning to form, albeit at an extremely slow pace. He decided to speed up the process and activated an archaic character- 'Heal, Life'.

Two copies of the archaic character smacked themselves onto the sun and the rainbow. Param used his spiritual sense to scan the two. With the archaic character as a guide, a complex and high level spiritual consciousness began to take form in the two celestial bodies.

Param laughed and couldn't help but shout.

"I am the best!"


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