Knight 'N Gale
3 Bad Kisser
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Knight 'N Gale
Author :CheezyMayo
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3 Bad Kisser

Alexander was pretty sure that he saw a woman possessing an angelic face sitting on his bed.

She's waking him up and oh boy, did he wake up... but only his lower half, unfortunately.

Without thinking too much about it, he pulled the woman and closed the gap on their lips.

He felt her shudder, making him smile in between the kiss as his tongue invaded her partly open lips.

Cedar's eyes widened at the sudden turn of events. His mind blacked out for a moment as the kiss stimulated his hidden desire that started to bloom earlier when he saw His Highness' magnificence.

However, he managed return to reality.

"This can't be happening! I am a freakin' man right now!" his mind yelled and he pushed the prince frantically.

"S-Stop it! It's me, Cedar!" he sternly told the prince even though his knees are still soft from the 'amazing' accident.

Prince Alexander's half-closed eyes glanced at him and smirked. "C'mon kitty... I know you liked it..." Then the Prince pulled him again.

"What the... still not awake?!" Cedar screamed inwardly.

Before the dazed Alexander could kiss him again, Cedar grabbed the guy's face with his right hand.

He literally grappled the prince's face, pushing him off. Right then, Cedar finally recalled how the original him would react in such a situation.

With the edge of his open hand, he gave the Prince's head a nice, clean karate chop.

The prince released Cedar's other arm and hissed as he get a hold of his aching head.

"What the fuck are-- huh?" Alexander's angry voice suddenly went into a confused one. "Yo, Cedar." he casually greeted.

"Yo, Cedar your ass!" like a grumpy cat, he reprimanded the Prince but then winced.

If this is a shoot, Cedar would probably like a "cut". This was because the personality is too much of a gap moe.

The previous Cedar, although blunt, can be quite insensitive and masks himself as a stoic person when facing the Prince's women, he was kind and amiable to most people. Most importantly, he would never-ever, raise his voice towards Alexander.

It seems like her emotion got in the way—which extremely baffled her. She never gets excited in kissing or doing steamy scenes with hot actors. Yet, a single touch from this prince gets her electrified. In addition, that kiss even affected her rationality, causing her to forget the role she's supposed to play.

Clearly, Prince Alexander was stunned as well, thanks to his knight's sudden outburst. His aquamarine orbs stared blankly at Cedar and then blinked a couple of times.

"T-that..." Cedar stuttered and he could feel his face warming up. "Damn your beautiful eyes!"

"Hmmm... this is bad." the Crown Prince placed a hand under his chin as if in a deep contemplation.

Cedar quickly got down with one knee like a knight should do. "Your Highness, I did a horrible thing. I do not deserve your grace. Please do punish--"

"You're such a bad kisser." the Prince interrupted him.

"Huh?" this time, it's his turn to be confused.

"How can you, a man who's popular with women..." he paused. "Well, only second to me." he added before continuing, "How could you be this bad at kissing? You make love to women with such sloppy kiss? Don't you think it's bad for your image?"

"Wha-- that's the problem?!" Cedar muttered in utter disbelief.

"Hahaha! What's with that face?" the prince laughed as he wrapped the sheet around his waist, his perfectly toned muscles and broad shoulders still in full view. "You're like a virgin brat. You look ridiculous."

Again, Gale's true colors were leaking. "Why are you being so unprofessional now at such a time? Act like your role! You aren't an amateur, damn it!" She scolded herself.

"You're not being yourself today." Alexander walked over with a nonchalant look on his face. "Are you perhaps, sick?"

"No your—" he didn't get to finish his sentence yet again because he was forcefully slammed onto the wall.

Cedar, although a knight, was easily pushed for the Prince didn't held back his strength. There was even a mana surge coming from the sword which blade is only millimeters away from his neck, not to mention a great killing intent emanating from Alexander.

"Who are you?" the playfulness in his voice vanished and was replaced with spine-chilling coldness. "Who sent you here?"

"If I fail to act as the real Cedar, then I'm doomed for sure." she mentally noted.

Ironically, the danger she was in calmed her nerves. Her breath even stabilized and her mind became clear as a goal was set right in front of her. "It's showtime."

Cedar looked straight to Alexander's eyes.

"Your Highness," he began. "my actions earlier is definitely unbecoming for a knight under the Crown Prince's command and I deserve severe punishment. However, I certainly am Cedar. I am no one's puppet and will never be one. If the Prince still decides to slash my neck, I will accept it, for my life and death is solely at the hands of My Lord."

Their gazes remained for a moment before the Prince skillfully retracted the sword, returning it inside the sheath.

"Tch... you're so boring." his attitude switched to a playful one in an instant. "What happened? Got a fight with Isabella?"

That name rang a bell in Cedar's mind.

"Come to think of it. I had transmigrated in this world through this body and not by being reborn. If I was in this body, what happened to the real Cedar?"

She didn't have the time to think about her situation as she was busy in preparing his usual daily routine. But now that she gets to give it a thought, it was suspicious.

Isabella. A waitress in a tavern where he frequented and was his lover or girlfriend-- in Gale's vocabulary.

Cedar liked her because she was kind and beautiful at the same time.

Before Gale took over his body, the last thing that she could extract from his memory is that he's about to do some 'strenuous activity' with Isabella like they usually do, when he suddenly got dizzy before passing out.

"Did he get poisoned?" She pondered. "But why would she do that? She isn't even a noble and Cedar had already severed his ties with the Nightingales. It seems like this isn't a simple case."

She—He, was deep in thought when he suddenly felt a hard slap from both of his cheeks.

Apparently, Alexander had slapped him—both of his hands were on Cedar's cheeks. "I. Said. Quit. Spacing. Out." he stressed every word after he lightly bumped his forehead to Cedar.

"Ah... yes. Pardon me." he tried his best not to yelp at the sudden close distance.

"Damn you Casanova Prince! I'll definitely die if you keep on coming at me this way!" as much as she wanted to say those words, she could only swallow them and nod. "Personal matters shouldn't be brought in duty."

"Yeah, right. Said the man who kissed me just because he was dumped by his girl." The prince retorted.

"Your Highness, I didn't kiss you." YOU KISSED ME! he ranted silently, while maintaining the typical Cedar look.

"What? Then what would you call that licking and sucking?" Alexander asked with a sly smile.

"This jerk seems to enjoy teasing me, huh... I can't believe he said that with a straight face." he cleared his throat. "A greeting from a large... poodle?"

"...fuck. I was speechless." the Prince gave a disappointed look and a pout. "I'm hurt you know?"

"Now that you're fully awake, you can now proceed on getting dressed. The butler will be coming in soon and I will wait for Your Highness outside." Cedar walked towards the door and then looked back. "You better hurry up or His Majesty, The King might give you a piece of his mind throughout the whole morning if you're late."

"It's not like he won't if I'm early."

"I wouldn't." Cedar smiled at the Prince, getting Alexander to understand that he would certainly preach him about punctuality and dignity for the whole day if he doesn't get his ass ready.

Alexander did the same, flashing an innocent and charming smile. "Cheeky bastard." he said as he started heading to his bath.

Right after he went outside the Prince's chamber, Cedar clutched his chest. "My poor heart... Seriously! Does he have to smile like that? Oh my dear God... can I really live as a straight man?"


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