Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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While he was cursing the peerlessly beautiful woman in his mind, unknown to him, the crystal on his forehead gave off a dim light. Strands of energy flew out and created a mesh, eventually taking the form of an eagle chick. The eagle chick slowly assumed physical form and cried.


What the hell is this noise? Param opened his eyes, only to find a little guy pecking his knee and crying.

"What the…Where did this little guy pop out from?" He exclaimed. He turned his head and found Shesha looking at him amusingly. Apparently, she didn't find this scene strange. Beside her, the earth golems diligently fanned her. It looked like even if a dinosaur appeared, they would still continue doing their work.

"Do you know what happened?" He could only ask her. Beside him, the little chick kept on jumping at scratching the ground.

"It seems to be a manifestation of your thoughts. When you have strong thoughts and intents, there is a possibility of them manifesting through your third eye." Shesha lazily replied while stretching her body.

Param could see things from a much larger perspective than a mortal. The movement of her eyelashes, the light swaying of her hair, and even the slight wriggling of her abundant bosom were all captured by his eyes. This picture of her made his blood boil.

He quickly controlled his lustful thoughts, lest he do something and gets beaten up. Shesha leisurely walked next to him and squatted, admiring the little guy. The little guy seemed to know her strength as he shrunk his neck and started crying.

"You need to learn to control your third eye using your spiritual consciousness." She taught him. "Anyway, what were you thinking about?"

Param felt his mouth run dry. He didn't dare to imagine what would happen to him if she knew that she was being cursed. He maintained a stiff smile and said.

"I was just thinking about how you are so kind and considerate to teach me so many things."

Hearing this Shesha covered her mouth with the back of her palm and laughed.

"Hahaha…You care so much about me. So much that you even manifested a creature filled with such intense fighting spirit….Hahaha…"

Param shivered as he heard her laughter. She looked exactly like a female antagonist from a third grade drama. His head moved like a robot towards her and laughed along.


It was just an unlucky day!

A few days later, on a fresh morning…

Shesha seemed to have recuperated to a large extent, and she (unfortunately) became more active in teaching him. Right now Param was being taught the fundamentals of creating a spiritual consciousness.

"…Creating a low level spiritual consciousness is not that difficult. But I advise you to only create it by combining your innate talent. After all, right now you don't have mastery over it. Consider Garuda as an example. As he was formed from your thoughts, your Supreme Self automatically created a spiritual consciousness for it."

"Supreme Self?" Param asked.

"You don't know about your Supreme Self? But you were the one who….Forget it! The Supreme Self is the origin of your existence, the source of all power. Why don't you try to feel it? It's hidden at the center of your spiritual consciousness…"

She told him the method to sense his Supreme Self. He immediately retreated into his spiritual consciousness, trying to sense something at its center. Moments later he sensed something lying dormant. An archaic character hummed and became active- 'Truth'. His vision changed, and he could finally see his Supreme Self, which could only be described with one word-


His Supreme Self was boundless, with no ends and limits. One would easily lose themselves within it. The Supreme Self was mysterious and compared to it, the archaic characters seemed like child's work. After sensing his Supreme Self he couldn't help but curse.

F*ck! It looks like I'm light-years away from humanity! What exactly have I become!

At the same moment, the Authority Pillar at the center of the island suddenly disappeared, hiding outside the three dimensions. Only the word 'Authority' could be seen floating in the air.

Param retreated from his spiritual consciousness and found Shesha squeezing the muscles on his chest. His eyebrows twitched as he saw that.

"What are you doing?"

Shesha continued caressing his muscles as she replied.

"You look good with these muscles….Exactly my type."

Param's face twisted. Sister, can you please not joke! Who would dare to be in a relationship with you!

Shesha smirked after seeing his expression. "Forget it. Let's see the condition of the egg you talked about."


The eagle chick Garuda landed over her shoulder and made a noise in agreement. The two plus one combo went to the place where the egg containing the spirit of the island was buried. Param put his hand down, scanning with his spiritual sense. The egg was stable and would soon hatch. He could sense the abundant energy of the creature inside the egg.

He sensed another powerful spiritual sense piercing deep inside, which belonged to the woman beside him.

