Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Perhaps coincidentally, Gaia had finished her session of meditation at the same time as Param came out of the barrier. However after using the Will of the World to examine the situation outside she didn't dare to go out as she was afraid to meet an angry Param. Being a couple it was a frequent occurrence to be scolded for unjust reasons. A calm Param was easy to bully, but an angry Param was extremely frightening!

Thus, a certain person notorious for bullying hid quietly underground.


Param saw the dumb smiles on the faces of the kids behind the young girl and felt like giving them a tight slap. Alas, it wasn't actually their fault, and the troublemaker had already received his punishment. He sighed again, and could only think of one word in his heart.


He saw them expecting a reply, but he didn't know what to say.

'Good job for beating your brother to death?'

Or 'Well done! You are the heroes of this world!'

He sighed again, and said with a tired expression. "Kids, don't create trouble, okay?"

The kids were shocked after hearing this. They recalled their memories and remembered how they fought for their survival, and to save the world. Somehow the pain they felt in their heart was more compared to the pain caused by the wounds. At this moment they could only think of one line-

Father is too unreliable!

Param held the dead body of Vritra and looked at the mature form of Aria. She, being created from White's body, was extremely similar to her, and looked like a little version of White.

"Good job!" he praised her. After all, how could he disappoint his little girl?

Aria giggled happily after receiving his praise and looked at the others smugly. Look, I am Father's favorite!

Alas, her happiness didn't last long as told her. "Aria, get all your siblings and clean the Island."


Little Aria didn't imagine she'd have to clean house after doing a straining job. Behind her, the Sura, the Crystal Titans, and Garuda all nodded their heads as if saying: As expected of Father!

Aria sulked but didn't dare to disobey her Father and got to work with the others. They leveled the Island and fixed the defects which had been created by the high temperature. The Island itself was special and it didn't take long for it to restore to its previous state. Soon its sand once again was glistening like a high quality material, and filled with pleasant fragrance.

While the kids toiled without any rewards in the background, Param first collected the Vritra's soul and kept it separate with him. He'd other plans for this brat. Then he raised his head upwards and looked at the two celestial bodies in the air. It was finally time to tackle the problem of the Will of the World!

He gently floated upwards and reached the white-layered rainbow. He caressed its rings and spoke softly.

"Let me place you where you truly belong."

His arm shone as an illusory hand appeared next to the rainbow. The illusory hand was extremely similar to his, like a projection. The illusory hand grabbed the large rainbow and pulled it. Param flew towards the cloud barrier and dragged the rainbow behind him. The kids looked up and exclaimed in amazement as they saw this. Although Aria and Vritra were powerful, even they weren't strong enough to damage these two celestial bodies. The kids made 'oh' and 'ah' expressions, and hurriedly went back to work when Param turned his head towards them. He reached the cloud barrier and simply snorted. The cloud barrier twisted around a point and collapsed, creating a massive void. Param kept dragging the rainbow and the rainbow occasionally expanded and contracted, as if complaining to him.

Soon they reached the White Palace, and Param placed the white-layered rainbow some distance above it. The Eternal River had been cut off because of the barrier, and could no longer flow. Param immediately met White and explained the plan. He returned with her, and White slashed at her forearm. A stream of multicolored blood flowed and floated in the air. Soon the wound on her forearm disappeared, and archaic characters were shot out, which disappeared in the blood. The blood then shot at the center of the rainbow, towards the small dot of red light. This red light was different from the red ring of the rainbow, as it was the most pure essence of the rainbow, which was named Yin.

As the blood merged with the red dot of light, it transformed into a humanoid figure. The being formed looked like a five year old kid, with white hair. The kid wore long white robes with a design of a white colored circular rainbow, and his entire figure looked otherworldly, as if untainted by all trivial things. Its eyes were similarly white-blue like White, and had a gentle smile on its face.

As he opened his eyes, a gentle and serene aura spread throughout, and Param felt surprised as he felt some similarity to the spiritual energy which he used. This child, which was the physical form of rainbow, named Yin, saw the two and quickly greeted them. White hugged Yin and swirled him as she rotated around her foot. Yin laughed as he moved quickly in a circle. Even the unborn child within her exclaimed in joy when it sensed Yin.

A little while later, White saw the expectant eyes of Param which said 'Hand me the brat over', and she reluctantly handed the child over.

Param held the kid and looked at him up and down. As both of the celestial bodies were created by him they contained a trace of his aura. Combined with White's essence, Yin was the closest being to their blood child. He tickled the brat, making him laugh until he couldn't bear it. After this game Param suddenly tossed the brat in the air after he remembered similar games which were played by parents on Earth. However he threw the kid a little too high and little Yin's forehead became wet with sweat. Fortunately Param caught him perfectly, and White pinched his shoulder for his carelessness.

Little Yin saw his Father screaming in pain as his Mother punished him, and he could only think of one line-

Father is too unreliable!


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