Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Yin glanced at his Father secretly as he thought: Father is too unreliable!

As if reading his thoughts, Param turned his head to look at him, only to catch him turning his head and wiping his forehead. His heart felt a twinge of pain and he couldn't help but ask White.

"Do I look so unreliable?"

White laughed and used her sleeves to hide her wide mouth. Finally she couldn't bear to see the sad face of her lover and decided an answer. "No."

The single word was like an amnesty to Param, and he immediately hugged her. "Ay~ only you understand me the best!"

White saw little Yin staring at them and giving her a thumbs up and became embarrassed. She quickly pushed the young man who was hugging her and whose breathing was slowly turning hotter and deeper.

As Param was pushed away, little Yin came near him and patted his thigh. He actually wanted to pat his back, but he could only reach his thigh.

"Don't worry Father! Try harder next time!"

Param's face twitched as he glanced at the brat who was just born. Just born and trying to teach your Father? He forcefully placed his large palm over the brat's head and caressed it while showing a crooked smile, making his hair messy.

After entertaining his unborn child in White's womb and flirting with her a little he went back to the Island. After he'd left Gaia came out after knowing that Param wasn't much angry. He again saw her on the same stone chair sitting lazily while being massaged by the Sura girls. He couldn't help but think: Won't her muscles turn into a pulp after being massaged so much?

He landed near the lazy fellow and pulled her up. Gaia was scared and thought that he would blame her for not paying attention to the kids. He dragged her towards the sun and explained his plan. After realizing this was another matter she secretly sighed in relief and listened carefully.

They made preparations and started their operations. Param waved his hand, and the bubble around the sun disappeared, with the water bypassing through the sun. It shrank a little in size, and the red spot at its center expanded. Gaia similarly cut open her forearm and guided her blood in the air. As he wound healed, the archaic characters which she'd prepared shot into them and combined. The blood then merged into the red spot, and formed a humanoid figure. The humanoid figure gradually turned clearer, taking the shape of a five year old little girl.

The girl had beautiful phoenix eyes and sword like eyebrows. Her black hair was extremely glossy and soft, and their length had different levels, making her more beautiful. Her skin was tanned and she wore long red robes, which had designs of the blazing sun. Her face was stern and it showed her determined and fierce nature. Although she was just a little girl, one wouldn't be able to take their eyes off her.

She opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw in the world was the couple, who was staring at her with complicated expressions. There was joy, surprise, care, and worry, and it melted her stern face and made a smile appear. When Param saw the smile he found it similar to Gaia.

"You child!"

Gaia appeared in front of her in a flash and furiously pinched her cheeks. The little girl, now the physical form of Yang, helplessly glanced at her Father and pleaded for help with her eyes.

How could her kindhearted Father bear her gaze? He immediately tried to shoo away Gaia who was too engrossed in pinching her cheeks.

"Stop! You'll tear away her soft cheeks!"

He grabbed the little girl and created a distance from the cheek-pinching demon. Gaia sheepishly laughed and tried to coax little Yang again, but unfortunately couldn't succeed.

At this moment a sound was heard in their spiritual consciousness.

"She is really strong!"

The three were surprised at first and exclaimed moments later when they found the source of the transmission. The one who spoke was actually Gaia's unborn child! They tried to communicate with it further but the brat didn't seemed to be interested in talking further.

Gaia sulked and went out as little Yang familiarized herself. Param activated a new set of archaic characters and created multiple dozens of formations. Gaia revealed a look of surprise as she saw them and asked.

"Doesn't these archaic characters related to the phenomenon of space?"

Param nodded in affirmation as he casually explained his understandings about space. Previously with his innate talent he could still perform spatial manipulations, albeit forcefully. However he avoided doing so as there was no need for it, and he didn't knew what to do if some problems occurred.

The archaic characters seemed to make some manipulations outside the three dimensions, and the Will of the World seemed to be undergoing various changes. Suddenly the cloud barrier fluctuated and suddenly dispersed, and the Will of the World became one once again!

Param wiped his forehead as he finished dealing with a major headache. Suddenly he thought about something. Now that the world has united once again, won't the two women meet each other? After they see his 'deeds' will they fight? Or will they team up to bash him?

He sweated profusely as he thought of this. Using his vast spiritual sense, he secretly spied on the two women.


As the two worlds became one once again, the parts of the Will of the World under their influence no longer clashed. Sensing this White and Gaia flew towards the place where the barrier previously existed. The two women met and stared at each other for a while. Coincidentally the two opened their mouths at the same time and spoke.

"I'm White, the first wife!"

"I'm Gaia, the first wife!"

The two narrowed their eyes and gave a smile which was not a smile. Far away, Param who was using his spiritual sense to spy groaned after seeing this.

"F*ck! Another headache!"


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