Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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The creatures formed two lines and knelt in front of White and Param at the same time.


Their knees hit the crystal floor, creating a loud noise. White looked at the pairs with motherly affection, while Param nodded in satisfaction like an old man approving his children.

It was time to give them names. The newborn creatures looked expectantly at their parents, and Param couldn't help but feel pressure. This naming business was really annoying; after all, a newborn mortal baby would have no qualms no matter what name you give it!

Param opened his mouth to speak but was suddenly interrupted by White.

"You shall not give them serial numbers as codes!"

She glared at him and said. Param immediately closed his mouth while the newborn creatures profusely sweated.

Looks like Father is really unreliable!

Param had a headache as thought for a while. Finally deciding on something, he straightened his back and spoke in a deep voice.

"Receive my Mandate!

Henceforth, you shall be named as the Crystal Titan Race!"

The world obeyed, and the laws outside the three dimensions changed, accommodating according to his Will.

This was the moment when the legendary Crystal Titan Race was born!


A few days passed, and the Crystal Titan Race began to settle down on the white island. White and Param had thought for a long while, and decided to convert the white island into a palace, which would be known as the 'White Palace'. The Crystal Titans had great strength, and were extremely suitable for these jobs.

Soon the foundation was built, and the white island by each passing moment turned more and more into the White Palace. The Crystal Titans were happy with their lives, if not for three troublesome brats who kept making mischief every now and then. They had to watch closely, in fear of a certain dragon drawing an explosive archaic character on a wall, or a certain turtle eating the refined crystals. But the most troublesome of them was a certain fish, who loved to gossip and create conflict among others. In these few days, Param began to feel that he was slowly turning into a babysitter!

It was time for him to go back to the Island. He met with White and his unborn child, consoling him that he would return soon. He flew in the sky, tearing the air apart with his supersonic speed. Suddenly he slowed to stop, and felt another headache.

In front of him an immaterial wall of cloud and thunder was formed from the clash between the domains of White and Gaia. The clash produced tremendous energy, cutting the world into two parts. The chaotic energy had created another three life forms, which were still unborn and attached to the wall of cloud. The most surprising thing was other than knowing the presence of a foreign power, the two women didn't even clearly know about each other's existence. When Param thought this, he didn't even know whether to laugh or cry.

His vision fell on the three unborn life forms and sighed. Be it three, six, or nine, there was no need to fear these troublesome kids! He activated an archaic character- 'Truth' and tried to understand the intricacies of these life forms born from the chaotic energy. The life forms were in the form of massive balls of clouds, which were stuck to the wall. Archaic characters activated one after another, enveloping the three balls of clouds. The archaic characters formed a formation over them, and gradually isolated these balls of clouds. On separating these balls of clouds slowly shrank, and the life forms took shape.

One of three balls condensed into a giant whale. The whale was a little strange, as it had fierce eyes filled with fighting spirit, large scales of a fish, and massive feathered wings and talons of an eagle.

Param saw its physical form and was shocked. Mommy! Wasn't this the legendary Kun Peng? He didn't even had to use his abilities to find this out. The little kid didn't waste any time, and flew towards the White Palace after circling twice around him. Each of its flap crated huge winds, and the ocean water beneath it created massive ripples.

The second ball of cloud condensed, forming an elephant. The elephant had a majestic aura, and on its both sides were huge white colored wings similar to that of a swan. The wings were extremely beautiful like a piece of art. Along with the shining ivory teeth, it looked like an overlord, commanding wind and cloud.

Param used his 'Truth', which informed him that this child indeed had the innate ability to command the wind and cloud, and bring forth rain! After all, it was the 'White Winged Elephant', which summoned rain and thunder!

"*Trumph*" the elephant trumpeted in joy after seeing him, and tugged at him playfully. Param patted it, telling it to calm down. Apparently this child wanted to follow him back to the Island.

The last ball of cloud didn't waste time and quickly took shape of a horse. This horse was blue colored, with large purple patches all over it. Lightning occasionally flashed all over its body whenever it made any movements. The horse opened its eyes, and on finding Param quickly nudged him with its head in joy.

Param understood its intent to go to the White Palace. A majority of the creatures born in the world right now were highly sentient, and their characteristics and way of life were mostly fixed the moment they were born. As such, he understood why the Kun Peng and the horse chose to live near the White Palace, while the elephant wanted to follow it back to the Island.

His eyes gazed into the 'Truth', enlightening him that this child was a 'Cloud Thunder Horse'. He caressed it a little, and after a short while allowed it to leave.


The Cloud Thunder Horse neighed loudly and stomped its hooves. Lightning flashed all over its body and it galloped at an extremely swift speed, breaking the sound barrier!

Param couldn't help with exclaim inwardly. Damn, is there no normal being in this world? This brat was just born, and just some moments later he ran in supersonic speed. Truly, a forefather of all horses!


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