Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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The humanoid figure made of lightning nodded and went away in a flash. Apparently this wasn't the first time it had happened. At this moment a teenage girl walked in a looked at Param's Intent angrily and scolded him.

"You shouldn't treat Sister Sloth like that!"

Param's Intent waved his hand casually. "Don't worry. She won't die easily." He paused for a while and then added.

"The army is almost ready to depart. Like always they will depend on you."

The teenage girl puffed her cheeks and made an unwilling face. She stared at him, and he stared back. The teenage girl slowly started to waver and her expression turned into a crying one. She suddenly ran away as she said while sobbing.

"You are a big bully!"

Her body showed her true form for a moment, which was an archaic character- 'Heal, Life'. Param's Intent massaged his forehead once again at this repetitive scene and cursed softly. "Drama Queen!"

Although he didn't know what the words meant, he always felt that these words perfectly described this situation. He sighed as he remembered how innocent the girl was before. He signaled \u003cProtect\u003e to look after the drama queen and went back to this army.


Outside the castle, a hundreds of archaic characters were staring viciously at the King's Castle. Some sat on the ground; some squatted lazily while some were stood straight as they glanced around attentively. This group was the alliance named 'All Should Unite And Replace The King', which was led by some ambitious and naïve ones.

At the foremost was a small group of people who'd been assigned an extremely important task of curse towards the castle and provoke the king to come out. Initially the alliance had challenged the King formally, but the King dismissed them after saying one word- "Trash!"

The leaders of the alliance were infuriated and gave a command to siege the castle. However the King simply waved his sleeves and sent out a guard named \u003cHeavy\u003e, which turned into a massive giant and instantly suppressed them. The members of the alliance were scared and immediately retreated, not caring whether the leaders were captured.

After an internal election the members of the alliance chose new leaders, who thought of an idea to lure the King out. After all, will the King be able to win without relying on other people?

The world was newly formed and there weren't many vulgarities in the world. This proved to be a problem as the ones in charge of cursing had to think hard to create variations in their curses.

As the bunch at the foremost was cursing suddenly a body was thrown towards them. The body collided with them and they were knocked out like pins on a bowling alley. A flash of thunder appeared in the crowd and people began to fly left and right. Screams and curses were sounded, and the place became chaotic.

The frail beauty that was thrown finally woke up and furrowed her brows.

"Who woke me up?"

She glanced up and saw the members of the alliance fighting with the humanoid figure made of lightning. Some alliance members noticed her and shouted.

"Kill her! She's the King's guard!"

They quickly sprinted and circled around her. The frail woman stood up slowly and looked at them while being muddleheaded. She lazily yawned, and unconsciously used her innate ability. The alliance members suddenly felt weak and lazy, and their desire to rest amplified. More than half of them couldn't resist and turned into their true forms, giving a dim light and becoming dormant. Seeing this, the rest of the alliance members became scared and ran away.

"Eh? Going away after waking me up?"

She narrowed her sleepy eyes and ran towards them in her nightdress. Meanwhile, the humanoid figure made of thunder attacked the new leaders of the alliance. The leaders screamed and pleaded as they were beaten up.

"Aiyo~ Have mercy brother!"

"It wasn't me! It wasn't me! Aiyo~ My leg!"

"I'm being shattered! Save me from this demon! Anyone, please! Aiyo~"

"Don't beat me! I was just- Aiyo~…just passing through this place. Believe me- Aiyo~"

Brutal screams were sounded, and the place turned silent after a while.


In other parts of the mini-world, a mysterious rumor was floating around. According to the rumor, there was a new existence even more powerful than the four Warlords, and it wanted them to submit to it. Apparently, two Warlords, named \u003cExplosion\u003e and \u003cMadness\u003e had already submitted, and now it wanted to subdue the other two, \u003cLight\u003e and \u003cBattle\u003e.

In a certain place, two creatures sat on a luxurious throne, with an army standing behind each of them. One of them looked like a humanoid bamboo puppet, with thin arms and legs. It had seven eyes on each of its limbs, and on its face were three eyes which looked very round, like those of an owl. His true form could be seen occasionally, which was an archaic character- 'Light'.

In front of him sat another figure that looked like a human general. It wore a bronze armor and its head was covered with a helmet. Beside him was a bronze horse that looked extremely arrogant, and seemed to refuse to give respect to anyone except its master. Their true forms displayed for a moment, which was an archaic character- 'Battle'.

"I never thought that the two would be defeated."

The Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e spoke gravely. Warlord \u003cLight\u003e snorted and spoke in disdain.

"Humph! Just a bunch of trashes!"

Although he spoke arrogantly, one could still find the slight shivering of his voice.

"I have a plan…." The Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e said as he explained his plan. The Warlord's idea was to create a defensive battle formation, behind which would be Warlord \u003cLight\u003e's offensive formation. With sufficient amplification from the soldier's innate abilities, they were confident of their victory.

Suddenly they felt a tremor, and they glanced into the horizon. Thousands of natives, who were now subdued formed a massive army and were charging towards them. Compared to this army, the scale of their combined armies was much smaller.

The Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e sighed as he looked at the fractures on the barrier of the mini-world. "Only the King can save this world."

The Warlord smirked in sorrow. "Indeed. Those were good old days."

The massive army arrived, and within moments enveloped the armies of the Warlords, drowning them into chaos.


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