Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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After venting out his feelings, Param sat down to meditate and replenish his spiritual power. Although it looked easy, undertaking such a huge task was extremely difficult. The island didn't have a day and night cycle, so Param didn't realize that he'd meditated for seven days straight.

Opening his eyes, he felt extremely refreshed and full of energy. It was time to pay a visit to White. He flew slowly, while occasionally glancing back. The sun and rainbow circle looked extremely eye-catching, and one could feel its tremendous energy from a distance.

"Such a thing could only be created by some peerless existence." Param exclaimed. The ocean beneath him created waves as if giggling at his bragging. Soon he reached White's domain, and the changes there surprised him.

The viscous white liquid had transformed into white crystals, forming a small white island. The crystals were extremely hard and hummed occasionally with some sort of energy. At the center of the white island was a large rock, and he could sense White's spiritual consciousness. It was vast and gentle, like the ocean.

He scanned the rock with his spiritual sense and found another spiritual consciousness, albeit an incomplete one. It didn't seem to be fully born, perhaps in a half-born state.

He thought of using archaic characters to help White, but later decided against it. After all, he couldn't guarantee that he would mess up the natural process and harm White.

He sat down on the white ground, slouching on one side. He opened his mouth but couldn't think of anything to say. So, he sang-

"If my lover's life was never short,

Does the world need any legendary stories?

If a moth's afraid of fire,

How can this short life be magnificent?

Like being wrapped around with a silk cloth,

Like golden shackles with jade inside,

Like snow dancing while falling,

So beautiful, to live for death…."

Although it was just an opening song for some minor drama he'd heard, Param sang with complete sincerity. The ocean had turned quiet, with no waves, and even the wind turned silent, as if it did not dare to disturb his singing.

Param reached the end of the song.

"…Wasted a lot of our youth,

Wasted months and years,

Missed each other in one reincarnation,

The one forgotten is me.

Familiar silhouette,

Became mottled in tears,

Looking at it but can't touch it,

Love is something you can think, but not say."

Unknowingly Param's eyes had become wet, and two teardrops fell on the white ground. They disappeared inside, and the white island trembled.

Param quickly wiped his eyes. Damn, this bro got too emotional! Then his sight fell on White and he got a scare. The entire island was heavily trembling, as if it could explode at any time. He quickly scanned with his spiritual sense, and his expression became twisted. It seemed that White had perhaps become emotionally unstable, and her spiritual consciousness was in chaos.

He couldn't help but think: Was my singing really THIS bad?

"Okay, okay! Don't panic, I promise you I'll never sing!" Param tried to assure White. The trembling weakened but didn't stop. Instead, a huge hand made of white crystals appeared and swatted him far away.

Param flew hundreds of meters away until he stabilized in the air.

"White looks alright." He concluded, and decided to travel back to the island. There were a lot of ideas he wanted to try out. However, just after flying a little distance he suddenly sensed a strange active power. He immediately scanned his surroundings with his spiritual sense, and found an unfamiliar existence in the ocean water.

Shesha was feeling unbearable pain, and could hardly figure out what was happening around her. Her spiritual consciousness had many fractures, and many corroding elements had latched onto it. If she wasn't careful, it would be completely corrupted and she would become a mindless monster, just like those who came from Beyond. Even worse was her body, which was ridden with injuries made by those from the Beyond. The attacks of the creatures were extremely lethal and highly invasive. She had lost a majority of her physical strength, and could hardly move.

At that moment she heard a familiar voice.

"If my lover's life was never short,

Does the world need any legendary stories?..."

"This voice….!" She couldn't help but exclaim in joy. How much she yearned to hear this voice! Using her innate ability, her body slowly floated upwards, rising from the bottom of the ocean.

Before she reached halfway, her eyes saw a familiar silhouette. She smiled as strength left her body and she fainted.

