Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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\u003cIndomitable\u003e sat on a lizard-like creature and watched his army move forward to engage with the armies of the remaining two Warlords. He waved his hand, and his new Warlords \u003cExplosion\u003e and \u003cMadness\u003e led in the front.

"Formation!" the Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e shouted, and army moved while using their innate ability, creating a defensive formation using barriers. Behind them the Warlord \u003cLight\u003e was standing in the middle of a semi-circle. All of the eyes on his shined like bulbs, and released dense lasers of light. The soldiers surrounding him used various innate abilities and reflected these lasers towards their enemies.

Burning sounds were heard, and screams and moans were released. The Warlord \u003cExplosion\u003e harrumphed, and pointed at the defensive barriers.

"Art is an explosion!"

His dialogue came at the same time the explosions took place. The barriers began to crack and slowly started restoring. However a punch quickly arrived and hit the barrier and the restoring process halted. The mad woman, who was the Warlord \u003cMadness\u003e copied her colleague and shouted.

"Madness is an art!"

\u003cIndomitable\u003e looked at his promising subordinates with three black lines over his forehead and immediately decided to 'reward' them after the battle.

The army of \u003cIndomitable\u003e was massive and consisted of all the archaic characters he'd found on his path. The large numbers succeeded to suppress the Warlords, forcing them to take brutal decisions. Although the Warlords didn't like the King, they'd never thought of trying to harm him. After all, the King was a symbol of the stability of the mini-world. At this moment they decided to drag down as many people as they can with them, so that the King would have a chance to win.

"Formation change! Offensive Formation!"

Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e shouted, and the soldiers quickly moved. Behind them Warlord \u003cLight\u003e closed all eyes over its body, leaving on one open, which was on its forehead. His subordinates changed their positions into two straight lines. Extremely dense light shot out from the eye, and the subordinates used their innate abilities to attach various attributes to this light. The light reflected from one subordinate to another and became more powerful and more pronounced. However, suddenly a change occurred as an archaic character \u003cFocus\u003e suddenly changed the direction of the ray, shooting it towards the Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e.

The Warlord didn't expect this secret attack and was hit. His armor shined brightly and protected him, albeit leaving him devoid of strength.

"Traitor!" The subordinates shouted as they immediately cut the traitor up. But the damage was done. Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e was deadly injured, while Warlord \u003cLight\u003e had exhausted its strength. Their armies lost their morale and could hardly keep up. Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e forced himself to stand and tried to keep up the morale, but couldn't succeed.

The rebel \u003cIndomitable\u003e nodded in satisfaction. This is how things should play out! But his happiness couldn't last long as a gorilla suddenly entered the fight. The gorilla's attacks were extremely vicious, and its limbs seemed to turn in any possible direction. The gorilla was an expert in combat and would keep using one enemy's attack to ward off another.

One person kicked towards the gorilla, and the gorilla simply turned around. A tentacle appeared from behind him, and the creature with the tentacle accidentally hit the leg of the first. A beam shot towards him, and the gorilla grabbed a creature near him. The beam hit the creature and it began to convulse and shrink. The gorilla immediately threw it towards the face of a creature that was using his innate ability to inflate its arm.

The gorilla seemed to be performing a dance as creatures kept flying with him in the center. The rebel \u003cIndomitable\u003e who was watching this finally grew angry and smacked at the lizard-like creature under him.

"Kill him!"

The physical body of the lizard-like creature immediately shattered, with its true form becoming dormant. The Warlord \u003cExplosion\u003e pointed towards the gorilla and shouted.

"Art is an explosion!"

The gorilla had keen senses, and it immediately grabbed a rebel soldier to defend itself. As soon as the dot of light hit its body, the gorilla immediately threw it towards the mad woman who was trying to pounce over him. Before the mad woman could say anything she was blown off and flew towards the rebel \u003cIndomitable\u003e.

"Save me, my love!"

The Warlord \u003cMadness\u003e spoke as she flew towards the rebel who was floating in the air and the rebel \u003cIndomitable\u003e simply smacked her away.

"Humph! Useless!"

The Warlord \u003cExplosion\u003e was stunned by the gorilla's moves and couldn't react when the gorilla used a movement technique and arrived near him. The gorilla grabbed his skull with its huge arms and smashed it on the ground for a few times. This brutality made the rebel soldiers scared and they took a step back.

Just when the rebel \u003cIndomitable\u003e decided to finally join the party the gorilla suddenly grabbed the two Warlords \u003cBattle\u003e and \u003cLight\u003e on their necks like chickens and ran away. It seemed to use a strange movement technique, and if though he ran, he seemed to be moving faster than those who flew to chase him.

The rebel waved his hand and commanded them to stop chasing after the gorilla. He knew that the gorilla was a subordinate of the King, and would be subdued as long as he could defeat its master.

The stood in front of the defeated army of the Warlords and used his innate ability to subdue them. His innate ability seemed to be strong as they pledged their allegiance to him.


A significant distance away from the rebel army, the cavalry of the King moved in an orderly fashion. This cavalry had horses made of mud, and they wore armor which looked like it was made of multiple small barriers of energy. Behind the cavalry a giant golem walked, and each step produced a tremor on the ground. The King and a few important people were at the center of the cavalry in three carriages, protected by them.

Walking in front of the King's army was a new alliance, which was renamed as 'All Should Unite And Support The King'. The King was extremely kind, and when he saw that these natives were living in ignorance he 'taught' and helped them to enlighten themselves. The alliance members, since then, turned into loyal subjects, and according to the King himself, these loyal subjects pleaded him to lead the royal army.

Thus, because of these few reasons, there were a bunch of people leading the royal army while secretly sobbing in a muffled voice.


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