Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Creating a soul was a major technical problem that was haunting Param. Without a soul, a creature was just a mindless body. At most, the creature would be a high level robot, which wasn't the result that he wanted.

He shook his head; he had endless time to solve this problem. He jumped lightly and his body floated in the sky. Traveling at a supersonic speed he soon reached a crystal white island formed by White. He landed on the firm ground and was surprised when he looked around. The crystal white island had increased in size, growing almost four times the size of the island. Param could not help but seek death, and opened his mouth.

"White, you seemed to have gotten ….fat!"

Immediately a crystal white hand appeared, ready to swat him away. He sweated profusely and quickly knelt down.

"I'm sorry, Great White! You heard wrong. I said you've become even more strong and graceful…"

The crystal white hand froze in the air, accepting his apology. However this only lasted a moment as Param spoke further.

"… In fact, you can only be described in one line: Graceful in Guest Hall, Great in kitchen, and Glamorous in Bedroom!"

After a moment of silence…

"Aiyo~ I was wrong~ I was wrong~ Agghh! White, I won't talk to you if you continue hitting me! Ouch!"

Half an hour later, Param sat on the ground, moaning occasionally. After some time he wailed.

"White, you're so heartless!"

A message arrived at his spiritual consciousness at this moment: "Humph!" It was from White, and he could feel the smugness from the single word.

He'd already used his spiritual sense to check the condition of the two newly forming spiritual consciousness' inside White's body. According to his calculations, White had almost finished creating her physical body. He relaxed on the ground while watching the Eternal River which formed a circle in the sky.

Suddenly Param supported his body on his arms and sat up.

"I've encountered a serious problem. Although I am able to create a physical body and a spiritual consciousness, I am not able to create a soul for it. The soul needs to be eternal and indestructible, and should also be bound by the laws outside the three dimensions. Do you have a solution for it?"

When Param asked this he didn't actually expect an answer. After all, he considered White as a friend whom he could nag endlessly with to relieve his frustration. So when White answered, it was out of his expectations.

"Supreme Self."

Param was blank for a while, and moments later suddenly slapped his thigh.

"Good idea! If I don't have the talent to create some stuff, I can always steal the idea!"

He paced around for a while, thinking of various ideas. His Supreme Self was a ridiculously powerful, and comparing it to a mortal soul was like comparing a super powerful quantum computer to an abacus. As such, he would have to economize it before creating a new soul. He said good bye to White and flew back to the island to test his hypothesis.

A few days passed, and Param once again was sitting on the ground depressingly. Apparently, it was not an easy task to replicate the Supreme Soul. Suddenly, a terrifying shockwave appeared in the sky. It enveloped the sky, raising its temperature by thousands of degrees. Param looked above and saw three protrusions appearing on the red sun. The protrusions grew larger and larger, and eventually fell from the surface of the sun, colliding on the ground.

He quickly flew over and saw three red colored eggs with different white characters in white on them. The first egg was yellow-red, with the character 'Fierce' over it with domineering strokes. The second egg was bright red in color having the character 'Rebirth' with a flexible style. The last egg was red purple, with a white colored character 'Melody' written in soft strokes.

Param scratched his head. Was he supposed to make an omelet? Perhaps the white layered rainbow didn't want to be left behind as it's rings rapidly shrunk and contracted heavily, as if having labor pains and quickly spat out three eggs. The eggs landed on the other side of the island, opposite to the crash site of the red colored eggs.

Param had no choice but to check his delivery on the other side of the island. When he arrived, he saw three blue white eggs with similar characters lying around.

The first egg had a large character 'Rule' written in purple, and Param couldn't help but 'tsk' when he saw this. Not even born and yet so arrogant! He moved on to the second egg, which showed a blue colored character 'Protect'. The third egg was the least eye-catching, with a small red colored character 'Profound' on it.

He had no idea what to do with these eggs, so he decided to create a temporary nest. However, after he checked them with his divine sense, he realized that these eggs had inherent properties. The red eggs could mature faster in fire while the blue-white eggs needed the presence of water. Realizing this, he immediately created three separate nests filled with formations for each of the red eggs. These nests didn't look different from any other place on the island, but it was filled with fire type energy.

The blue-white eggs were not placed on the island. Instead, he created their nests near White's body. He crystallized the water near the white island, forming nests made of crystals which contained traces of small white dots. These crystals containing white dots were natural formations which were created by White and him.

After analyzing these eggs with his spiritual sense Param had a brainstorm of ideas, and he created many blueprints in the air with his spiritual power when he returned on the island. As time passed, the number of blueprints grew and he had to create a vast courtyard to store them, as he feared that Garuda would damage them when he got bored.

Some days later, as he was recording something on a blueprint his hand suddenly stopped. Gaia was about to take form!


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