Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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A few days later, Param decided to return to the Island. But before he left, he wanted to create some golems so that they would help White build a palace. For some reason, after White obtained her physical form the laws of the world split into two, and were subconsciously influenced by the two women. Thus, although Param had no problems staying in the sea or on the island, the same wasn't true for the two fairies.

Intentionally creating a new life was a tricky question, as there weren't many materials to work with in the first place. The world was still new and needed more time to mature. Thus, Param and White could only use archaic characters to fill up the deficiency.

One part of the white island had completely transformed. Innumerable crystals carved with archaic characters were stabbed into the ground, all pointing at a space above the center of the circle. At the center of the circle were heaps of crystals, forming a large lake. The crystals which formed the formation were connected to each other by the refined water from the Eternal River, which flowed imitating an electric flow in a circuit.


Param shouted, and a large archaic character lighted up at the center of the formation- 'Refine'. The white crystals seem to undergo a mysterious force of nature, as their essence slowly condensed and concentrated. Dust fell down, and what remained were bright white crystals with extremely pure energy.

"This should do." White said as she waved her hand, and the refined crystals floated near her. The crystals seemed to have changed their nature, as they were no longer crystalline, rather they'd become malleable like a metal. At this moment a little creature sneakily flew over and tried to steal away a crystal. Param was annoyed and swatted his hand.

"This is not for eating!"

The little dragon flipped several dozen times in the air and gave out roars of displeasure. Apparently this didn't seem to be the first time it has happened.

White smirked and shook her head as she saw this, her straight blue-white hair gently waving with her action.

"What a mischievous child!"

At her level, this was indeed a small mischief.

The duo went to a large cave made with crystals. The cave was made temporarily and housed many formations created using archaic characters. The duo created many blueprints and pondered over many questions for a long time. White had knowledge after existing for a long time, and Param had also understood a few concepts after observing the three brats on the white island.

A long time later…

Four couples were floating in objects which looked like a womb. The wombs contained a blue-white liquid, in which tiny archaic characters floated. Each of the coffins contained a humanoid body. Half of these bodies were male, with broad shoulders and stiff muscles. Their skin was white and glossy like dolls, and their eyes were blue, with hair being a mix shade of black and white.

Similar to them, the other half of these bodies were females, with well-endowed breasts, slender waists and perky butts. Each of the women looked like a transcended fairy, out of natural order. Even when they'd closed their eyes one still couldn't help but feel charmed.

But the major attraction was the blue crystal on their forehead, which added extra points to their charm stat. If it were a game, they'd be sure to get at least forty percent discount from the NPCs!

To describe them in short, this particular race was very pleasing to the eye!

At last, it was time to see the fruits of their success. For this new race, the duo had spent a lot of effort, and Param even divided his Supreme Self to create small fragments to create new souls. Thus, after death the souls of these creatures would return to Param, again combining with his Supreme Self and attaining eternal bliss. In fact, this was just a temporary measure until he creates a reincarnation cycle.

The two activated dozens of archaic characters, and many complex crystals filled with formations lit up as they did innumerable calculations per second. The tiny archaic characters within the liquid in the wombs seem to react as they twinkled like stars. The bodies of the creatures in the wombs shuddered continuously, and their spiritual consciousness' seemed to awaken. Their spiritual consciousness' seemed restless, and they weren't able to form a resonance with their souls.

White furrowed her brows as she said.

"Your Supreme Self fragments are too domineering. We should've refined them first."

She continuously moved her hands, carving formations made of archaic characters in the air. These formations miniaturized and duplicated, burrowing themselves deep inside the creatures. These formations acted like a filter, restricting the soul from the body. The formations contained eight sockets, which were in a dormant state. Although this looked like a small patch, in fact this paved a way for the race for cultivation!

After the formation restrained their powerful souls, the creatures stopped quivered and began to awaken. The womb-like objects had been drained of the mysterious liquid, and they slowly opened.

White seemed to be extremely excited, and perhaps her maternal instincts seemed to have taken her over. She walked towards the nearest creature, which was a female and helped her get up and sit while leaning on the surface of the womb-like object. The female creature had not opened her eyes yet, but she could still feel the gentle aura of the person who was helping her.

She opened her eyes and blinked rapidly like a newborn. Her vision stabilized in a few moments and landed on White. Realizing that she was alright, White tapped on her shoulder, which made a white robe made of energy appear over her body. Then she pinched her cheek and moved to examine the other kids. Following her Param quickly scanned them individually with his spiritual sense, making sure that they were alright.

Although they were newborn, like the Sura they were born with all kinds of knowledge. The creatures were filled with gratitude to be born and gave their first ever greetings to the couple.

"Greetings, Mother! Greetings, Father!"


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