Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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The medium sized blob of light disappeared as Param gained control over the 'Will' archaic character. His spiritual consciousness floated like an octopus in a vast ocean as he relaxed for a while. At this moment he heard a faint sound ringing throughout the Authority Pillar's spiritual consciousness. His curiosity was aroused and he willed his spiritual consciousness to move towards the source of the sound.

He passed thorough many medium sized blobs of light, leaving them behind. Soon he arrived near the large sized blobs of light. These blobs of light had extremely powerful archaic characters, and these characters formed their own mini world. In some blobs of light he saw castles, planets, and even black holes. These mini worlds had their own life forms and when he came near them they immediately changed into their true forms and directed their hostile intents towards him.

But how could Param back down? He utilized his Level Max Taunting Skill, and the archaic characters became enraged as they thrashed on the walls of the blobs of light.

Param snorted in disdain as he spoke inwardly. 'Stupid!'

He passed by the large blobs of light and the faint noise grew clearer. He arrived at the extremely large blobs of light which numbered only ten. These blobs only contained a single archaic character, and Param sweated inwardly when he felt the aura released by them. These archaic characters had unimaginable power, and could easily support multiple worlds similar to the outside world.

He didn't dare to even let out a squeak as he left them behind. Floating forward he came near the largest blob of light in the center-most position. The archaic character in the largest blob of light seemed extremely gentle as it floated still in the center of sphere. It didn't let out a frightening aura, nor did it kept changing forms to show its strength and dominance.

Of course, Param wasn't stupid to naively believe that it was a weak archaic character. He was just a few feet away from the largest blob of light, and at this distance he could clearly hear the sound being emitted by the archaic character.


The archaic character let out melodious 'Om' vibrations which made him surprised. Was the origin of his power this 'Om' archaic character?

He willed, and his spiritual consciousness moved a strand on the barrier of the blob of light. The moment the strand came in contact with the barrier he saw his own body meditation in front of the Authority Pillar. The scene minimized as the imaginary camera floated upwards rapidly. His body became smaller and smaller, and the entire island filled the scene. Soon even the island grew smaller and he could even see the White Palace. The camera moved even further, and the islands became a speck of dot.

The camera seemed to have torn through the barrier as the world was enveloped by a spherical black barrier. The spherical barrier had many strands protruding out from it, and these strands were connected to something below it as they supported the world. The camera moved upwards, and the world which was enveloped in the black barrier grew smaller. The world finally became a speck of light, and the foundation which supported the world came into view.

The foundation was an archaic character…


Param was shocked by this and realized that he was still an insignificant existence before the eternal and infinite. At this moment he suddenly blacked out. His spiritual consciousness fractured as the world inside it crumbled. Before losing consciousness he could only think of one word…


On the Island, Param's body which was seated in a lotus position suddenly became bloody. His bones shattered, muscles and tendons torn, and organs burst out. Multi-colored blood covered the ground and his body fell down.

The word Authority twinkled, and a barrier formed which enveloped him.


Inside the spiritual consciousness, many timid archaic characters were frightened as they saw the massive fractures appearing on the barriers enveloping the world. A few archaic characters who were previously suppressed cheered as they became free once again.

Param's spiritual consciousness had expanded with time with the increase in archaic characters and formed its own mini-world. These were lands and seas, mountains and lakes. The archaic characters willingly or unwillingly lived in this world and had formed their own civilization. These natives had divided the world into four domains, and each domain had its own 'Warlord'. At the center was another domain, which belonged to the ruler of this mini-world, the King!

This ruler of the mini-world was an archaic character was currently cursing furiously at the main body for increasing its work load, proving that it was indeed someone related to Param. Occasionally its body grew illusory, showing its true form, which was the archaic character- 'Intent'.

When Param had obtained this archaic character, he'd created an Intent to control and manage his spiritual consciousness. Param's Intent stood on its castle walls as he watched the chaos all over the place. Beside it was another archaic character which looked like a teenager, whose face looked familiar with the courageous boy. His body grew illusory for a moment, displaying an archaic character- 'Protect'. This boy seemed to have matured a little as he spoke.

"Should I call \u003cHeal, Life\u003e?"

Param's Intent stared into the distance and slowly shook its head. "This time the damage is larger. More procedures are necessary."

Besides the previously suppressed archaic characters, the bindings on the newly suppressed characters from the medium-sized blobs of light seemed to have vanished. These characters were high-tier, and were stronger than the natives.

An archaic character stood in the air, watching the native world. Its face looked extremely domineering, with an expression of 'I-don't-give-a-shit-about-you'. It wore robes with majestic patterns befitting that of a ruler, and it occasionally fluttered against the illusory wind of the mini-world. Its body occasionally grew transparent, displaying an archaic character- 'Indomitable'.

The character suddenly laughed like a villain as he faced the sky above.

"This world is mine!"

Below him a gorilla stroked his chin as he watched this particular person laughing madly in the sky. It wondered about this fellow newcomer and felt a little worried. Suddenly the gorilla seemed to have realized something as it smacked its fist over its other palm. The fellow newcomer had gone crazy!

Thinking thus he snorted in disdain towards the 'fellow newcomer' and left. Occasionally the gorilla's body would become transparent, showing an archaic character- 'Martial'.


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