Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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The inner court of the White Palace was as large as four football fields, and there were many crystal trees for decoration. These trees were the latest works of White, who was attempting to create plant life suited to the environment of White Palace and the ocean.

The Profound Fish was instructed by White to escort the White Winged Elephant as soon as she'd sensed the birth of Vritra. At this moment the will of the world had been split in two, and neither she nor Gaia had a solution to their problem. So if she tried to enter Gaia's domain, the clash between the wills would lose the frail balance and harm the beings inside them.

Soon the elephant arrived next to White who was meditating with her eyes closed. Although this was the first time seeing her, he could sense a similar maternal aura to Gaia, giving him a feeling of comfort and security. She opened her eyes and spoke softly.

"I knew you would come. Tell me, what exactly happened."

The White Winged Elephant greeted her and quickly told her how their Youngest Brother was born with a destructive innate nature, and how he had defeated them.

After finishing his recounting White nodded. "So it is another troublesome child."

The young White Winged Elephant sweated as he thought: Dear Might Mother, this troublemaker has almost killed everyone on the Island!

White gently removed her clothes and entered a large pool which was at the edge of the courtyard. She scrubbed her body nicely, enjoying her bath. Her movements continued, giving rise to foam which was produced from the waves of the water. She collected the foam and used her innate ability, converting it into a thin shiny cylinder shaped long crystal.

She grabbed the crystal and pinched her fingers, shaping the crystal into a long spear. When the spear took shape she sharpened the blade at its tip using her fingers, and smiled when was satisfied. She held the spear, and cut exactly eleven strands of her blue-white hair.

Archaic characters shot out from the tip of her fingers and formed complex formations. These formations shot into the eleven hairs, and the hairs shined with light. She waved her hand and a ball of light shot out from a room. This was one of the spiritual consciousnesses that she'd created. The spiritual consciousness combined with the eleven hairs, and started absorbing the elements around it. White waved her hand again, and a few high quality crystals flew out, merging with it.

The materials combined and slowly formed the figure of a small child. It was a cute girl, aged around three years old. She looked similar to White, with blue-white hair and eyes, and milky skin. Her small nose and chubby cheeks made her look cute and her small fingers and toes added points to her adorableness.

As she came to life, her nose twitched cutely and she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes fell on White and she giggled and jumped into her embrace.


White played with the kid for a while, and then declared while looking at her.

"You are Aria!"

The laws of the world in White's domain changed, obeying her Will. Beside her the White Winged Elephant was confused. We asked you to save us from the newborn, and you gave birth to a child?

As if guessing his thoughts White put Aria down on the ground and said. "This child will help you defeat Vritra."

The elephant looked at the little kid, and then remembered the colossal power which shook the world; then finally looked at White with his large tennis ball eyes.

Oh Mother, are you kidding me?

Little Aria was excited by her Mother's words as she enthusiastically hopped onto the elephant's back. White threw the spear towards her and the little brat caught it expertly.

"Go!" Aria shouted and pointed out of White Palace. As she left the palace along with the Profound Fish a legion of Crystal Titans were ready. After a small fight, White agreed to compromise with Param and named the Crystal Titans based on the four directions, with male being called Cloud, and the female Tide. Thus, the couples were: North Cloud and North Tide, West Cloud and West Tide, East Cloud and East Tide, and South Cloud and South Tide.

Even though they had such ridiculously simple names, Param would still sometimes confuse them, leaving the kids dumbfounded.

The four Crystal Titans were ready to depart, with their partners staying behind to take care of the palace. The one leading them was North Cloud, who was the oldest and also the one who was accepted by the Cloud Thunder Horse. The horse had grown to the size of a normal adult horse, and its blue body filled with purple patches occasionally enveloped it with lightning on making any movement.

Above the group a Kun Peng flew in the sky using its large feathered wings. Each flap of those wings created an extremely fierce wind, and one couldn't help but shiver in fear on seeing its massive body and those fierce eyes filled with fighting spirit.

As to why a bunch of trouble-making dragon, turtle and fish were excluded? Their powers were oriented towards the ocean, and would only be a hindrance on the Island.

When the Profound Fish introduced their army commander to the group, the Crystal Titans were stunned as they looked at the little figure seating on the White Winged Elephant. The Kun Peng flying in the sky felt a little annoyed and tried to bully the little girl by floating near her and trying to intimidate by squinting its large fierce eyes.

Aria became unhappy being stared at by the Kun Peng and jumped in the air. Her little hand moved and she slapped the body of the giant whale. The Kun Peng made a shocked expression as it rotated in the air for a few times.

The three troublemakers saw this and laughed in a human-like way until tears fell off their eyes. They would surely keep using this 'content' to tease the Kun Peng brat. The Crystal Titans were forced to change their impression of Aria after this event. North Cloud nodded in assertion: How could someone personally created by Mother be ordinary?


The White Winged Elephant cried and flapped its wings, taking off in the air. The legion followed their little army commander, travelling towards their battlefield.


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