Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Param was left with his head scratching. The aura of the child was very similar to his, and even his spiritual consciousness resonated with the unborn child, so he was sure that the child was his. But the thing that baffled him was…

When the @#$%#$ did he sleep with White?!

"Impossible!" he couldn't help but blurt out. With its spiritual consciousness developed, the unborn child could understand its surroundings, and immediately sent his intent through his spiritual consciousness, telling him that it was sad. Param was shocked and quickly consoled it, soothing it using his own spiritual consciousness.

White laughed as she watched their interaction. Param glanced at her and sighed secretly. Until now he'd known three women who were similar to him, and all of them were extremely craft and loved to watch him act like a fool.

For beings like Param, their sense of time was much different than that of mortals. Although he'd told Gaia that he'd be back in a while, he still stayed for many weeks. Unlike Gaia whose spiritual consciousness only existed in the underground profound veins, White's spiritual consciousness, although scattered, was in contact with the outside world. That was why she had much more innate knowledge that Gaia, enabling Param to know more about his innate abilities.

According to White, it was impossible to create an artificial soul, and even she didn't know the reason behind it. She suggested that he use the fragments of his Supreme Self to create souls, which he thought was a feasible idea.

At this moment they sensed three new auras coming to life. The couple looked at each other and immediately flew over to the three formations incubating the eggs. The formations were intelligent and had shut down after sensing the changes in the egg.

There was a blue-white egg in each of these three formations, and they were breaking out at the same time.

The first one to break was the one with the 'Rule' character. A claw appeared from the crack, and a domineering cry came out, acting as if it owned the world some money. The little guy was very unruly, and furiously punched and kicked the walls of the egg, as if it was a mortal enemy. Finally the baby flew out, with the body of a snake, deer-like horns on its head, and four talons like an eagle. Furthermore its tail was like that of crocodile, indicating that this was a sea creature.

Param poked the little guy, and it immediately retaliated by biting its finger, unwilling to back down. Param saw a blue-white character 'Rule' imprinted over its forehead like a birthmark. Param activated an archaic character- 'Truth', and immediately understood all details about this newborn creature. This child was an Azure Dragon!

The second egg to break was the one with the character 'Protect'. The little guy seemed extremely lazy, and didn't seem to be in a hurry to get out. The two waited for a while, but the little guy seemed to have lost motivation and had stopped its efforts. At this moment the third egg started to break, and only then it resumed its efforts. After all, being the youngest would be the worst!

The egg finally cracked into two, and a baby turtle with a blue-white character 'Protect' on its shell crawled out. The body of the turtle was blue-white, and the crystal like black shell around its body made it look like a piece of art. The turtle was similar to its older brother as it had a lion-like ferocious head, tail similar to a crocodile, and talons like an eagle or a hawk. The most eye-catching thing was his shoulders, which were similar to vents of a fighter jets.

When the little guy came out, he first looked at his unborn younger brother and smirked. He was happy that the third guy will have to call him 'elder brother' from now on. However his happiness only lasted for a short while as he heard a short roar. His expression turned sour, and he glanced at the Azure Dragon in disdain and snorted cutely.

What the hell are you getting arrogant for? We are all born on the same day! Of course, it seemed to forget that even though it thought that, he'd already assumed himself to be older that their youngest sibling.

White laughed at their antics and waved her hand. Dozens of dim white crystals floated over and fell near her. The two troublemakers were innately born strong and quickly dived into these crystals. The crystals had low and extremely pure energy, which they could digest.

Param used his archaic character and glanced at the 'Truth', which told him that this turtle was the Black Tortoise.

At this moment, the couple received an intent message from their unborn child.

'It's coming out!'

They immediately turned their heads and saw the egg with the character 'Profound' slowly crack open. A fish head floated out, and a cute yet handsome fish floated as it came out. Yes, although it was a fish, it somehow looked cute and handsome.

The youngest sibling looked much different than its older siblings, and it didn't have a crocodile tail, horns, or sharp talons. Except for a blue crystal on its head and its eight feelers which gave it a handsome look, it looked like a normal white colored fish. The fish didn't seem to need to remain in water to stay alive, as it leisurely floated in the air similar to water. A small character 'Profound' lit up and Param immediately understood. This child was the Profound Fish.

The fish seemed to be quite intelligent, as it immediately greeted to both Param and White, acting obedient. It wasn't like the older siblings, who immediately dived into food without any manners.

The Azure Dragon and the Black Tortoise were having a glamorous fight. When the couple watched they ate peacefully, without any argument. But later when they thought that the couple was busy watching their youngest sibling, the dragon immediately smacked the turtle on his head.

How dare you eat before greeting your older sister?!

The turtle was stunned silly for a while before it regained its mind. Damn, you really think you're the boss here?

Therefore, the turtle immediately opened his jet vents. Blades of energy quickly traveled, hitting the little dragon. The poor dragon collapsed, hitting her head. However she quickly stood up and held a crystal like a sword. Similarly the baby turtle grabbed a crystal, treating it like a spear and the two started another round of fight.

Param and White watched this from the corner of their eyes, and they could only think of one word-



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