Knight 'N Gale
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Knight 'N Gale
Author :CheezyMayo
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It hurts.

It hurts like hell.

I could hear the faint sound of siren and a lot of noise coming from the streets and the people around me.

I couldn't move a finger and breathing felt so exhausting that it makes me want to just stop.


Did I just got hit by a car?

Upon realizing what had happened, my consciousness faded like a fog disappearing came morning light.


"Fuwaaah!" waking up from a nightmare, Cedar gasped loudly as he quickly sat up, catching his breath.

He panted heavily and trickles of sweat could be seen all over him as he could still faintly feel the pain from his dream.

"Ugh... the hell was that?" he thought to himself while rubbing the sweat off of his face.

Upon touching his skin, he had this vague feeling that something was amiss.

Just then, he finally noticed his surroundings. Sure enough, it was not his house.

Well, calling it a house wouldn't really suit his standards as the room was too small.

Besides that, when he looked down, he saw that his carpeted floor had turned into a wooden one, having some holes here and there.

Not believing what was in front of him, he rubbed his eyes a few times before he glanced around to scrutinize this unfamiliar room.

Adjacent to his bed was a small fireplace which was more than enough to light up the whole area. On his right, he could see a small kitchen. Of course, it doesn't have an electric stove, oven or microwave. All he has was some large pieces of stones with a sack of charcoal and dry wooden planks to use. His lovely kitchen where he liked to spend his time in baking and cooking was nowhere to be found. There's nothing in this kitchen now but a ladle, a deformed tin bowl and a slightly bent spoon!

"Oh my god. No." he muttered in a low voice when he found out that his large condo unit had become the size of his bathroom and all the high-end appliances, gadgets, furniture and home decors that he had produced through his blood and sweat were now all gone.

He was shocked. Not because he suddenly became poor, but because his voice sounded different.

"I-Is that me?" he stuttered.

Hearing the low, coarse, bedroom voice, he confirmed that it was coming from him.

His eyes went round as panic arose within him. He abruptly placed both his hands on his chest.

"I-I-IT'S FLAT!" he yelled as he kept on touching his upper body. "My boobies couldn't possibly shrink overnight, right? The fuck is happening?"

Not being satisfied with touching, he removed his sweat-soaked shirt, revealing a perfectly shaped six-pack abs.

"Oh. Shit!" he cursed as it finally hit him but still refused to believe.

"It can't be... no. It's not possible…" he whispered in confusion. "This is illogical!"

Wanting to confirm it for the last time, he gulped as he glanced at his crotch.

"Oh... please..." With a shaky finger, he lifted the blanket.

There was something bulky under his pants.

"This isn't supposed to be real... right?"

Mustering all of the courage on his every fiber, he peaked.

"..." staring at the thing inside, he gaped his mouth, rolled his eyes in disbelief… and fainted.


Her name was Gale Sanderson. 24 years of age and was currently at the peak of her career.

She is an outstanding actress who gained multiple awards from Emmy's and Oscar's.

Although she sometimes plays a role in rom-com's, she's more active in historical, forensics series and action movies. She particularly liked the historical one's like King Arthur and Cleopatra. She even had 4 movies, her playing as the leading female, with a certain Mr. Chan.

Moreover, Gale never used a double in all of her stunts and her ability to act and memorize her lines with a single glance truly amazes her directors.

Although she has all the fame and glamour of a Hollywood star, that didn't stop her secret boyfriend for half a year from cheating on her.

Until that one fateful night, she caught him doing the deed with someone else on her own condo!

He even reasoned out that he needed to do it with someone else because she wouldn't want to do it with him.

It wasn't like she didn't want to. Oh, god knows how much she wanted to do it. She even turned into a pervy virgin, thinking about naughty things she wanted to try. She was just too busy to be in the mood. That's why, that night, she had forcefully cleared her appointments and was supposed to give him herself. Yet, that was what she saw.

Depressed with the fact that she was still ready to forgive him, she drank until she couldn't drink anymore.

The next moment, she was already dying.



This thing on her is huge.

If Gale was still Gale, she would probably be salivating by now. However, that wasn't the case anymore.

When she—he, passed out, memories belonging to this body began to flood her brain.

His name is Cedar Nightingale. Third son of the well-renowned General Wolfe Nightingale of Yv Empire.

