Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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The cavalry marched uniformly, slowly moving towards the rebel army. Surrounded by the cavalry were three carriages, and the one at the front most was the largest of them. The King of the mini-world, who was Param's Intent was currently mediating in a lotus position inside. Faint chants could be heard from his body.


Each chant produced some energy, which would then be compressed and stored into his left arm. Param's Intent intended to finish the rebel in one shot. The spiritual consciousness was an upgrade of the mortal mind, so when Param learned from the 'Om' archaic character, the same knowledge was passed on to his intent in the mini-world. However, the intent was, after all, constructed on a foreign archaic character, and thus couldn't completely grasp the intricacies, thus reducing its power.

Time passed, and the army was suddenly intercepted by a familiar figure. When the King saw the gorilla he thought it was trying to rob him. After all, considering the gorilla's character, this was very much possible. However the gorilla seemed to have suddenly become a good person and told him how he helped the Warlords escape.

The Warlords were healed by the teenage girl \u003cHeal, Life\u003e and they quickly woke up. On seeing the King they felt ashamed and immediately knelt. After all, even if they were Warlords, they only dared to curse the King in his absence.

The King looked at the gorilla and his eyes became wet. At last, the gorilla has grown up! He waved his hand and magnanimously asked him which kind of reward it wanted. But the gorilla remained adamant and refused to accept reward; it only wanted the King to defeat the rebels. The King was overflowed with emotions, until he heard the gorilla speak further, which made him shiver with anger.

Apparently, this gorilla name \u003cMartial\u003e was the number one bully of the world, and almost half of the people of the world were already bullied by him in the past. Moreover, due to prowess, no one dared to fight against it. However, now almost everyone had joined the armies which made it lost its entertainment. After all, if he bullied someone, that person would immediately bring a legion with him to thrash the gorilla. Thus, the gorilla could only wander secretly, praying to not meet those people whom he'd bullied in the past.

Hearing this Param's Intent shivered in anger. His hand trembled as it slowly rose and pointed towards it.


The King suddenly collapsed, becoming unconscious. The guards around him immediately surrounded over.

"My King!"

The gorilla saw the scene and quietly slipped away. After walking a few distance away he heard voices of the royal guards cursing it. He sighed, lamenting his bad luck.

Didn't they say 'Honesty is the best policy'?


Both armies marched on, and finally met on a flat land. The rebel army had grown extremely large, and almost every archaic character existing seemed to have been subdued by the rebel. The battlefield was silent, and no one spoke for a while.

Soon a person walked forward on the horse. The horse was looked very artificial as its body was extremely aerodynamic. Its body showed its true form for a moment, revealing the archaic character- 'Swift'.

"I am the new King of this world, \u003cIndomitable\u003e!" The rebel proclaimed.

Seeing his smug expression how could Param's Intent be left behind? He immediately came forward on a horse made of lightning. It was the same archaic character who was previously in a humanoid shape.

"I am your Father!" Param's Intent said in a loud voice. Trying to act arrogant before me? You're too young for that!

The rebel glared at him angrily and shouted: "Seeking death!"

The two horses immediately shot forward, with their armies behind them. Param's cavalry didn't have any weapons; instead their hands were inscribed with a formation which shot various kinds of attacks. The giant behind the cavalry jumped forward and crushed a few enemy soldiers. The ground trembled and a few soldiers collapsed. The frail girl named \u003cSloth\u003e was thrown once again into the crowd. The royal army soldiers were smart and kept a distance from the place where she was thrown.

"Who woke me up? Who dare to do it?"

The frail girl asked angrily. Her vision fell on the surrounding rebel soldiers. She pointed at them and asked again.

"Was it you guys who woke me up?"

The rebel soldiers looked at each other and smirked.

"Idiot!" A werewolf clawed at her, and the frail girl flew in the air, crashing a few meters away and creating a cloud of dust. The royal soldiers who saw this immediately became scared and ran away a few meters further. The rebel soldiers slowly walked near her, and even gave her the time to stand up, as if her life was in their hands, and they could take it whenever they wanted.

The body of the frail girl shivered for a moment, and black smoke came out of her body, enveloping a few meters of space. A few minutes later the smoke disappeared, and the rebel soldiers had turned into their true forms, becoming dormant.

In the air, the rebel \u003cIndomitable\u003e and the King collided with each other. They had condensed their battle intent into a crude weapon, which looked like thin plank of wood. The weapon was unrefined but had sharp edges, and looked like a flattened light saber.

The rebel was worthy of its name, as he quickly suppressed the King in just a few dozen moves.

"Too weak!" the rebel taunted him as he made another hacking motion. The King almost lost his posture as his horse was pushed down in the air due to the force. The rebel's eyes shone brightly at this opportunity and attempted to slash towards him. Suddenly a laser shot out towards him, and the rebel was forced to defend.

He looked towards the attacker, whose entire body was covered with eyes. He sneered and patted his horse and jumped. The horse immediately shot towards Warlord \u003cLight\u003e. Its movement was fast and an elliptical barrier was formed in front of it. The Warlord shot of beams of intense light but failed to target the horse which kept on changing its position. The Warlord failed to stop the horse from approaching him, and the barrier of the horse slammed into him, smashing his body.


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