Communication using spiritual sense was easy, and it was also possible to encrypt it. However, Shesha didn't bother to do so and he could easily understand what message she was sending to the egg.

"….Look at you! Weren't you always proud of being senior than me? Always called me number four and yourself number two? What happened now? You aren't even born yet and can only watch me enjoy. What did you say? I can't hear you! You have to use your mouth for that!...."

He secretly glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and saw her happy and smug expression. His heart thumped louder and he turned stiff for a moment, and at the same time she co-incidentally gazed at him at captured his expressions.

A few moments passed….

"Come with me!"

Shesha dragged him inside her home and G1 and G2 welcomed them. She wasted no time and quickly stripped both of them and the clothes made of energy disappeared from over their bodies. Although Param felt a little dissatisfied, on seeing her milky soft skin and cotton-like soft black glossy hair, he could think of any complaints.

The woman wildly pounced on him and they began to make love. Param went on autopilot and followed his instincts, leaving no part of her body untouched. Time passed and Param once again realized that he was no longer mortal, or else how could he go on for hours?

Surprisingly, G1 and G2 kept on fanning their 'madam' all this time diligently and showed no reaction even when she moaned and writhed in ecstasy.

Param could not stop himself as compared to mortal, the pleasure levels this time were extremely high, and he dared to say that even the best drugs could not make anyone feel this good. The pleasure was not just physical, but also spiritual and other incomprehensible levels.

Soon he reached climax, and released himself. The both trembled in pleasure, savoring the after-taste of their union. Param took a while to stabilize his spiritual consciousness, and tried to get up. A slender hand immediately grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

"Wait! Let's do this one more time!"

Param had a shocked expression. This sister was way too scary!

Seven days later…

Param was meditation at the place which was once a stone house. His face looked a little pace and his body had become a little thin. Beside him, Shesha leaned lazily on one side staring at him with half closed eyes. Casually looking around the demolished walls she spoke.

"It was such a nice house. What a pity."

Param's face twitched when he heard that. How could he not understand what she meant? What she actually said was : Hurry up and fix this place so I can laze around!

If not for the fact that she was a woman…

If not for the fact that she was previously injured fatally…

If not for the fact that she looked weak and feeble…

And if not for the fact that he could absolute not win against her…

He would've definitely kicked her out of the island a long time ago!

He decided to stay three meters away from this pretty sister at all times. Thinking about these seven days he couldn't help but feel both aroused and afraid. He cursed inside. She is not a goddess, she is a succubus!

Another two days passed. The eagle chick Garuda had learned to fly, and would often try to seek death by flying near the sun. Luckily, Param had blessed him archaic characters he wouldn't die easily.

There were also many changes in G1 and G2 as they were affected by the energies released during the union. Their appearances became more pronounced, and they surprisingly developed high level spiritual consciousness. They could no longer be considered ordinary earth golems, and had to be given some proper species.

"In that case, you shall be the first Yaksha!" Param clapped and said. Following his clap, the world obeyed his will, and formations appeared on the bodies of the two. G1's body turned slender and developed a bust and curvy hip, while G2 had his upper body grown and his face developed clearly defined edges. At this moment, he couldn't help but feel sad for giving them lame names.

At this moment he heard Shesha calling him. He grumpily went to the newly constructed house. Entering the house he turned cautious, and willed his clothes into something thick which couldn't be easily taken off. Feeling that this wasn't enough, he willed again and turned them into monk robes. His short black hair disappeared, leaving him bald. In addition to this, six burn scar marks appeared on this forehead.

Satisfied with his appearance, he walked into the inner room. Shesha looked at him and exclaimed in surprise.

"What is this?!"

Param made a gesture with one hand and spoke with a calm expression. "Amitabha. This monk has freed himself from mortal desires."

She furrowed her brows and scolded him. "Stop the nonsense, I'm leaving."

Param froze for a moment, and blurted out. "So soon?"

Shesha smiled and asked him. "Have you thought a name for the egg?"

He shook his head. "I don't even know what sort of creature will be born. How can I name it?"

Shesha smiled mysteriously. "You should call her Gaia."

Before he could ask anything further, her body swiftly disappeared outside the three dimensions, leaving him.


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