Knight 'N Gale
2 Greeting
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Knight 'N Gale
Author :CheezyMayo
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2 Greeting

At the break of dawn, in the west courtyard where the old training ground is located, there were only sounds of sword being drawn and swung.

As the sun rays starts to fall upon the ground, illuminating the surroundings, a lone young knight executed his swordsmanship in a crisp and straightforward manner. It was unlike the typical showy skills of knights in this empire. His technique was simple yet brutal, without any unnecessary movements.

"Ah… those trainings sure were handy at times like this…" he mumbled to himself while smiling.

Since his memories as Gale and Cedar were fully merged, it was easy for him to use his physical capabilities as a male to pull off the stunt that he wasn't able to perfect in one of his movies.

"I can't believe that learning all of those martial arts and dual-sword handling would actually be handy." he thought to himself as he placed the swords back in the scabbards hanging on his waist.

With that, his usual morning practice has ended.

"Well then… after this…" searching through his memories, he tried to recall his morning routine as Prince Alexander's knight.

"Right. I've got to wake him up." he nodded and then proceeded to walk towards the east courtyard.

The palace was enormous and it looked as if it was boundless. On its walls hangs different paintings of famous people, ranging from palm sized to something as large as a house. Moreover, each posts along the aisle were engraved with silver and gold, forming the Phoenix emblem of the Yv Empire.

Well, being the continent's largest and most prosperous empire, this much grandeur is expected.

As he walked towards the Prince's quarters, he couldn't help but tense up.

She may have had Cedar's memories but it was still her first time to meet the Prince after transmigrating.

"Good morning, Sir Knight." someone wearing a squire uniform greeted him.

This isn't something unusual since Cedar was very amiable to his colleagues even if he was one of the empire's greatest magic swordsman, gaining a good reputation and reverence from his juniors and comrades alike.

Cedar nodded towards the squire as his 'usual' greeting.

However, when his eyes fell on the teenage boy, he froze in place.

"Wha… Vik-Viktor?" he was stunned.

The person right in front of him was a spitting image of his younger brother! Gale's brother from Earth!

Thinking about it, Cedar also looked like herself. The only difference is the gender.

"Is it possible to meet someone else who looked like the same person I know from my world aside from this guy?" he contemplated inwardly as he glanced at the person in front.

The young squire blinked in complete ignorance as he innocently tilted his head as if asking 'Who's Viktor?'.

Realizing that he blurted out his brother's name, he faked a cough to hide his embarrassment. "Aherm… well… you… you're new here?"

"Y-Yes, sir!" thankfully, the squire didn't bother to ask him further.

The squire stood straight and saluted. "Yun Rivertale from Ravenmoon Legion, sir!"

"Ah… so my brother's look-alike is a noble." he thought. It wasn't that hard to conclude so because only the nobles had surnames. Furthermore, the Rivertales, just like the Nightingales, has a military lineage.

"You're too early. Squire's training isn't until…" he paused for a second, recalling how he would say 8 a.m. in this world's words. "...Prime."

Yun smiled sheepishly as he scratched his nape. "Well… I am not one with talent. If I don't train twice or thrice than normal, I wouldn't be able to catch up with my peers. If I failed to gain knighthood, I might even be disowned since I am such a disappointment compared to my siblings… haha…"

Somehow, she wanted to hug this brother of hers. It wasn't just the looks. Yun even had the same attitude as Viktor. Such a hard-worker yet lacks self-confidence.

He then patted the teenage boy's head. "You'll make a fine knight." he assured him. "These aren't empty words. Because effort never betrays. Remember that."

"Yes, sir." The boy gave a timid smile and bowed before leaving.

Cedar sighed as he watched Yun's back that went further and further away.

"Well, seems like this world isn't too different after all." he murmured to himself and proceeded to the inner yard.

Arriving at the door, he cleared his voice and called out to the Prince 'as usual'.

"Your Highness, it's time to wake up. You have to eat your breakfast with His Majesty today."

As expected, there's no answer from the inside.

"Your Highness, can you hear me?" Again, Cedar knocked on the unnecessarily extravagant door.

Still, no one replied to him.

"Your Highness, I will count to three and then open the door whether you're ready or not."

