Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Hearing his words the Eldest Sura was stunned. Taking this opportunity Vritra materialized his battle intent and slashed towards him. Blood spurted out, and the Eldest Sura quickly backed down.

The other Sura members saw this and grew angry. Materializing their battle intents they surrounded him. One's partner, Violet stared at Vritra angrily and asked.

"Why did you attack your Eldest Brother?"

Vritra looked at them confidently. "My innate nature is to envelop the world, bringing stagnation. Forgive me, but only by defeating you all will I be able to realize it."

He stamped on the ground and sprinted forward. The Sura were not a match for him, and were slashed mercilessly. The Sura kept retreating and couldn't think of a solution.

"Senior Brother! Senior Sister! Help us!"

Violet pleaded in the direction of the mansion, and two figures flew out. They had bodies made of earth, and looked like finely crafted Greek statues. Their bodies were filled with formations, and they had an eye-catching number carved over their left cheeks. They were Earth Golem Experimental Version Number 1, and Earth Golem Experimental Version Number 2, whose name was forcefully changed to G1 and G2.

The two landed on the ground, which created a small earthquake. They glanced at the Sura kids, and their expressions became angry. Two hands shot out towards Vritra, in the shape of a claw and palm. Vritra twisted his body and avoided their attacks, and slashed towards them. The two used their strong physiques to defend against his attacks. Vritra's battle intent collided against their bodies but couldn't penetrate it. G1's body turned, and her kick hit him. His body flew in the air and was grabbed by G2, who smashed him into the ground and created a crater.

The Sura cheered as they saw this. However suddenly smoke rose from the crater and enveloped the two Yaksha standing near it. Vritra shot out from the crater while brandishing his battle intent in both of his arms. His beard which was the color of melted copper fluttered in the wind, and he glanced at the two Yaksha with his piercing eyes.

G1 and G2 felt their vitality fading and they backed down to retreated from the smoke. However Vritra didn't give them a chance and immediately attacked. The smoke had mysterious properties, and it starting corroding the formation carved on their bodies. The couple felt their strength decrease over time and Vritra started gaining the upper hand.


Two bodies shot out from the smoke. G1 and G2 crashed into the ground while creating a long ditch. A figure walked out leisurely while yawning, lazily glancing at his surroundings.


Three sharp cries were heard, and three massive birds the size of a car approached the newborn. The Golden Crow had seen from a distance how Vritra had defeated everyone, and couldn't tolerate someone other than him being so arrogant. He furiously flapped his wings and yellow-red explosive flames shot out. Vritra didn't dodge and the flames hit his body. The flames exploded and covered his entire being. The flames gradually extinguished, gradually exposing Vritra's unhurt body.

Seeing that their Elder Brother's flames didn't work, the Phoenix and the Vermilion Bird shot out their own flames. Again two flames covered Vritra's body, but still weren't able to harm him. The three were astonished, as they knew the strength behind their flames. Their flames were extremely powerful and could burn almost anything in the world.

At this moment a trumpet was heard. The young White Winged Elephant who'd grown to a size of an excavator arrived, and immediately gave a sharp cry. His cry summoned clouds and thunder in the sky. The clouds gathered in the sky slowly turned darker and darker, turning from cotton white to deep blue. Lightning cackled inside, and swam in the thick ocean of clouds.

Seeing this Vritra stared piercingly at the clouds, as if he was meeting his mortal enemy. Rain fell for the first time in the world, and the ground became wet and emitted a pleasant fragrance.


Vritra shouted as he stamped on the ground heavily. The shock-wave created an earthquake, and he shot into the sky like a rocket. He clenched his battle intent with his two hands, which had grown a few meters tall and as broad like a surf boat, ready in a hacking motion. The young elephant trumpeted again, and a lightning rod shot out from the clouds.


Vritra shouted as he made a hacking motion in the air. His energy flew out in a parabolic path and collided with the lightning in the air. The lightning scattered in the air and vanished. He opened his mouth and sucked in. The clouds seemed to be pulled by a mysterious force, as they flew into his mouth. The White Winged Elephant seemed to be affected and he collapsed, falling on the ground.

Everyone was filled with despair as they looked at the figure floating in the plain sky. Vritra suddenly smiled as he looked into the distance and found a new opponent. A shrill scream filled the sky as Garuda arrived.

He looked at the White Winged Elephant and shouted. "Seek help from the ocean!"

The elephant understood its meaning and quickly flew away. Vritra didn't try to stop it as he was confident that he would be able to overcome any challenge.

Vritra and Garuda faced off in the sky, and explosions took place. Shock-waves were created with each attack, and neither of them refused to back down. Garuda knew that he had to hold on, or else the Island will surely be destroyed.


The White Winged Elephant flew towards the cloud barrier as if his life depended on it. He reached the barrier and trumpeted in frustration when he realized that he couldn't cross it. Suddenly a force hit the barrier from the other side and created a large hole, enough for him to pass. He cried in joy and quickly went to the other side.

On flying some distance he was immediately intercepted by the Profound Fish, who brought him into the inner court of the White Palace.


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