Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Meanwhile on the Island…

Gaia was still lazing around on her favorite stone chair, gossiping with the Sura women. This was her new hobby; as the Sura were born in pairs, they already had a partner since birth, and what they only lacked was emotional bonding. These few days were enough to create a pink atmosphere for these young and naive children.

At this moment a burst of energy appeared, and Gaia quickly opened her half-lidded eyes. With a heavy heart she left her beloved sofa and arrived at the egg nests. She squatted near them and watched the upcoming scene in amusement.

The three egg nests contained three eggs, and they had the characters 'Fierce', 'Rebirth', and 'Melody' on them. Unlike their older siblings, these kids didn't waste time and came out at the same time. Their eggs cracked, and three chicks came out.

The one that came out of the egg with the 'Fierce' character was a three legged yellow-red chick, and looked extremely arrogant. The moment it came out it chirped furiously, and tried to spew flames when it saw Gaia. The tiny flames couldn't even break the barrier formed naturally around her, and the tiny guy grew more dissatisfied. It flapped its wings and flew awkwardly at the top of her head. When it reached her smooth silky brown hair, it furiously pecked her head, trying to drill a hole into it.

Unfortunately, the one he'd met wasn't the mild-mannered Param but the topmost bully named Gaia.

Her smooth skinned hand extended upwards, and grabbed the energetic chick in her hands. The chick didn't even have time to chirp before he was tossed from one hand into another, as Gaia performed amazing juggling with it. During this moment Gaia peeked into the 'Truth' and gained enlightenment that this wild chick was something called a 'Golden Crow'. While juggling the chick she glanced at the other two young ones.

The second chick that came out of the egg with the 'Rebirth' character was a bright red colored chick. The chick seemed extremely mature, with an inborn majesty and grace, and when it came out it did not jump around randomly, rather it first inspected its surroundings. On seeing Gaia who was playing with his sibling, it immediately sweated. It wanted to run away but didn't dare to.


Gaia smiled at it and greeted. However, in the little red chick's eyes, that smile was that of a fearsome demon. Being a powerful creature from birth, it could naturally feel the endless power unconsciously transmitting from Gaia.

Forget it! Filial piety is the most basic moral virtue!

Thinking this, the chick chirped and immediately greeted her in a cute way.


The yellow-red Golden Crow chick which was bouncing in Gaia's hands pleaded its sibling to help.

Sis, you have to help me!

But the red chick was smart and cleanly ignored it. Who told you to annoy this mighty Mother?

Gaia only took a glance to gain enlightenment that this little chick was a creature called 'Phoenix'.

At this moment the last egg which had the character 'Melody' cracked open, and an extremely beautiful purple-red chick jumped out. The little guy looked around in curiosity, and when it saw Gaia who was squatting near it, it immediately grew excited and started singing.


The little chick seemed to consider itself a singing star, and it didn't stop singing even after twenty minutes. It was only when Gaia signaled to it did it reluctantly stop it's singing. Gaia took only a moment to realize that this child was a 'Vermilion Bird'.


The yellow-red Golden Crow chick kept requesting its siblings for help, but it was quietly ignored. After a long round of juggling, the yellow-red chick was finally let off. It wobbled as it walked, and even if it had an extra leg it didn't really help.

The Phoenix and the Vermilion Bird chick smirked as they saw their sibling in pain, a very normal reaction of petty kids. But how could the Golden Crow silently take it down?

The hot tempered youth flapped its wings and jumped at the two, using its claws and beak to attack. With a single flap of its feathers it could create flames which were exceedingly explosive and fierce. The phoenix couldn't accept being suppressed as it gave a cute cry, igniting its own flames. Its flames were red in color, and although they weren't fierce they had a similar high temperature, and would stick to the target till it was annihilated. The two flames competed with each other for dominance, with neither of them backing down. At this moment a cry which sounded like a melodious hymn was heard, and a purple-red fire entered the scene. The Vermilion Bird perhaps couldn't bear to stay low-key and decided to join in the fun.

While the three little chicks were fighting, Gaia had already summoned all of her 'maids', which were the Sura women which served her and made them squat like her, surrounding the chicks in a circle.

It was extremely troublesome to name the Sura, and a lot of debate took place between Param and Gaia, with her speaking and him listening. Finally they decided to name each girl based on the colors of the Rainbow- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. On the other hand, each of the Sura boys would have numbers for their name- One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven. Thus, the first couple was Violet and One, the second couple was Indigo and Two and so on.

Even though these names sounded simple, they were still better than the names suggested by Param, which were M-1, M-2, etc. for the males and F-1, F-2, etc. for the females.

As Gaia and the Sura women watched while squatting in a circle the former enthusiastically asked while holding her chin in a pinch.

"Who do you think will win?"

The Sura women couldn't help but blush in shame. Although they loved and respected their Mother, they couldn't help but accept that she was sometimes too eccentric and made them do embarrassing things.

The energy of the newborns seemed to have attracted Garuda as it arrived near them after a short while. When he arrived, he saw his mother and his Sura siblings squatting on the ground in a circle and watching the newborns fighting, betting on them and even giving a commentary (courtesy of Mother Gaia).

Garuda silently closed his eyes, thinking about how his Father Param would react. Knowing his nature, he would be stunned silly for a nice few moments before shouting…

"You trouble-making brats!"


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