Island of Gods
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Island of Gods
Author :Daoist_Paradox
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"My turn!"

Suddenly the Bull-Tiger's body flashed and within a blink of an eye arrived in front of the Crystal Titan couple and punched. The male quickly made a cross with his forearms to defend, and the punch made contact. The man's bones immediately broke and his body flew.

"West Cloud!" the woman named West Tide shouted. Of course, the Bull-Tiger didn't give her a chance and quickly threw a kick towards her. Hit with the kick, West Tide flew in the air while spurting blood.

The Bull-Tiger snorted in disdain towards the two and traveled towards the entrance of the palace.

The road to the palace was filled with many Apsaras who worked as maids or entertainers in the palace. The newborn brat's eyes stared here and there and almost rolled all over in their eye sockets. The Apsaras being naive and flirty didn't find him offensive and simply giggled, and some bolder ones even blinked an eye at him.

However, their behavior emboldened the brat and his lecherous hand shot towards an Apsara which looked like a teenage girl and groped her butt.


The young Apsara screamed in fright and retreated from her assaulter. But her actions only excited the brat more and he held her hand. The other Apsaras tried to attack but their feeble strength was no match for the Bull-Tiger.

Thankfully their noise attracted the attention of the Sura training outside the palace in the field and they quickly came to check the cause of their noise. When they saw the Bull-Tiger harassing the frail Apsara they grew angry.

"Leave her!"

They quickly surrounded him, and the scene looked extremely drama-like: A villain holding a beauty while being surrounded by righteous heroes! Alas, these heroes only had the guts but not the strength.

The hot fire inside the Bull-Tiger surged and he spat out flames like a flamethrower. The Sura many times practiced with the three fire bird brats, so they were familiar with intense flames and quickly retreated.

Although the Bull-Tiger's fire wasn't a match for the three fire bird's fire, it still held intense head and immediately melted the ground. The ground was formed of crystallized clouds and they vaporized in the air, creating a large hole in the ground.

Seeing this, the Sura took a deep breath and unleashed their battle intents, showing that they've truly become serious. Now this wasn't just a casual case of harassment, but a major conflict!

Sensing their killing intent the Bull-Tiger became provoked and allowed the tear-faced Apsara to leave and concentrated on his new opponents.

The frail Apsara who looked like a teenage girl quickly dashed away as soon as she got the chance. Finally when she felt safe after she traveled past the encirclement of the Sura, she stared at the Bull-Tiger angrily. Remembering how this lecherous person had touched, fondled and caressed her butt she got more and more angry and threatened him.

"You vile beast! Look how Senior Sister Eternal will punish you after I tell on you!"

One thing worth noting was that finally we could see some improvements in the quality of curses!

The Bull-Tiger didn't pay her any attention. To him, she was just a casual flower on the road; if he liked it, he liked it, he smelled it, if he like it more, he smelled it, but if he didn't like it, he didn't pay it any attention.

When the Apsara who looked like a teenage girl scolded him, he actually became happier and even started fantasizing that this 'Senior Sister Eternal' would be more beautiful than this young girl, with such and such waist and such and such butt...

Seeing him distracted for a moment, one of the Sura named Three attacked. The blade made of battle intent cut the air and almost reached the Bull-Tiger. Sensing the attack, the Bull-Tiger cursed himself for getting distracted and quickly raised his hand to defend.

The battle intent dug into the Bull-Tiger's hands but stopped after an inch. While the Sura was astonished, this was the first time the Bull-Tiger had such a serious injury and he shouted in rage and threw a punch.

The punch arrived quickly and none of the Sura could even see the trajectory of the attack. The punch hit the Sura named Three, and a large protrusion was created over his back. The punch had almost pierced through him!

The Sura flew in a parabolic path in the air for many meters and a trail of blood formed in the air- a proof that a man indeed flew in the vast sky!

The Sura were battle hardened and quickly encircled their opponent and attacked. The battle intents were sharp but they were unable to cause any fatal injury to the Bull-Tiger. As the fight got longer, the Bull-Tiger grew more and more irritated.

He gave a loud shout and caught a battle intent which was being hacked towards him. The battle intent cut the skin between the forefinger and the thumb but couldn't penetrate further. Clenching his hand the Bull-Tiger showed his ferociousness and shattered the battle intent!

The Sura whose battle intent was destroyed was struck dumb and couldn't respond when a punch landed on his face. His face was almost crushed and he flew sideways. His body bounced in ungraceful ways twice and he finally stopped near someone's feet.

With difficulty he opened his still working eye and saw a pair of slender, unblemished and attractive feet, and assumed that it must be an Apsara. Although he had seen his partner Blue's feet many times he still couldn't help but feel attracted to this unknown Apsara's pair of feet.

He fought with the pain and raised his head. No matter what, he must glance at this Apsara or his heart won't feel settled. The moment his vision fell on the person's face and he almost got a heart attack.

It was the Junior Sister Eternal!

Everyone knew that their Father held much affection for this Junior Sister who was the Eldest Apsara, so even though she was a junior, no one dared to find faults with her.

He quickly lowered his head and cursed himself a few times. He could still live his life even if he provoked his partner Blue. But if he tried to cross the Rain Queen, then he can only embrace Father and merge his soul with him!

The Eldest Apsara quickly asked him the details of the incident. Together with what she'd heard from the other Apsaras, she quickly understood the situation.

She looked at the newborn Bull-Tiger who was fighting with passion and smiled when she thought how her Father would react.

First he would give a long sigh.

Then he would rub his forehead furiously for a little while.

Then, at last, he would say in a frustrated voice:

"Another troublesome brat!"


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