Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Param's spiritual consciousness…

A thin youth stared at the fractures on the barrier of the mini-world. He wore a long coat with red clouds with white borders printed over it. He had long blonde hair which covered one eye, creating a sinister appearance. Apparently, thin youth was heavily influenced by Param's memories.

The youth suddenly laughed like a mental patient. "Hahaha… Hahaha… I am free!" His figure flickered for a moment, and an archaic character was seen- 'Explosion'.

At this moment a fat person with face shaped in an inverted triangle who stood behind him spoke.

"Lord, they have arrived."

The thin blonde haired youth looked ahead and saw an army arriving towards them. His eyebrows twitched as he screamed.

"This bitch! Is she crazy? This is time where we rebel against the King! Why has this bitch brought her army here?"

The army in front of him was led by a fierce woman, who was riding another giant person. The woman jumped when she reached them and flew towards the thin blonde haired youth. Her body turned transparent for a moment, highlighting her true form- 'Madness'.

"Crazy bitch!"

He pointed towards the woman who had almost landed on his head. A dot of light shot out like a bullet and hit her body, prompting a massive explosion. The sky burned and the woman flew away for a dozen meters while laughing maniacally.

The two armies made contact and started using their innate abilities. Flashes of lights appeared all over the place, inviting screams and curses.


The fat man with face shaped in an inverted triangle shouted, and strands of light protruded from his body, attached themselves to his comrades. Those archaic characters felt their strength increase as they fought more enthusiastically. Suddenly a dot of light flew into the crowd of the enemy army, and an explosion took place. Many archaic characters lost their physical form, returning into their true forms.

"Art is an explosion!"

The blonde haired thin youth exclaimed as he ran towards the woman who'd fallen. The woman was pretty strong as she seemed completely fine even after getting in an explosion and flying a few dozen meters away. She got up slowly and looked at him and caressing her hair leisurely while looking at him, as if she was in her dressing room and not in a battlefield.

"Hihihi…You are always so amusing…Hihihi…"

She spoke and laughed in between, and suddenly sprinted. Her silhouette blurred as she ran and in an instant reached the blonde haired thin youth. A punch arrived and hit him. The youth didn't even had the time to curse before he flew away.


His subordinates shouted as they ran towards him. One of the subordinates revealed his true form for a moment, showing his true form- 'Golem'. The subordinate looked like a Greek statue, with short hair with a crown made of leaves and a six pack abs.

The subordinate confronted the mad woman, who looked at him and said.

"Ohhh! What a beautiful statue!..."

Then she looked down between his legs and frowned. "Why aren't you naked? Now I'm mad!"

She suddenly sent a kick towards the subordinate. The subordinate flew in the sky and immediately lost its true form. A few seconds later another bunch of subordinates flew in the sky, losing their true forms.

"Die!" the blonde haired thin youth suddenly shouted as he again pointed towards the mad woman. An explosion appeared, and the mad woman again flew in the air.

From a distance a man was watching this scene while floating in the air. His silhouette flickered, showing his true form- 'Indomitable'.

"*sigh* I'll have to make do with this trash."

His silhouette flickered again, this time due to his extreme speed. Creatures from the two armies flew left and right, immediately turning into their true forms. Some who were weaker became dormant after turning into their true forms.

The blonde haired thin youth watched the new man who'd arrived and pointed towards him. The dot of light shot into the arrogant man's chest and exploded. The youth looked at the battlefield filled with dust and laughed loudly.

"Art is an explosion!"

"Explosion your sister!"

A voice came from the cloud of dust as a man flew out and threw a punch. The punch hit the youth while creating a loud boom and immediately suppressed him. The youth turned into his true form while silently floating in the air.

The mad woman looked at the arrogant youth with shining eyes.

"So strong! I like you!"

Veins popped out on the arrogant man's face as he threw another punch.

"Like your sister!"

The arrogant man didn't show mercy towards the mad woman and her physical form shattered, turning her into her true form. The arrogant man used his innate talent and his archaic character shined brightly, creating suppressing effect on the defeated party.


Similar instances took place all over the mini-world, and a group of trash formed a large alliance named 'All Should Unite And Replace The King'. At this moment the alliance had formed a large army which was ready to siege the royal castle.

Param's Intent was supervising his army which was getting ready for a chain of fights. The army was completely formed of cavalry and rode horses which were formed of mud. He'd spent a lot of effort to create these horses, and they were formed using the innate abilities of multiple archaic characters.

At this moment he heard noises from outside cursing him.

"Cowardly King, get out!"

"Cowardly King, do you dare to fight us?"

"Bastard King, you have no one to support you now. We'll suppress you for eternity like how you did to us!"

His eyebrows twitched as he shouted: "Lightning! Sloth!"

A flash of lightning appeared in front of him. The lightning had a humanoid shape and it carried a beautiful frail woman who was asleep on its back. Param's Intent rubbed his forehead as he saw her lazy and carefree expression. He caressed her head and tried to wake her up.

"Sloth, wake up. Do your job."

The frail beauty moaned softly and said. "Five more minutes…"

This scene was enough to melt a person's heart. But Param's Intent was similar to him, so his reaction also was according to his innermost nature. He looked towards the humanoid figure made of lightning and gently nodded.

"Throw her into the crowd."


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