Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Shesha traveled along a long tunnel, which seemed to be made of law outside the three dimensions. The tunnel had mysterious powers, and one could vaguely see many scenes linked to the walls of the tunnel.

In one of the scenes, Param had become crazy due to loneliness and kept banging his fists on the ground like a gorilla. Sometimes he could suddenly stop and start laughing stupidly while staring into nothingness. In another scene, Param was scolding some grown up young men in a crystal palace. The young men looked extreme handsome and seemed to hold high authority, but they stood still with their heads down like little kids who were being punished for their mistakes. There was another scene where Param was being beaten up by five fairy-like women while being watched by two chubby kids. The women were extremely powerful, and each of their moves were followed by supernatural phenomenon and innocent laughs of those kids.

Shesha seemed to have reached her destination as she slowed down and entered a scene. A tear in the three dimensions appeared and she appeared in the world.

In this world, the empty island had changed into a magnificent palace, with one character above its gate. The word was special, as its actual form was an archaic character- 'Eternal'. The single character brought forth tremendous pressure, and was a test for the visitors.

Above the palace the red sun had grown large and frequently gave off powerful fluctuations, and the white layered rainbow expanded and shrunk, giving off a suppressing feeling. However at this time, the red sun had a small part shattered and the rainbow moon had hideous fractures over its body. Even the part of Eternal River that was in the sky and formed a circle seemed to have problems, as it was flowing in an elliptical path instead of a circular one.

Shesha quickly walked through the large door inside and arrived at a large room. The room was as large as multiple courtyards and there were three women inside. As soon as she arrived they stood up and a fairy-like woman with blue-white hair asked.

"Have you succeeded?"

Shesha nodded her head. "I can sense it; I will give birth to two children, a girl and a boy, with the innate ability of fate and karma."

Another woman who was a brunette sighed. "These kids will play a big role in saving their father. We just have to wait for them to grow up"

Shesha asked another woman, who had dirt blonde hair. "How is he now?"

On realizing her question, the woman with dirt blonde hair became emotional and replied in a low voice.

"It's not good. His wounds are slowly worsening, and even the seals on his wounds which can freeze time cannot stop it. The residual energy of those Previous Era Authority Wielder is highly corrosive."

As they spoke they walked further inside where a person was floating inside. Dozens of powerful archaic characters floated around him, which continuously healed and suppressed him at the same time. A large wound could be seen on his chest, almost splitting his body in half. His face seemed to be in pain as some mysterious lightning traveled around his body once in a while. The wound itself was not serious; rather the residual energy was worth more paying attention as it continuously corroded the spiritual energy flowing in his body. The foreign energy was highly invasive and had even corrupted a part of his spiritual consciousness. However, the most frightening thing was that as time passed, this person's fate and karma was also being manipulated.

Although this person was wounded, his face still retained his aura of authority. He looked extremely domineering and gentle at the same time, as if the entire world revolved around him. Suddenly his face contorted in pain, and the archaic characters in the air trembled fiercely. The space around the powerful wounded person began to cave in. At this moment the woman with dirt blonde hair made a hand seal and shouted. Her hair and clothes flew in the void as archaic characters shot out from her palms, slapping themselves into the space, stabilizing it for the moment.

"This is the fifth time it has happened. Now even White and Gaia are worried." The woman with dirt blonde hair said sorrowfully.

Shesha looked silently at the wounded person floating in the air. In her eyes, his mature face slowly changed, becoming younger and younger, slowly becoming similar to Param.

At this moment she again remembered the song.

"If my lover's life was never short,

Does the world need any legendary stories?..."

Present time…

Param was staring at the egg which seemed to have dug itself from the ground. Recently it had become highly active, and it looked like the creature inside would leap out anytime. A small dot appeared in the air, growing larger. It took the shape of an eagle and landed near Param. The eagle, Garuda had grown even larger, and now it could no longer rest on his shoulder. Garuda preened his feathers for a while. Eventually he got bored and started pecking him continuously on his shoulder.

"Father, when will you finish creating the plant life?" he asked Param. After growing up surprisingly he could fluently talk in an archaic language.

Param patted him furiously, messing up his feathers on his head.

"It must be near its completion." The two floated over some distance until they arrived near a garden. The garden had a large complex formation, formed by thousands of archaic characters. Param had spent a lot of effort to fish many powerful archaic characters from the Authority Pillar.

At the center of the formation was a Tulsi tree. It looked lush green and shone with faint light. Even at a distance, separated by many powerful formation barriers Garuda could sense the healing properties in its body.

"It was not easy to create its spiritual consciousness. The only thing left to do is to create a soul for this child."

Garuda did not understand the technical terms his Father said, except the fact that he would get a companion. But he was smart and kept occasionally nodding his head to please his Father.


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