A few days later…

Param had a troubled expression. A few days ago he'd caught a 'big fish', except that the fish look like an extremely beautiful girl who was terribly beaten up. When he found her, he nearly got a heart-attack. There was no body part which wasn't wounded, and even her spiritual consciousness seemed to have some major damages. Of course, he didn't dare to casually heal her. Her wounds were sealed by some high level archaic characters, characters which dealt with the phenomenon of time! How could a newbie like Param compare with a pro like her?

The only thing worth rejoicing was that this sister was extremely pretty, with long black hair floating in the void, and almost transparent robes, highlighting her curves, as if taunting him to guess what her skin actually looked like. Even though she was highly wounded, she still carried a transcendental charm, and weak creatures like mortals would find themselves impossible to resist.

Currently the girl was resting in a large stone house which was temporarily constructed by Param, who was meditating beside her. The girl slept on a stone bed, with two earth golems near it. The earth golems looked like Greek statues and were quite beautiful, if not for the archaic characters and formation lines all over their bodies. Especially eye-catching were the numbers '1' and '2' over their left cheek.

One in a while the girl would moan in pain, and Param would feel distracted and aroused.

This girl is a walking disaster! He could not help but think this. He closed his eyes and tried to resume his meditation when suddenly he received a message from the earth golems, informing him that the lady had woken up.

The girl seemed to have used some technique, and her injuries seemed to have healed or suppressed. Even parts of her spiritual consciousness had been sealed.

"How do you feel?" he asked. The girl didn't reply him immediately but kept staring at him, making him feel a little embarrassed. Although he'd bragged a lot to White, in reality he hardly had any experience with females except for his mother, cousin sisters and classmates. In his life he'd always inwardly felt that he lacked charm. So when a peerless beautiful woman whom he'd secretly call a 'milf' stared at him he couldn't help but become nervous.

"I feel better. Thank you." The girl replied while propping up her body and leaning on her back. Although there was a weakness in her voice, it still was attractive to the ears, the proof being the small chiming noises made by the wind when she spoke.

Param sat near the bed and nodded at her. "Don't hesitate to tell me if you want something. You can stay on my island for as long as you want."

He didn't feel any embarrassment declaring the island as his private property.

"Thank you for your help. I, Shesha, won't bother you much as I only need to rest for a while."

The girl who introduced herself as Shesha replied, and Param thought he heard some sarcasm in her voice. He found her staring at the golems and swiftly spoke as he waved his sleeves expertly.

"These are the two golems I made to take care of you: Earth Golem Experimental Version No. 1 and Earth Golem Experimental Version No. 2!"

The girl sighed as she said, "Let's call them G1 and G2."

How could Param allow someone to casually change the names of his creation?

He cleared his throat and spoke.

"I think the name Earth Golem Experimental Version No.1 is quite-"

Before he could finish his words a hand grabbed his own and pressed down forcefully, and a sweet voice came.

"Let's call them G1 and G2."

He turned his head and saw a sweet smile. However, he couldn't help but shiver for some reason. Somehow he felt that there would be a bad ending if he didn't agree to this girl's request. So although he wanted to disagree, when he opened his mouth the words that came out were "Yes ma'am!"

Few days later…

At the shore of the newly created 'Eternal River' were two figures. One was a peerless beautiful woman, who was resting on a stone sofa. Even her lazily slouching figure was extremely seducing. Beside her were two earth golems G1 and G2 holding two fans made of energy, obediently fanning her. She seemed to be resting, but if powerful creatures saw her they would immediately realize that she was absorbing energies lying outside the three dimensions.

Beside her, Param sat on the ground in lotus position meditating with a serious expression. Anybody would exclaim: What a hard-working man! However, he was actually cursing Shesha inside.

These few days were not easy for him. Although Shesha looked weak and feeble, she was still stronger than him and kept demanding various things. If he could not fulfill her wishes, he would be bombarded with taunts over and over. Also, he would even have to give tests on archaic characters, and they were even multiple choice questions! The worst part was that there was negative marking, and he would even get a credit score!

Life was so pitiful!


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