Knight 'N Gale
9 The God of Opportunity and Favorable Moments
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Knight 'N Gale
Author :CheezyMayo
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9 The God of Opportunity and Favorable Moments

In an unknown place where there were no traces of light, everything that had happened to her before transmigrating played in front of her like she's in a large theatre.

It showed everything that had happened. The conversation with that man was still clear but oddly, she can't distinguish his voice nor his face.

The only face she could recall was that of the dark-robed black woman who has an enigmatic golden orbs and serpent tattoo at the lower part of her eyes.

"This kid chose you so, please take care of it."

"What does she mean by that?" she wondered as she walked aimlessly in the dark.

'Clang! Clang!'

Suddenly sounds of bells rang out, halting her from her track.

Gale glanced around her to search its source but she couldn't figure it out.

She kept on looking and walked around until finally...


It reminded her the red amulet that the black woman gave her before her accident.

'Clang! Clang!'

From afar, she can see a figure of a child.

It was a young boy wearing scarlet robes gilded with gold patterns on its ends. His shiny white hair was short at the back but at the front, his braided hair was as long as his entire being, reaching up to his dainty winged feet. His blue eyes that seems to glow in the darkness are staring at her intently.

Gale met his gaze with a puzzled look as she blinked a couple of times.

The child's face showed a surprised expression. "Y-You..."

He pointed at Gale with a shaky voice and to her surprise...

"Uwaaahhhh!!!" the boy broke and cried uncontrollably. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!!"

"Wha--!" Gale flinched as she was startled by the boy's sudden outburst.

She stepped forward in a panic and tried to console the child.

"H-hey... why are... why are you crying?" she asked, crouching beside the boy.

He sniffled and casted a glance at Gale. His watery eyes and his slightly red nose and ears were exposed but it only made his cuteness stand out. "C-can you not be angry with me?"

Looking at the kid before her, Gale couldn't help but to blush as she was weak in these kind of cuteness overload.

"W-why would I?" she asked in return. "Anyway, who are you? What is this place? Is this heaven? Am I really dead? Seriously? I died twice?" Although she really liked the boy's appearance, she couldn't stop herself to ask such questions.

However, when the child heard this, his eyes immediately became a gushing waterfall once again. "Waaahhh!!! I'm really sorry! It's my mistake! Sorry!"

"Huh?" again, Gale was confused. "Your fault? You mean, my death?"

The child grimaced and with a guilty face, he nodded.

"...ok?" she exhaled. "My mind's too chaotic right now. So, can you please kindly explain what the hell is happening?" Gale smiled with a sinister aura twirling around her.

Seeing this, the child gulped.

"I... My name is Caerus." he started. "I'm the youngest child of Zeus. I'm also a god of opportunities and favorable moments."

"Bullshit." Gale blankly commented.

"I'm not lying!" Caerus yelled.

Gale paused for a moment before prompting him to continue with a wave of her hand. "Fine. And so?"

"I'm your fan." the child lowered his head as he whispered softly.

"Haaah???" making a what-the-hell-does-it-matter kind of face, she glared at Caerus.

"No. Really! Even the gods watch movies sometimes you know?!" he frantically explained himself.

"The fuck?" she didn't know how she'd react to such unexpected truth so she cursed as a habit. "So what does being a fan-god has to do with my death?"

"All I ever want to do was to guide your fortune personally."

"So you got me killed?"

"No! I told you that it was a mistake! I wasn't the Grim Reaper and I never intended to kill you!"

"Then why did I die?!" Gale yelled at the kid. "And are you saying that I'm going to die a second time after transmigrating without any cheats?! Isn't that fucked up and outright unfair?! I didn't even get to experience se--" realizing that she's in front of a child who looks about nine to ten years old, she stopped her rants midway.

Caerus was stumped. In spite of this, he smiled wryly at Gale. "Go on. Continue. I may look like this but I am already a thousand years older than you are."

Gale's cheeks reddened in embarrassment and her hand unconsciously moved and hit the young god's head. "That's not the point!"

"Uwah!" rubbing the bump on his head, Caerus pouted his lips. "I'm sorry! I will fix it as soon as possible."

"Then revive me!" she demanded.

"I... I can't do that." he replied while scratching his head.

"Why?!" You're a god, so why???"

"I don't have the power to do so!"

Taking in such cruel words, she was dejected.

"So I'm just gonna die, is that it?"

"N-no!" he interjected. "I can't do it but I know someone who could! That's why, Hecate's magic will protect your soul within the male vessel!"

"What Hecate? Who's that?"

"The one who gave you the bracelet! That was Hecate, goddess of magic, witchcraft and doorways. I asked her to conceal my existence inside the stone so that I could stay in the mortal world without any problems. However, I let one of my friend to tag along. That stupid god of death Thanatos got so excited. He secretly followed you and accidentally got you killed."

"Why the hell did you let a death god follow me?!"

"That's why I said it's my fault, ok? That poor guy was also traumatized with shock and wanted to apologize to you after I was able to preserve your soul in an alternate world."

"The hell? A death god being traumatized? What's up with that?"

"We've got feelings too, what do you take gods for?"

Then, as the facts registered on her brain, she threw a dagger-like look at Caerus.

"Wait. You mean, he followed me again?"

"Yes." he avoided her eyes and he broke into cold sweat.

"Is that why I--"

"Yes." he answered as fast as lightning.

"What the hell's wrong with you? You stupid gods! I'm going to double kill you as well, damn it!"

"Ca-calm down! Thanatos was already repenting!"

"I don't care! I died twice!"

"You're not dead yet!" he bellowed with all his might, causing him to pant.

"Eh? What?"

"You're not dead yet." Caerus took a deep breath and spoke. "I am a god of opportunities, right? I bring things in the most convenient moments. I may have failed to do so before, but I did it in your second life."

"What? So you're going to give me super OP cheats and game-like abilities?" she beamed with sparkling eyes.

"Hahaha!" Caerus laughed brightly. "No."

Her excited face froze abruptly after hearing his blunt rejection. "You're useless."

"What? Hey that's too much! If you don't want it then fine! Just die then!"

"Wha! It's your fault that I died! You irresponsible chibi god!"

"Chi... Chibi??!" hitting his sore spot, the young Caerus got teary-eyed once again.

"Stop crying damn it! Aren't you a man?!"

"But you called me..."

"Fine! I'm sorry ok? I mean, I'm really desperate to live here! I..." now, it was her that got teary-eyed. "I want to live... I don't want to die..."

Looking at her miserable state, Caerus patted her head. "That's why, can you just let me explain my solution?"

"Ok... and make sure that I won't die without experiencing a bed-wrecking sex!"

"..." Caerus was left speechless.


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