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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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-1 8 3/4 Years Gap

After the battle everyone went home and ruled over their houses

Ryker has almost completely rebuilt summerhall and renamed it BlackHelm which was modeled after Neuschwanstein Castle but with siege defenses (the original castle took 3 years to build so the peasants had plenty of time ) Ryker used the tax money from the citizens of his land to pay for the building of the castle they weren't upset because Ryker made it clear that most of the money went to the huge walls and siege protection to protect they're farmers and homes within the walls

Ryker also gained lordship of house Selmy by marrying to Ruby after her cousin's death(her cousin arristan selmy died of cancer)in order to retain her families home she married Ryker (who she was always interested in him especially after the tales of his valor)

After he gained the two holdings he didn't know how to control both so he created a road to Harvest hall which allowed him to reach it if he had to also so he could effectively trade his products(food) with the rest of Westeros

Ryker took the name Dondelmyion and created a new banner which featured three stocks of wheat infront of a starry sky with the classic Dondarrion forked lightning bolt

But the lightning began waking him at night in the form of dreams of himself slaying the Night King with a lightning covered sword on top of the wall

This dream pushed him to his max training with swords ,Spears,and shield techniques

But most important was the harsh training his soldiers endured

One day he learned with a crack of his fingers he could summon a thunderstorm of varying intensity with a crack of his knuckles usually he would only use it in the dry seasons to increase profits


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