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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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2 Vol 2

After getting dressed James saw a small child out the corner of his eye he turned in shock but noticed it was just a mirror and that he had been returned to the age of nine (James was fourteen)

James ran to the mirror and started poking and pulling at his checks , his face was soft and cute ,his eyes appear to have heterochromia and was mostly blue with a hint of violet ,lastly his hair was blonde with a slight red gloss which could easily go unnoticed

James spent a while poking at his face when he heard the door behind him open causing him too jump in nervousness

By the time he turned around there was a beautiful red haired maid in his room ,her face was pretty mature and she was quite tall, (but he is a nine year old physically so everyone is tall)

???-"Lord Ryker nap time is over your uncle Lord Beric is expecting your presence in the court yard soon."

James/Ryker-"(I guess I'll have to pretend to be a nine year old for now)I'll head out right now ruby"

Ruby-"Ruby? no one has ever called me that (she said with a comforting smile)"

James/Ryker-"because of your crimson hair milady(James said jokingly)"

Ruby-"o lets not leave your uncle waiting (Ruby said blushing and heading towards the door)

The two of them talked on their way down to the court yard James/Ryker learned that ruby is a distant relative to Ser Barristan Selmy and that Lord Beric is going to ride to Kings Landing

When they reach the bottom of the tower the sun was shining but the ground was still muddy from the rain

Ruby said goodbye to Ryker and walked to the dining hall

Ryker looked for Beric and he found him standing next to the main gate to the castle so Ryker ran over to him

Beric-"Good evening ,you seem well rested are you ready to head to King's Landing(Ryker expected Beric to be 13 but he seemed much older)"

Ryker-"you're taking me with you?"

Beric-"how else are you supposed to learn (since Ryker isn't part of the main family he is supposed to grow up to be Beric's vassal lord)"

Ryker breaks into a smile and runs to grab his things ,he decided to bring a bow ,quiver , black cloak,dirk,and a change of clothes

Then he hopped in the lead wagon with Beric and headed to King's landing along side the 20 men accompanying them


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