Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Param entered the Authority Pillar using his spiritual consciousness and saw different sizes of circular globs of light. He had roughly divided into five parts: small, medium, large, extremely large, and largest, with the largest being the only blob of light floating in the center.

The sizes of these blobs of light were a representation of the quality and the quantity of the archaic characters contained in them. Param had dabbled in the Pillar a few times in the past, and had almost finished consuming all the small-sized archaic characters. He finished the remaining small-sized ones swiftly and eyed the medium-size blob of light which was nearest to him.

He could feel the strength of archaic characters inside it and knew that it wouldn't be easy. He approached it and tried to access it using his spiritual consciousness.


His spiritual consciousness shook, as he tried to read the first archaic character.


The archaic character was extremely domineering, and it was a battle of determination and belief. Param felt himself being washed away, and the scene before his eyes kept on changing.

The scene stabilized, and he entered the scene.

Param now was living with his two wives White and Gaia, and he even had a boy and a girl from them. When the two were born, prophesy appeared in the sky, telling him that these kids will kill their father, replacing him to become the new king of the gods. The Param in the scene felt insecure and in spite of rejection from his wives, he decided to eat these kids who'd bring him destruction. His massive self which was filled with power approached the newborns. His hands almost touched them when they suddenly stopped. He began to regain his consciousness and furrowed.

Isn't this script a little familiar?

Some memories appeared in his mind, and he almost flipped the table.


Damn! Do you think I'm Cronus or Zeus?

The scene blurred and disappeared. Colors appeared and disappeared, forming vague silhouettes, until they finally fixed on a scene.

In this scene Param was again with White and Gaia living happily. However as time passed, he realized he was becoming weak, and slowly losing his power. Soon his strength fell, and he became even weaker than G1 and G2, to the extent that even strong winds made him stumble. The creatures showed him pity, but as time passed even they began ignoring him and acting as if he didn't exist. Even the two women, White and Gaia stopped meeting him.

Then one day in his rage he decided to storm into the majestic palace which Gaia ruled over. Thousands of soldiers guarded the palace, and Param with his weak body could not even reach the outer palace. He was beaten up by the palace guards until his skin turned into various colors and blood flowed.

At that moment a woman arrived, wearing imperial robes and an ice cold expression. She watched him lying on the ground and sneered in disdain. She waved her hand, and the Sura palace guards dispersed. Param opened his eyes, and saw Gaia's familiar face. She stood a few hands away from him, perhaps she felt beneath her to even breathe in the same air as him.

She opened her mouth and spoke as she looked at him in disgust.

"Do you really think I love you? You were only a sex cauldron for me, using which I can have more strength. And it wasn't my plan. White was the one who created this dual cultivation technique, and I'm sure she has even stolen your access over the Authority Pillar."

Param's heart was filled with anguish, but his face was blank and he didn't retaliate when the palace guards tied him up and threw him into the ocean. He sank down and down, and slowly felt death arrive.

His expression changed suddenly as veins bulged out. He screamed, but bubbles of water were created as water entered his mouth. What he wanted to say was:

Damn! Do you really think I won't flip the table?


The scene shattered, and he again saw the archaic character in its original form. It entered his spiritual consciousness obediently as he'd mastered it. The other archaic characters in the medium-sized blob of light sensed danger, and the one closest to him attacked.

Param fought with these characters one after another, and only a few characters remained in the blob of light. He rested for a while, then again began his fight. Occasionally he'd switch from one medium-sized blob to another, trying to find the appropriate archaic characters.

Soon he found a character he was looking for. The archaic character was alone in a medium-sized blob of light, which of a proof of its strength. Param tried to connect to the blob of light, and the archaic character immediately retaliated while showing its true form- 'Will'.

Param once again entered a virtual scene. In the scene he was seated on the ground, and in front of him was another him, which was the 'Will'. Apparently, he just had to 'out-sit' the 'Will'. The place where they sat was a large forest, and the environment was extremely unstable. One moment it was sunny, and the other moment it would rain heavily. Sometimes it would snow, while sometimes there were sandstorms.

There were even more bizarre and eye-dropping scenes. Sometimes he would see extremely seductive beauties dancing in front of him, or extremely handsome men displaying their muscles. Then there was smog, acid rain, and even the annoying sounds of car and truck horns!

One year passed, and Param felt like he couldn't endure it. But when he saw the 'Will' in front of him who looked at him in disdainful determination spouted out from somewhere and filled him.

Five years passed, and dirt and roots had now covered his body. His original appearance could hardly be seen, and he feared that as soon as he got up he'd find out that he'd gotten the legendary hemorrhoids! The 'Will' seemed to be in similar situation, as sometimes his face would suddenly twist in tremendous pain.

Twenty years passed, and a small mountain of mud had formed over Param, enveloping him. The weather kept on changing occasionally, and sometimes the mountain of mud would be broken, only to be rebuilt again.

Innumerable years passed, and Param seemed to have forgotten everything, even the reason why he was sitting still like a statue. However, there was only one thought on his mind- to sit, to sit until eternity!

Finally, some years later Param suddenly heard a cry from outside. The mountain of dirt covering Param suddenly disappeared, and the 'Will' which looked like him was seen, who was screaming like a madman.

Param had proven his Will by defeating himself!


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