Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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The two heroes floated in the air while facing each other. Vritra brandished his dragon-like claws and took a stance in the air. The claws were as dark as night, and their sharpness was terrifying. Smoke came out from their tips, which would absorb the vitality of the surroundings.

Aria on the other hand held her spear with her two hands. The spear, which was formed from the foam of the bathing water of White, was glass-like and would occasionally be covered in lightning.

The figures raised their claws and spear, and probed each other with long range attacks first. Lines of energy flew and tore the sky asunder, adding wounds to the world. The White Winged Elephant, Rain Cloud, did not disappoint its name as it moved from place to place quickly, dodging the deadly attacks thrown by Vritra.

After a round of probing perhaps the two couldn't hold in and approached each other. Aria jumped from the back of Rain Cloud and neared her enemy. The claws and the spear collided, and fists and kicks hit each other. Each hit would create a bang and each collision of the claws and spear created sparks. The laws surrounding them occasionally fractured as the world around them distorted, betraying the preset laws of the world.

The two fought high up in the air, and their fights did not affect much the other fights which took place on the land. The clones had been weakened by the rain, and slowly started losing their upper hand. Their numbers decreased as time passed, and they started losing their morale. The motley bunch on the other hand felt relaxed under the rain which brought vitality to them. With the fear the Drought disappearing, they felt renewed strength as they tried to overcome this Adversity. The battle lasted for a hundred days, and not one of the clones remained.

Up above the army, the battle had reached a climax. A battle between Drought and Adversity versus Rain and Prosperity, the verdict was finally about to come. After fighting for almost hundred days Vritra was shocked by the tenacity displayed by the young lass and felt confused. He was innately strong, and after kidnapping the Eternal River, the vitality of the world had disappeared. However the young lass showed no signs of fatigue or stopping, and neither did her vitality weaken.

He didn't know that the little Aria had eaten eighty-one Soma fruits, each of which was filled with endless vitality. After eating so many treasures, it wouldn't be a surprise if she could last a hundred more days. Vritra regretted allowing the lass to enter the garden. He was sure that she'd obtained some aid which made her strength increase and her vitality soar, turning from a little brat to a grown up woman.

Aria concentrated on her spear using her spiritual consciousness, and lightning enveloped its body. Vritra readied his claws, which had chipped and tattered beyond salvation. Many parts of its body had been charred by lightning strikes from the spear, and he couldn't help but sigh when his clones were completely defeated and the land was filled with vitality from the rain.

Aria clenched her hand over the spear, and threw the spear after gathering her strength. The spear flew extremely fast; in fact as fast as the lightning which would fall from the heavens, and struck the body of the enemy.

Vritra lost his strength and collapsed from the air as he couldn't flow anymore. His massive body fell, with his long beard the color of melted copper swaying while pointing the sky. Below the two a sphere of smoke floated, in which the Eternal River was held captive. The body which was falling down crashed into it, and the sphere of smoke broke open.

The Eternal River, now free, quickly ran away and retraced the route in which it flew before. Its water body was filled with waves as it showed joy for its freedom. With the river present once more, the world regained its vitality. The sun was enveloped in a bubble of water once more, and could no longer was as domineering as before. The white layered rainbow shined brightly once again, and made waves of contraction and expansion, as if dancing in joy. On the ground, the motley bunch cheered as they watched the celestial bodies in the sky return to their previous states. Although they had many light and heavy wounds, they didn't care as long as they had their commander, who was extremely talented in extorting the four First Born plants.

At this moment the word 'Authority' in the middle of the Island twinkled for a few times and the barrier enveloping Param disappeared. He opened his eyes as he glanced at his body and nodded in satisfaction. He'd spent all this time in rebuilding his body, and had no idea about the recent events. So when he looked around and saw the burnt Island he was shocked.

Being the master of the world he just had to will the world and he'd immediately know about the recent events. As the information flowed in his expression underwent a myriad of changes and colors. Even with his level of strength he couldn't help but develop a migraine and he massaged his forehead.

When he was on Earth, he'd many times heard of the trouble the children made when they were left alone. At most, the biggest trouble kids could make was to burn down the whole house. But his children…

His children have burnt a half of the world!

He looked down and could even see his face on the glass formed on the ground. Just how high temperature was it bombarded with?! The ground was filled with lumps of cooled lava which had formed curved, smooth rocks. He felt like tying this bunch of kids to a tree and giving them a good thrashing!

Finally he controlled his anger and went to the 'battlefield'. Using the Will of the World he again saw the scenes which took place in these hundred days. The kids saw their Father and exclaimed joyfully as they lined up with a smile on their faces. The most sensible of them was Aria, who held the dead body of Vritra and stood up at the front.

Param saw the dumb smiles on the faces of the kids behind the young girl and felt like giving them a tight slap. Alas, it wasn't actually their fault, and the troublemaker had already received his punishment. He sighed again, and could only think of one word in his heart.



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