Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Warlord \u003cBattle\u003e glanced around the battlefield and continuously shouted commands, changing his army formation according to the changes in the battlefield. Suddenly the enemy soldiers parted, revealing a gigantic mammoth. The mammoth had started sprinting long ago and had achieved its maximum speed. Its body turned transparent for a moment, revealing his true body- 'Momentum'.

"Change to Needle Shield Formation!" the Warlord shouted, and his army immediately rearranged themselves. They formed multiple barriers using the shield, with one arm holding the shields while the other supporting the back of the soldier standing in front of them. The Mammoth crashed into the formation, and immediately shattered the true bodies of the soldiers at the front. The shock traveled along the formation and slowly dispersed until it reached the end.

The soldiers at the end quickly retreated a formed a small group which was led by the Warlord and attacked the Mammoth. The Mammoth wreaked havoc but was easily subdued by the group of experts.


In the air, the rebel was ecstatic as his attacks kept suppressing the King. The small wounds on the King's body inflicted by the battle intent of the rebel increased over time, and the King gradually became weaker and weaker over time.

The innate nature of the rebel \u003cIndomitable\u003e was domination, and thus the wounds inflicted by his battle intent were already started to suppress the King from inside out.

The King grew weaker for a moment, and the rebel instantly slashed towards its arm. The sharp battle intent immediately chopped the King's hand, which flew in the air and disappeared. The King immediately summoned his battle intent in his other arm, but it took a few moments and he received another three wounds.

"You're finished!" The rebel taunted him. Just a little more and he would become the master of this world! Of course, he didn't know that if that happened, the spiritual consciousness would collapse and be destroyed, along with the death of Param.

Param's Intent sighed in sorrow. Perhaps it was fate? For a moment the fractures on the barrier of the world looked beautiful to him. The rebel noticed his emotional fluctuations and sneered inwardly. He'd destroyed the momentum of the King.

Taking advantage of the distraction he gathered his energy and exploded towards the King in a piercing motion. He wanted to finish the King in one shot!

The rebel's battle intent quickly reached the King. The King gathered himself and tried to avoid the strike with his battle intent. However the momentum behind the rebel's attack was very large and the King's battle intent shattered!

The battle intent of the rebel moved forward, now without any hindrances and almost reached the King. At that moment a barrier lit up on the King's body just a few centimeters away from the King's skin. An archaic character floated on the barrier showing its true form – 'Protect'. The battle intent collided with the barrier and tried to pierce it, but even the great momentum it'd gathered seemed to be insufficient for the job.

The rebel was stunned as he didn't expect such a strong barrier to exist. The King smiled as he looked at the rebel and said.

"Got you!"

Suddenly a flash of lightning appeared behind the rebel and shot out a palm. The rebel in a haste sent out a kick, and the lightning in humanoid figure flew away, but not before making a contact with the rebel's back.

The archaic character which stuck to the rebel's back shined brightly, and it immediately froze him. Apparently, Param's Intent had used the archaic character- 'Still' to suppress the rebel, which was one of the few archaic characters that could be used on him.

He smashed his left palm on the rebel, and a beam of energy flew out, shattering the rebel's body. The rebel turned into its true form and became dormant. The King quickly used his spiritual sense and suppressed the troublesome archaic character.

The effect over the enemy archaic characters vanished and they immediately surrendered.

As the fight ended the followers of the King cheered, especially those who belonged to an alliance known as the 'All Should Unite And Support The King', who couldn't stop sobbing and crying.


Now that the conquest for domination of the world had ended, it was time to solve the major problem. The King quickly assembled a team of experts and began to heal the barrier of the mini-world.

The fractures were analyzed and customized formations made of archaic characters were pasted onto them. Sometimes the repair needed even more complex procedures, which led to the birth of the first machines made of archaic characters.

The barrier of the world slowly recovered, and the connection of the spiritual consciousness with the physical body once again started working.


In the outside the barrier created by the Authority Pillar…

Some of the multicolored blood from Param's body splattered a little far away, outside the range of the barrier. Perhaps it contained his anger and resentment; it violently sucked away the elements near it- earth, water, fire, air, energy and space.

The elements slowly took shape as a humanoid body slowly formed. Tall and blackish, he appeared like a burnt hill and was as lustrous as a bright array of clouds in the evening. The hair on his body and his beard and mustache were the color of melted copper, and his eyes were piercing like the midday sun. He appeared unconquerable, as if holding the world on the points of his blazing fingers. Dancing and shouting with a loud voice, he made the entire surface of the earth tremble as if from an earthquake. As he yawned again and again, he seemed to be trying to swallow the whole sky with his mouth, which was as deep as a cave.

The Sura were frightened as well as curious of their newly born brother. The eldest brother of the Sura, named One, slowly walked towards this new creature and greeted him with a bow.

"Greetings, Younger Brother! I am One, the Eldest Brother of the Sura race."

Despite its frightening appearance, the newborn seemed extremely intelligent as he respectfully bowed back.

"Greetings, Eldest Brother! I am Vritra, the harbinger of Drought and Adversity, the one who envelops the World."


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