Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Param casually waved his hand, and a wide tear appeared in the cloud wall. He crossed the wall the wall easily along with the White Winged Elephant, and the two flew towards the Island. Behind them, the tear in the cloud wall slowly repaired itself, dividing the world into two once again.

When the man(?) and beast(?) arrived closer to the Island the White Winged Elephant immediately sensed something and flew away high into the sky. A few moments' later three birds arrived, their bodies enveloped in fire. These were the little gangsters of the Island, and they chased after the little elephant.

He lazily flew down to land on the ground near the newly built mansion, and almost collapsed on watching the scene before him. His god-eyes almost went blind as he saw magnificent scene: a long ramp was constructed in the middle of nowhere, and the seven male Sura sat on stone chairs at the front of the ramp. On the ramp, the female Sura's cat-walked beautifully while wearing clothes with different designs. Their clothes were formed from energy so they could easily shape it according to their wishes. The seven females were extremely efficient as they arrived and went in a loop, and there was no design repeated twice!

The faces of the male Sura were extremely stern, and whenever the female Sura models arrived they would glance at them and write some comments in the air. These comments then floated over to the person sitting in the center-most chair, who would then choose some of them while reject others.

At the center-most chair sat a fairy-like woman, who was examining the comments with seriousness. It was as if she was breaking through a new era and starting a new revolution!

Veins bulged out on Param's forehead as watched the act unfold in front of him. Finally he couldn't endure himself as he roared.

"You stupid kids! Finish your homework- I mean, finish your work!"

The Sura kids immediately scattered. Param sighed; these innocent kids seem to have already been corrupted by Devil Gaia!

Gaia laughed on seeing him. She lazily got up and stretched her back. Her lazy figure, with the loose robe highlighting her curves invited him. His mind vividly recalled very detail of the long marathon he had with her in the past and his body heated up.

She slowly approached her while watching him struggle with himself. Smiling mischievously she circled her arms around his neck and spoke softly.

"I have a surprise."

She grabbed his arm and placed it around her belly. Param furrowed his brows as he didn't understand at first. Then a few moments later he gulped, and directed his spiritual sense on her, scanning her in detail.

A few moments later, he had a complicated expression. He had struck it rich on the first try!


Gaia brought him to the temporary garden which he'd created. Gaia wasn't idling when he was away. Right now, along with the Tulsi plant, there were three more plants. Their physical bodies and spiritual consciousness were completely built, and they were only lacking a soul.

The first plant was the Tulsi plant, which Param had originally created. It was small in size, with thin trunk and small leaves. It didn't have any flowers, and looked very average. However its leaves were very special as they had a pleasant fragrance, and contained very high healing properties. If this was a game world, each of the leaf would have a line in its description: Health +70%

The second was a Bamboo plant, which was green in color and looked like a jade. Compared to a normal bamboo it was twice as large, and its wood was extremely strong. But the most interesting thing were the archaic characters on its body, which would keep increasing the longer it grew.

The third was a special plant called as the Soma tree. This tree wasn't found in any mythologies and was an original idea of Param. The tree looked like a mango tree, except that it bore spherical yellow colored fruits called as Soma fruits. These fruits had special properties, as they could increase longevity. The tree was huge, with gigantic branches like tentacles spreading into the sky. The Soma tree had special kind of leaves, which were jade-like and spherical like solar cells.

The fourth was a Banyan tree, and it had no special characteristics, except that it was titanic! The Banyan tree was extremely large even in its initial form, and its trunks spread out in a circular fashion with its trunk in the center. These trunks then would bear roots, which would first dangle to the branch and then slowly reach the ground, eventually supporting the branch like the pillars of a bridge.

Param chose four fragments of his Supreme Self and successfully transplanted them into these four trees. Their spiritual consciousness awakened, and the first plant life was created!

He gave them their respective names according to the plan and ordered them to increase their numbers while expanding the size of the garden.

At this moment Gaia told him she wanted to inspect the profound veins underground as she told him her ideas. He nodded as he looked up at the celestial bodies. He'd started to realize that this is no longer a game. There were a lot of living creatures who'd come to life indirectly from him, and now he was even going to be the father of two children.

These thoughts made him more mature, and he realized that he needed a systematic arrangement for everything. The first problem which needed to be solved was the splitting of the Will of the World. However with his current knowledge it wasn't possible to solve this massive problem. So he turned his head towards the source of his power…


The Authority Pillar had long since disappeared outside the three dimensions, and only the word Authority remained floating in the sky.

Param sat in front of it in the lotus position and connected to it with his spiritual consciousness, entering it. A massive world appeared in front of him, with blobs of circular light in different sizes.


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