Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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Param who now had a pale face was meditating furiously. After a long and intense fight, his beloved two had nearly sucked him out of all energy. However, the main reason he didn't dare to open his eyes or use his spiritual sense on the Island was that he feared he'd find some more brats looking at him with shining eyes and screaming 'Father!' to him.

Beside him, the two fairy-like maidens slept peacefully after winning the fight and having their revenge.

Lust is truly a dangerous thing!


Going a little backwards…

As the Creators were concentrating on their Union, energies and intents leaked from their deeds. These unguided energies seemed to have no thoughts of dispersing, and they searched for some place to gather.

Soon they found a nice piece of rock, which was a piece formed by lava. It was cooled from the outside and trapped the heat present inside from leaving. So although it looked like a cool rock, hot lava still existed deep inside.

The energies and intents created by the Union rushed inside the lava rock, and the heat which was created by the powerful sun immediately purified them. With impurities gone, the random and scattered intents formed a spiritual consciousness, and the lava rock turned into a womb for the new creature.

A fragment silently broke from the Supreme Self inside Param, and unknown to him, merged with the newly formed creature. With the help of the vast power in it, the womb burst open to reveal a young creature.

The creature looked like a beast, with four legs, horns and large canines. It had a dragon-like face and golden eyes, and its body had the characteristics of both bull and tiger. It had a white body with golden stripes, and looked quite fierce. However, the most striking thing was the subtle lines all over its body, which occasionally showed hot fire underneath his skin.


As soon as it was born it tried to show its dominance by roaring out loud and announcing to the world.

Guys, Yours Truly is born!

The newborn was quite vigorous, and as soon as it was born it started rampaging and destroying the terrain. The trees had their own consciousness and scolded this rowdy fellow.

"Hey! Why did you throw that Spiritual Berry tree? Are you crazy?"

"If you make trouble we won't show you mercy!"

"Indeed! This junior is too unruly. Should we complain to the Guardian?"

The newborn creature, who we'll call the Bull-Tiger for convenience, became angry at being challenged by the tree spirits and felt provoked. It stomped its foot, and the earth fractured. The remnants of the energy hit the surrounding trees and they wailed in pain.


With a few casual kicks and clawing motions, the Bull-Tiger quickly showed the puny trees who the boss is!

However, his actions didn't go unnoticed by others, and they quickly complained to the Guardians of the Forest, which were the First Born plants.

The one with the strongest offensive power, the bamboo tree quickly arrived by sprinting and met the troublemaker. The Bull-Tiger similarly saw the Bamboo plant and saw it as a competition and made a clawing motion like a tiger with its front claws.

The Bamboo plant used its body as a spear and tried to penetrate his opponent's body. However the young Bull-Tiger was very thick-skinned and the Bamboo plant's attack failed. The Bull-Tiger grabbed this opportunity and moved his head violently, stabbing the Bamboo using his sharp horns. The Bamboo plant flew away and crashed over other trees and the Bull-Tiger while laughing with his head looking up in the sky.

The Bull-Tiger looked at the scared trees and snorted in disdain. Just a bunch of weaklings!

His eyes fell on the clouds floating in the sky, and his vision penetrated them, spotting the Rain Palace hiding in the independent space. He became excited and with a leap his body flew in the air, shooting into the clouds. The space fractured and he easily reached the space in which the Rain Palace existed.

The arrived of the new creature startled the innocent and dainty Apsaras and they glanced at him with curious eyes. The Bull-Tiger, now under attention couldn't help but glance at their slender waists and plentiful bosoms, and felt the desire to properly strengthen his relationship with his new 'friends'.

With this desire, his form changed into a humanoid one, with a muscular back and extremely strong limbs. His horns shrunk yet still hung over his forehead, giving him a cool look.

Seeing his handsome look the naïve Apsaras couldn't help but go 'Kyaa~' over him. The Bull-Tiger maintained a polite look as he talked, yet his eyes roaming all over them, and his gaze was so piercing they almost saw through their clothes.

A Crystal Titan couple which was 'off-duty' was roaming around watching the scenery when they spotted the newborn Bull-Tiger. The Bull-Tiger casually glanced at the female Crystal Titan and his gaze became heated.

He walked near them and blocked the couple's way like a local gangster. If Param saw this, he would definitely think that this was some reincarnated hoodlum from Earth.

The Crystal Titan male didn't like the Bull-Tiger looking at his partner lecherously but he still asked in a polite manner.

"Do you need some help?"

The Bull-Tiger who'd already imagined the Crystal Titan female naked in his mind got irritated at him and attacked.


With a sudden heavy kick, the male Crystal Titan flew backwards for a few meters before stopping. The innocent Apsaras with low H.P. and LVL screamed and ran away after seeing the Bull-Tiger's cruelty.

Seeing her lover attacked mercilessly the female Crystal Titan became angry and immediately clawed at him. After the First War of the World, these kids were no longer amateurs and had started developing their killing intents.

The claw attack was vicious and carried tremendous energy behind it. As it struck the Bull-Tiger, the fellow flew in the air and crashed into a lava rock. The lava rock burst open and lava flew out, yet the hot lava only felt like basking in the morning sunlight to him.

He stood up and arrogantly rubbed the trail of blood flowing out of the corner of his lips and looked at her.

"That was free!"

The female Crystal Titan who was helping her partner saw this and her heart froze for a moment. She knew how much power her attack had.

The person who'd attacked her partner stood up and smirked at her while staring.

"My turn!"


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