Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Actually, this wasn't the first time he'd plans about the Afterlife. However, it had many prerequisites to it. Before creating the Afterlife Realm, he first had to create a basis with which the mortal souls would be compared to and treated accordingly. Life was extremely complicated, with decisions made every second.

Where to look, what to talk, what to show, and what to hide…

When to act, when to react, when to ignore, and when to stay silent…

Being cruel, being gentle, being filial, and being ambitious…

With such a complex life, how can they be judged by simple concepts of heaven and hell?

This was an extremely sensitive and debatable topic, and one could hardly find any answers for it. Let's take an example:

A young man rapes a woman who was returning home.

Was the man wrong for not being able to control his urges and for being extremely insensitive? Or were his parents wrong for not disciplining him more properly?

Was the woman wrong for not being careful, not wearing conservative clothing and not learning self-defense? Or was she just unfortunate?

Were the police officers and the people living in the neighborhood wrong for not paying attention or showing courage? Or they were trying their best and still couldn't help?

Was the government wrong for not creating proper measures against these events? But weren't the rulers of the government chosen from the same common people?

Or was the one who created them all wrong?

Param had pondered for a long time over this, and realized that there was no good or bad, right or wrong. These were just temporary states of mortals.

One moment happy, one moment sad; one moment in pain, another moment relieved.

People, Fortune, Glory, Blessings… All of them were fleeting, only for them to merge with his Supreme Soul after death!

In consideration of this, he decided to create a system based on the concept of Karma. One would accumulate Karma, and this would decide their treatment in the Afterlife. The Afterlife would be a temporary stop for them, after which they would again be reincarnated.

Near the center of the Island where the Authority Pillar first stood, Param created a large facility for his next projects. Although he'd renovated the Island, he didn't pay attention to properly build structures as he would have to again make some changes on it.

Using the concepts of formations, logic circuits and Will of the world, Param build a massive cuboid pillar. This pillar could detect every individual in the world and calculate their Karma.

What was Karma?

It was the action done in favor of or against the development of the individual person and/or the whole world.

What did that mean?

Simply put, every action by a mortal had its effects on him as well as the world, and could bring an increment or decrement in progress of the entire world. Thus, the best Karma would be something which would bring progress to both the individual and the world. After them was progress of at least one, the individual or the world. The last would be the neutral action that wouldn't bring progress, but at least wouldn't detriment the world's progress.

Using his 'Truth' gaze, he could see billions of strands emanating from the pillar and penetrating from the void. However, as the residents of the world were not mortals and were free from the Karmic bonds, thus the pillar which calculated Karma, named as the Karma Management System, was sitting idle.

With the problem of Karma solved, Param wiped his non-existent sweat and looked at the machine in satisfaction. The two beauties arrived and saw this work and praised him for his idea. Suddenly two more voices entered the scene and talked with each other, making Param dumbfounded.

"Isn't this amazing? Father is really great!" the first voice which sounded like a girl said.

"It cannot increase strength." A second male voice made a strong point.

"Can't you think of anything other than fighting?" the voice of the girl scolded.

"…" the second voice didn't dare to talk back after being scolded and remained silent.

The two women smirked as they heard the unborn kids' quarrel. They turned to Param and told him some trivial things, and they discussed some plans to further develop their world. As they discussed, they understood many problems which they'd previously not noticed. Finally the three looked at each other, and Gaia said.

"The most urgent thing this world needs is Wisdom!"

But where to find this 'Wisdom'?

Param looked at the two. If he was asked which the best porn site was or how to illegally download video games, he'd immediately be able to tell them. But when it came to stuff like 'Wisdom', he could only answer such…

Wisdom? What the hell is that? Can it be eaten?

If the two women had read his thoughts, they'd definitely have beaten him up by forming a tag-team!

Finally the Always-Dependable, All-Mother White told a solution.

"The Authority Pillar is a source of strength, but we won't find answers there. Similar is the world. As it bends according to our Will, searching for answers outside is completely useless. So the only solution is to find answers within oneself!"

White said as she pointed at the center of her chest. Param's eyes were guided at her chest by this gesture and stayed there, unwilling to part. The soft and bouncy twins were inviting and his body started to become aroused.

Suddenly a hand arrived and flicked his forehead hard.

"Concentrate!" Gaia said as she looked at him with disdain. Looking at her face Param became irritated.

Damn woman, always bossing him around! He decided to teach her a lesson and bent her at her waist.


A crisp noise sounded as Param hit her well-shaped and curvy bottom.

"You need to be disciplined!" Param yelled as he continued with his punishment. With each smack he felt more excitement and his eyes twinkled more and more.

Gaia could actually free herself long ago, but didn't do so as this was just an intimate banter. Thus, she could only beg for mercy and shouted.

"I'm sorry, Husband!!!"

However the husband was in no mood to listen to her pleas and instead was concentrating on her youthful bottom. As soon as his hit arrived, the soft and bouncy bottom would wiggle seductively, as if saying 'Naughty boy, hit me more!'

At first White laughed and ignored her sister wife. But as time passed, her husband didn't seem to stop and she finally decided to step in. After all, as the First Wife, she had the highest status in their family.


Before she could speak further Param raised his head and stared at her with bloodshot eyes filled with lust and spoke with a grave voice.

"It seems that you also need some disciplining."

White's face immediately became pale.

For a few days, seductive moans and panting sounds were heard around this place.


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