Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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While the kids were fighting on the Island, a different scene could be seen deep below the Island.

Gaia was in deep meditation as she observed and analyzed the profound veins. After going through innumerable times of refinement, the profound energy within the veins had gone through massive changes. Initially a part of Gaia, now the profound veins had reformed their spiritual consciousness. The massive river of energy flowed through the tunnels while forming a vague shape of a dragon and roaring occasionally. The roars made the ground tremble, and the elements surrounding it trembled and collapsed. The profound energy had turned viscous under the refinements, and shined like lustrous metals.

Gaia sweated profusely at she mediated while floating in her self-made cave. Each drop was bronze colored and extremely heavy, as if weighing ten thousand tons. They flowed down her body and gathered at the bottom of the humongous cave, creating a lake. As she breathed, her exhaled breath seeped into the surrounding rocks, forming purple colored crystals. These crystals contained massive amounts of pure profound energy, and the aura around them was extremely oppressive.

If anyone saw this scene they'd be shocked: Gaia was actually creating metal and energy resources!

The place was enveloped by a massive barrier, and she hardly bothered herself with the outside world.


Currently the defeated group was recuperating in the garden. The injuries on the Sura and Garuda were fatal, but fortunately they received the aid of the Tulsi plant. The leaves of the plant had world defying healing properties, and just chewing on a leaf could heal them instantly. Even the golem bodies of the Yaksha couple were healed as they applied the extract of the Tulsi leaves. Although the world was almost burning, the plants had an extremely high origin, and thus could tolerate such changes in the environment.

Far away from them, Vritra looked at the sky which was filled with smoke. The smoke was getting denser and denser, enveloping the sky. The clouds of smoke were as dark as the night sky, and hid the sun and the rainbow behind them. The world was enveloped in an endless dark night, with no sign of light. Although the sun was hidden, its heat continued to bombard the Island, melting the earth.


On the other side of the barrier…

The army arrived near the cloud barrier, and Aria slashed with her spear at it. A large tear ran throughout the barrier, separating it into two. The army passed through the barrier and immediately felt massive changes between the two parts of the world.

In White's world, the sky was bright, and the oceans were filled with vitality. The winds carried a light fragrance and occasionally made chimes as if laughing in mischief. However, beyond the barrier the world was enveloped in darkness. The world had lost its vitality, and the winds had stopped chiming. The two celestial bodies could no longer be seen, yet they could feel the fierce heat covering the world. The earth was melting, and some places had even transformed into lava. However, the most frightening thing was that the Eternal River, which was the symbol of vitality and origin of life, had disappeared!

The Crystal Titans were stunned as they entered and observed the world. They had never experienced such harsh conditions, where there was almost no sign of water. Aria furrowed her little brows, looking extremely cute. She could sense another existence similar to her Mother; however it was dormant at that time.

Vritra was meditating when he sensed the incoming army and his nose twitched.

"I smell water…"

His body flew gently in the dry air towards them. His beard which was the color of melted copper swayed, and his eyes which were piercing as the midday sun stared at the incoming army. When he saw the little girl leading the group while riding the White Winged Elephant he smirked and closed his eyes again. In his eyes, the group was no worth wasting his time.

Little Aria saw Vritra meditating at a distance. As per Mother's instructions, it still wasn't time yet for confrontation. The group silently moved and reached the garden. The garden was still safe for the moment, and Vritra hadn't made any moves towards this place.

When the group arrived the two sides introduced each other. They could sense a familiarity in their auras and knew that they shared some origin. Both sides knew that the world was dominated by two dangerous women.

Little Aria began telling her plans, and some troublemakers could not help but make a ruckus. The three naughty birds screeched as they looked at the little girl in disdain.

You want us to hand our fates into the hands of this little girl? Keep on dreaming!

Little Aria frowned and looked at her Senior Brother Garuda. Her Senior Brother nodded at her appreciatively and waved his wings.

*smack* *smack* *smack*

Three figures flew in the air and crashed into a faraway tree, damaging it. The tree let out whining noises from its spiritual consciousness as it felt pain. Garuda looked at little Aria with gentle eyes and said. "Continue."

Even the Sura couples listened attentively as the watched the little girl speak. After explaining her plan, Aria walked deep into the garden and shouted.

"Senior Soma!"

With her age, she didn't have much patience and shouted again and again. With each shout her voice increased, and soon shock-waves began to create. The surrounding trees whined and were amazed. How could such a small figure make such a big noise?

"I'm here, little one."

The Soma tree finally had to show itself. It was frightened that if it didn't show itself this little girl will make all the trees faint. Aria made a happy expression and quickly greeted the senior tree.

The Soma tree was extremely massive, spanning at least hundreds of meters. It looked like a mango tree, except that instead of mangoes it bore sphere shaped fruits named Soma. It had thick branches, like the pillars of a bridge, and its leaves were jade-like, green and circular shaped, as if they were solar cells.

Little Aria bowed at the tree and requested sincerely.

"Senior, I need your fruits to increase my strength to defeat the enveloper of the world!"


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