He paused for a brief moment and then…, "Three."

Cedar abruptly opened the door and went inside the chamber.

The corners of his eyes twitched as he felt a vein popping on his temples.

The scene before him is not something new—to the old Cedar, that is.

The Crown Prince was peacefully sleeping on his bed. That was good in itself if it's not him being butt naked together with five women around him.

Within Cedar's body, Gale was royally appalled. Somehow, she knew from Cedar's memories that the Prince was quite the ladies' man. However, five ladies? FIVE? Seriously?

"Shit." she couldn't stop herself from cursing inwardly as she realized that Cedar's head was probably overflowing with reverence for this Alexander that his eyes and ears had filtered out all the negative sides of the Prince, toning down his lecherous character. "Damn Cedar. You're living in such beautiful delusions. I pity you, really."

Barely pushing his thoughts about ranting, he cleared his throat and 'calmly' clapped his hands loudly with a poker face as Cedar would normally do when waking up the 'visitors'.

"Playtime's over. Leave now." he stated while he casually opened the curtains, letting the brightness of the sun inside.

"Oh, it's you. Why didn't you join the fun last night?" an amorous voice came from behind him and to his surprise, a delicate, snowy white arms wrapped around his upper body. "You know we could give you a good time… sir." she whispered, coating the last word with a honeyed flirty tone.

From his hazy recollection, this red-headed woman with a gigantic pair of mountains, (mind you, Gale) was called Helene. She is a woman of pleasure and quite a pricey one at that.

If it was the old Cedar, he would've tensed up right now, although he never shows it on his face. Anyhow, he was Gale on the inside.

Without much effort, he managed to free himself from Helene's embrace and placed a bag of silver on her hands.

"Thank you for your service. Take these and leave quietly as usual." he told her with a business-like smile.

"Tch. You're no fun." Helene pouted.

"The doors are open for quite some time now. Please leave quickly as I do not wish for His Highness to catch a cold." he said in his icy tone, prompting the ladies towards the door.

The women eventually left after giving him a glare.

"I've got nothing against you ladies but I have to act as Cedar. I'm sorry for being a prick." Although he's saying these words in his head, he kept his deadpan face.

Now that he's the only person with the Prince who sleeps like a log, Cedar faced to Alexander's direction, only to have all of his hair raise up in surprise.

Right in front of him was the proud member of the Crown Prince, standing like a tower on all of its glory whilst the said person was asleep spread-eagled on his bed without a care in the world.

This is the very reason as to why he was chosen to wake the Crown Prince every morning. The original Cedar's temperament was rather calm—stoic even. He could interact with the Prince's shenanigans with a serious face.

He gulped at the sight before him, holding back his desire for 'studying' the magnificent anatomy of the human sprawling on the bed.

"I am a man. A straight man. I am a man. Get a grip, me." he recited inwardly as he quickly grabbed the blanket and covered His Highness' grace.

Soon after, he gently patted the Prince's arm. "Your Highness, it's time to wake up."

Sitting beside the Prince, Cedar closely scrutinized his face.

Alexander Yv is certainly a living sculpture. His face exudes a strong charm that could make anyone swoon over him. In addition to his long, slick, raven black hair, his eyelashes were also thick and dark, in contrast to his milky white skin.

Although the prince was rather fair as opposed to Gale's personal taste for tanned guys like Cedar, Alexander's manliness is oozing out and swirling around him like an aura. If he was on Earth, he could probably be on par with Elvis' charisma.

"Quit staring, woman."

Cedar flinched when a deep, mellifluous voice spoke. It was the Crown Prince.

His eyes were still closed and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, looking smug.

Gale's maiden heart—although it was Cedar's now, maid a loud thumping sound. Maybe it was because of the shock, or maybe because of his smile or both, she wasn't sure.

Feeling quite perplexed for a fraction of time, she calmly shifted to 'act' like Cedar.

"Your Highness, it's…"

'Me, Cedar' is what he would say if he wasn't pulled in by the Prince.

What happened next reminded him why Cedar had to wake the Prince up by just nudging him with a sword hilt and not by patting him on a close distance.

When half-asleep, Alexander's instinct was to pull whomever, giving the person a deep, scorching hot kiss!


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