Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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White and Gaia narrowed their eyes and gave a smile which was not a smile. Suddenly they waved their hands and a barrier was formed, disabling Param's spiritual sense from entering. Actually, if he wanted, he could forcefully penetrate his spiritual sense inside, but he would never dare to do something like that as it would invade the women's privacy.

While the women were talking, Param decided to go for a big renovation. He floated above the ocean and grabbed a large quantity of ocean water. The volume of the water was very large, almost sixty-four times the volume of water present in the Eternal River. However, even though Param extracted such a large amount the ocean remained unfazed and there didn't seem to be any changes in its water level. The water went through a series of refinements and its quantity decreased by sixteen times. The water turned a shade of blue, and became crystal clear and more viscous and heavy.

Param shot hundreds of archaic characters into it so that it would perform according to his plans. With time, his mastery over the archaic characters was reaching a new phase, and he was able to create specific instructions according to the needed tasks. He then proceeded to combine the new water into the Eternal River, and the thickness of the river increased. As the distance between the sun and the white layered rainbow had increased, the stream of river had thinned tremendously. After adding the new water in the Eternal River the waterfall below the sun grew larger, and the might of the waterfall seemed unrivaled.

As to how the Eternal River crossed the ocean? The river actually never crossed the ocean, as Param moved the White Palace, along with the surroundings made of crystallized water near the Island, forming a single, massive Island. The Island now was ten times its previous size, including the borders of the crystallized water.

Param had planned for the long run, when he would perfect the reincarnation cycle system and give birth to multiple sub-worlds and races. Although his efforts seemed crude for now, they were small steps towards something big!

He activated his spiritual sense and informed the Yin and Yang brats about his plans, and gave them some specific instructions. The two kids were smart and vaguely understood his intentions, and hurried to complete them.


The size of the rainbow had increased by multiple times with the increase in water in the Eternal River. At the center of the rainbow, Little Yin sat in a lotus position in his white robe and meditated according to his Father's instructions. From his body, seven archaic characters floated and revolved around him like goldfishes. He pointed towards the rainbow, and the seven archaic characters shot like a bullet, with each archaic character hitting a colored ring.

The seven rings detached themselves from the white layered rainbow, leaving only the white layer behind. The rings condensed into humanoid shapes, gradually forming seven figures. The seven were all girls, with each of them their own version of beauty. Alas, these beauties were only five year old, the same age as Yin brat.

These would be the future pillars of the Rainbow Palace, who would shake the mortal worlds!


On the surface of the sun, little Yang sat in meditation and contemplated on the instructions given by her Father. She couldn't help but exclaim how brilliant her Father's idea was. Her Father intended to create a new domain using her and Yin's powers!

She manipulated the sun's core, and it expelled flames onto the bubble of water enveloping it. The water on the surface of the bubble boiled and created steam. The steam gathered in the air, inside the circle formed by the Eternal River in the sky, and formed clouds.

Param who was supervising the project signaled the Crystal Titans and Aria, and they flew into the clouds and used their archaic characters to condense the clouds into crystals. Under the guidance of Aria, the sky of clouds slowly changed, forming a palace.

The construction went on for almost a month, and finally a Royal Palace appeared. The gate of the Royal Palace was broad and massive, and at its top a character was specially engraved by Param, signifying the name and origin of the Palace.


The inside of the palace was fairly simple, and Param assumed that the kids would later decorate it according to their tastes. After the palace was constructed Param unleashed an archaic character at the entire palace, and the palace turned illusory.

The group of kids were shocked and thought that their Father had messed up, but later they realized that he'd actually moved the palace into an alternate dimension! Understanding this they saw him with shining eyes, and Param almost shed tears of joy.

Look at this! Your Father is not unreliable!

The two women seemed to have discussed something, and had finally concluded that White was the older, 'First Wife' while Gaia was the younger, 'Second Wife'. Be it young or old, Param was relieved that these two had peacefully solved their problems.

The coronation ceremony was grand, and the young Aria was crowned as the Rain Queen, the one who commands rain, wind and clouds! At her disposal were Yin and Yang, the two main leaders of the court. As the palace needed attendants, the Crystal Titans awakened the consciousness within the clouds, forming a new species called as Apsaras.

These Apsaras were water spirits, and their natures were similar to water. They were cheerful, bubbly and didn't like to be restrained. However, these Apsaras weren't the first born. In fact, before these Apsaras were born, Param had already awakened the Eternal River's consciousness when the palace was being constructed. The physical form of Eternal River, which Param affectionately called The Eternal Brat, shared similarities with White as she came from the same origin. However, her hair and eyes were light blue, and her curvaceous teenage body shared many similarities with White. When Param first saw her he couldn't help but feel shocked and think:

Why every one of the kids was so darn good looking?

Unlike the other kids, Eternal already was a teenager since the moment she took physical form and was a big help for the three parents in disciplining them. The Sura and the Crystal Titans were now under the Rain Queen, and was the mightiest (and only) army in the world.

With another problem solved, Param opened a sheet and laid his eyes on the next project – The Afterlife!


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