He had two elder brothers from two different mothers. Cedar, on the other hand, only had his father. Even if he was the last born, he was doted on by his father since young because his mother, although a commoner, was the only one loved by Wolfe.

Unfortunately, his father died in battle when he was eighth, leaving him inside the jealous and scheming household.

Only a month after Wolfe's death, Cedar was assassinated and was thrown into the forest.

Fortunately, the young Crown Prince Alexander Yv was on a hunting spree and found the tattered body of Cedar.

Being saved from the gates of death, Cedar made a resolve in his heart to loyally serve His Highness after severing ties with the Nightingale household.

Since then and now at 20, Cedar is serving the Crown Prince as his personal knight.

Gale sighed as she glanced outside the windows. At first, she was a little bit uncomfortable with such an unfamiliar yet familiar feeling, but because of her experiences as an actress and the memories of this body, she can easily adapt to her surroundings.

"So I had crossed-over to a different world, I see." she mumbled and gave a dry laugh.

According to her new memories, in this world, magic, runes and spells aren't that rare. Although only 4 out of 10 people are capable of using mana, low-leveled magic scrolls can be found in almost every household.

For example, a rank G fire magic scroll can be used a couple of times to ignite firewood, same as what a matchstick does. There's also a scroll for food preserving and for chilling the meat, but the prices of those are higher compared to the fire-igniting scroll.

Apart from mages and witches, there were also hunters, beast tamers and a lot of occupations which would usually only exist in RPG games.

"Although it's a shame that my death is too sudden, I think this world isn't that bad." he smiled as he gets excited from his new-found information.

"Oh! Right! Based on those novels that I read, I was supposed to have a cheat or game-like elements. Right?"

Yep. Aside from acting, she also loves to read. From paperback to online novels, she reads them all every time she can.

"Eherm... let's see..." he cleared his voice and braced himself.

"Status!" he said with anticipation.

However, he was only answered by the crickets' chirping.

"Huh? That's weird?" he frowned. Was he wrong? "Then... Inventory!"

Again, there was only silence.

"Ah! What the hell am I doing?!" he covered his red face as he scolded himself, "Stupid!"

In the end, she didn't get any cheat or a badass system.

Thankfully, her new body is a genius magic swordsman in this world.

"Well, that in itself is already a cheat, right?" he nodded before standing up.

Having the memories of being Cedar, she felt quite at ease on moving about inside the small house.

In his tiny bathroom, he faced the mirror to check out his new body.

His looks, even though it exudes a manly aura, it resembles her own face as Gale. Long eye lashes, neatly arranged eyebrows—a bit thick than he has as a woman, a pointed nose, perfect white teeth and luscious lips.

"Whoah... So handsome. I think I'm already in love with myself..." he couldn't help but to compliment his appearance.

Unlike Gale who has black hair and green eyes, Cedar had a short, silvery white hair with dark violet optics. It was a trait he got from his father.

Cedar's skin is a natural tan and stands about six feet. Long-legged and has a not so lean yet not bulky built.

He ran his hands on his shoulders, chest and down to his perfect abs.

"It's nice to the touch..." he felt his face turn hot as he felt the lines of his abdomen through his fingers and palm.

"It's ok... right?" he gulped. "This was just a male version of myself..."

Then he lowered his hands to grasp the head of that standing member of his being.

"Ah..." he let out a sigh as his touch sent a shiver to his body. "Omg... to think it was this sensitive."

In her 24 years of being a woman, she had never seen the real thing in person. However, she was curious enough to do her so-called 'research', so she at least knew how it looked from the computer screen.

He was about to stroke his hardness when he flinched, suddenly realizing how perverted his mind was, he couldn't help but to be embarrassed by himself.

"Seriously, what am I doing just right after reincarnating? Am I insane?!" he berated. "Others would start to explore the new world and some would immediately kick ass. But here I am trying to jack... ugh... collect yourself Ga—" remembering that it wasn't his name anymore, he gave a bitter smile.

"Right. I'm no longer Gale. My name's Cedar. Prince Alexander Yv's knight. A male." he mumbled with all seriousness, slapping his face as if trying to wake himself up from a deep slumber. It was her habit whenever she's about to read the new script given to her.

After reminding himself of his new identity, he inhaled deeply and slowly released it while his eyes were closed, calming his mind.

Now, he's getting ready to play his new role.


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