Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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A few days later…

Under a majestic river which flowed in the heavens in a circle, one could see some humanoid creatures working unceasingly. One of them dug a foundation into the ground, and another quickly threw low-leveled formations into the ground, making it strong. Another guy was squatting a little distance away, near a large kiln. The kiln was another large formation, with an archaic character- 'Refine' floating over it. The person near the kiln wore strange things- clothes made of energy, woven in a formation. His innate body was extremely strong, yet he still sweated because of his proximity to the super-hot kiln.

These creatures were the new species Sura, which were born during the union of Param and Gaia. Speaking of Gaia, right now she was slouching on a stone sofa, getting a massage from the newborn Sura girls. Those girls did not seem to know the word 'tired', and the enthusiastically massaged her, leaving no muscle behind.

"How is it, Mother?"

"Should I rub your shoulder again?"

"Mother, your face is really glossy!"

Param was supervising the construction of their temporary mansion, and his face occasionally twitched as he heard these comments. He did not need to turn around to imagine what the scene was behind him. Simply put, the mother was very lazy!

The foundation was built, and three slender Sura females came forward with a white needle in their hands. The needle was made by Param using the white crystals of White's main body, and was inscribed with numerous tiny formations. Right now the world didn't have many materials, and they could only make do with simple things. The Sura females used the white needle and tried to stitch the foundation and the entire wall into one complete entity.

Param looked at the hard working Sura kids, and then glanced at the lazy glamorous beauty behind him. Doesn't this scene look a little familiar?

Suddenly a strong energy wave came from the ocean, colliding with the island. However, as it entered the island, the profound energy in Gaia's body reacted against the foreign energy, disallowing it to invade. The Sura became bewildered as they collapsed and kneeled when they sensed the energy. In response, Gaia immediately stretched her hand, shooting out a dense point of profound energy. It floated in the air till it reached a high point, and covered the entire island with a barrier. Param's body froze when he sensed the origin of the energy. Although Gaia was unfamiliar with it, how could he, who'd spent a lot of time with its owner, not know?

"I'll go and take a look." He told Gaia as he flow into the ocean and arrived at the white island. His speed reached supersonic levels and he reached the white island in a short while.

He landed on the island and noted that not much had changed, except for the fact that the white island had grown even more large, and even with his spiritual sense he needed a few seconds to scan the entire island. Furthermore, the ocean water at the borders of the island had somehow refined and crystallized, making the large island even more humongous.

He slowly looked around the island as he traveled towards its center. He noticed that as he walked closer to the island, the crystals he encountered turned more refined and hard, and were holding a large amount of a familiar energy. This familiar energy seemed to have the characteristics of both spiritual and profound energy. It was flexible like spiritual energy, while at the same time being highly active like profound energy.

It did not take a lot of time to arrive at the center of the white island, and he soon saw the person he was expecting.

At the center was a circular elevated floor, over which a female form sat while gazing at the Eternal River in the sky. Her clothes made of energy were similarly white, and perhaps because there wasn't much reference, they were loose like a robe and clung to her body, highlighting her natural beauty. When Param gazed he saw an otherworldly beauty, whose blue-white hair slightly flew in the air.

Sh*t, another beauty! Param cursed as he became extremely aroused. It was an instinctive reaction, similar to sleeping or feeling hungry. However, after some previous sessions he'd learned to control himself, and quickly suppressed his urges. He again felt the familiar aura from the woman, and he slowly approached, sitting near her.

The two of them did not speak, and neither of them looked at each other, only enjoying each other's presence. Param smelled a delicate and mild fragrance from the person next to him, and remembered the days when he almost went crazy from loneliness, and he remembered the joy when he finally found someone to talk to.

Remembering this he smiled and turned his head. Coincidentally the woman turned her head towards him at the same time and smiled while looking with her blue-white eyes. It was a moment of celebration.

"Congratulations, White!"


On the island…

For some reason Gaia suddenly felt nervous, as if something precious was slipping away. She felt as if her days of joy were coming to an end, and she would no longer be able to laze around like before.

"Strange…" she murmured.

"Is something the matter, Mother?" a Sura woman who was massaging her leg asked.

"It's nothing." Gaia casually shook her hand and said, entering into a half sleep mode. When she saw the Sura kids, she immediately remembered a certain someone who'd fallen for her charms.

The Sura women who were massaging secretly looked at her and felt a twinge in their hearts.

Our Mother is so tired after thinking for us!

Thus, their hands moved more tenderly, and their eyes burst out in determination.


Turning back to the white crystal island…

Param and White casually walked around the white island while enjoying the scenery on the way. Of course, it was another matter that there wasn't much to see on the crystal white island.

Soon they walked near the formations meant for the eggs. When Param watched the eggs he suddenly remembered the second consciousness he'd sensed inside White. He held her wrists and told her to stand still.

White did not resist and only looked at him with amusement. Param's powerful spiritual sense traveled through her, grasped various details about her. His spiritual sense was extremely powerful, and he could even gain clues about laws outside the three dimensions. Finally he sensed the secondary consciousness. The entity had an extremely strong vitality, and at a first glance looked like a parasite. However, the mysterious part was that this parasite somehow had a similar aura to him. He concentrated further as he furrowed his brows.

Suddenly his expression froze, and his head slowly moved towards her as he started sweating. Looking at her, his expression twisted as he exclaimed.

"You're pregnant?!"


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