Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Param realized that Gaia was about to come out of its egg, and immediately dashed towards it. The egg didn't seem much different than usual, but the terrifying aura it had started releasing was a sure sign of its final transformation. The aura was too powerful, and Param could even see fractures in the space surrounding the egg, and one could vaguely hear a dragon's roar. Param patted Garuda's head, urging him to quickly fly away.

Garuda didn't dare to loiter, and flew away as far as he could. Although he didn't like to fly over the ocean, it was still better than seeking death. The egg increased the intensity of aura, which made Param exclaim.

F*ck, won't it explode if this keeps on!

He quickly fired two archaic characters. The first reinforced the space surrounding the egg, making it stable. While the other created layers of barriers, so that even if an explosion takes place, it won't affect its surroundings much. He was afraid of the egg exploding like a nuclear bomb and harming his private property, which was the island.

The aura of the egg kept on spiking, until it suddenly reached a threshold and exploded. The barriers fractured and shattered, and Param who was near them was flown away from the shock-wave.


The island now had a crater at its center, and a figure was lying inside. It slowly stood up and captured the world with its eyes. The creature seemed to be intelligent, unlike a newborn, as seemed as if it already knew the mysterious of the world. Its vision fell on Param who was kissing the ground in dizziness. Perhaps it found this amusing; it squatted down near him and poked his cheek.

Param was currently suffering from a strong bout of dizziness. When the egg exploded, it surprisingly sent out a wave of profound energy. Param wasn't familiar with it, and allowed it to attack his spiritual consciousness. His spiritual consciousness received a nice shock, and for a few minutes he couldn't tell the difference between the ground and the sky.

Suddenly he felt something poking his cheek. Opening his eyes, he saw an extremely beautiful woman staring at him curiously. The woman was extremely beautiful; this needed to be repeated twice because her beauty was incapable of being described in words. Her skin was milky soft and shone with luster, and he was reminded of those Korean actresses. Above her head was brown colored hair, which stopped just a little below her shoulders. They looked as soft as cotton, and one couldn't help but raise their hand and caress them. Her figure was curvaceous, and every man would feel her to be the most fertile woman. But the most attractive were her brown eyes, which showed her intelligence and the curiosity of a newborn at the same time.

Param froze when he saw her. He felt an instinctive reaction, an attraction like no other. He felt the same attraction from Shesha; perhaps it was an attraction between similar creatures. He raised his hand and unconsciously caressed her face, and immediately regretted when he realized his actions. However the woman didn't seem to mind and only smiled.

Today, Gaia was born.

Gaia was extremely intelligent, and unlike mortal newborns knew various things at the time of her birth. Along with her explosive nature and high curiosity it wasn't long before Param started having a headache.

Being a newborn, Gaia was an excellent troublemaker. Her strength was high and there was almost nothing which could kill her, but that did not mean that others were the same. Just a few days ago, Param had to spend a lot of effort in stopping the troublemaker from making an omelet out of the red eggs.

Many days later…

Param was arranging bricks and building a wall. The bricks were refined using Pure Fire, and were engraved with formations formed of multiple archaic characters. Time passed hour by hour, and a small mansion began to form. A little distance away Gaia was slouching on a stone sofa and watching him with half closed eyes. Beside her G1 and G2 were fanning their new mistress.

Param was tired, and he suddenly felt sorrowful. Wasn't this scene somewhat familiar? He finally finished making the mansion and moved some furniture inside. At this moment Gaia came slyly and snuggled his arm, laughing 'Hehe~'. But how could he not know what she was thinking?

This girl is really smart, always thinking ways to slack off! Param snorted. Of course, he had no problems with an extremely beautiful fairy like woman hugging his hand. The atmosphere was set, with archaic characters creating an illusion of night. Some archaic characters floated in the air and released dim light, acting like candles. This was his reward for working hard!

The clothes made of energy disappeared, and mental energies from their spiritual consciousness' caressed and enveloped each other. Union of spiritual consciousness's was highly addictive, as the pleasure came continuously in waves. The couple quickly brought each other to the height of pleasure, and climaxed. The energies released from the union condensed, a majority of them was absorbed by G1 and G2, while the remaining part started to take humanoid forms.

The union was not a short time affair, and once started could easily last for days. So when Param woke up after a nap from the terrific session, he was stunned to find seven pairs of humanoid creatures kneeling in front of their bed. The humanoid creatures did not seem to see his surprised expression as they quickly greeted him enthusiastically.

"We greet you, Father!"

Param felt a headache coming. He gestured them to follow him to another room, which was as large as a courtyard. The humanoid creatures walked uniformly, and seemed much disciplined, even if they were born not a long time ago. Param activated an archaic character- 'Truth', and over his pupils the character took shape. His vision changed, allowing him to see the inherent properties of these creatures.

The creatures seemed to possess both spiritual and profound energies, and were perhaps the first beings that could cultivate. Param felt another headache. Will this happen every time, with kids popping out left and right? But he had to maintain his image, so he stood straight, with his head held high and spine straightened hands behind his back.

"Receive my Mandate, henceforth you shall be known as Sura!"

The world obeyed to his will, and the first creatures known as 'Sura' were born.


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