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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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3 Vol 3

Ryker was asleep in the wagon until his nose was stormed with the vile stench of King's


On their way towards the red keep swarms of poor peasants poured out of the many huts built around the city and started screaming for food and money but were soon dispatched by the gold cloaks(the city guard)

When Ryker saw this he made a mental note to keep his hold below maximum capacity to avoid it turning into a mess

Finally they made it to the red keep and we're escorted to the throne room Robert was standing infront of the iron throne(which looked a lot like the book version and he wasn't fat yet and was actually extremely impressive physically) next to him was Cersei (she was even more beautiful than Ryker expected her face was young and her hair had a golden glow which was showcased by the beam of light coming through the window)

Robert started to ignore Cersei when he noticed his Marcher lords enter the throne room

Him and Cersei watched as the lords clad in armor walked to the throne and began swearing loyalty and talking of the battle to come

Ryker stayed silent observing the Lords and the King(and the queen😍) ,when his gaze reached cersei he was met with a ominous green stare that was accompanied by intrigue unlike the others who payed him no mind

Cersei-"you're a smart child aren't you"

Ryker-"what do you mean my queen "("o shit someone is already calling me out")

Cersei-"you listened before you did anything, do you know why you're here?"

Ryker says in a childish voice "to show our support for the royal family and to kill some Greyjoys" eliciting a laugh from everyone but Cersei who only cracked a small smile

Since everyone was fully armed and dressed for battle they hoped in a long train of wagons which was head to Lannisport except for Cersei who stayed behind along side her brother Jamie who would be member of the "queen's guard" for the next few days

The wagon stopped about 5 times Ryker would beg Beric for a silver stag every stop until they reached Lannisport when he touched the ground he quickly told Beric that he was going to buy something and ran to a black smith that seemed the most high end far away from beggars and muggers

Ryker quickly grabbed a nearby stool and stood on it eye level to the black smith who was busy working but stopped when he noticed Ryker

Black smith- "what do you need milord"(something about his voice gave off the feeling he was uneducated but not a idiot)

Ryker-"I need climbing equipment as soon as tonight (he tried to sound as serious as possible)"

The black smith tried to fight back his laughter and asked Ryker his name and what he needed the climbing equipment for

Ryker poked out his chest and exclaimed that he was going to get a knighthood from King Robert the next day by using the equipment

The black smith couldn't hold his laughter anymore and almost broke into tears laughing at the nine year old in front of him who thinks he could become a Knight

Ryker offered the black smith 5 silver stags for the equipment and asked the black smith to wager if Ryker becomes a knight he gets his money back if the black smith wins he gets another 5 sliver stags

The black smith accepts on one condition which is there must be proof of the knighthood Ryker agreed and gave the black smith the money and promised to return later that day

Ryker ran back to Beric

Beric-"what did you buy"

Ryker-"A gift for King Robert"

Beric-"hopefully it's something good I gave you a lot of money (Beric said with a laugh)"

Ryker-"my gift is going to be so good I'll get a knight hood"

Beric-"then I'll have to distinguish myself tonight so I can get a knighthood too(Beric began to wonder what the gift was and looked forward to finding out)"

Beric , Ryker(with his equipment) ,Robert,Ned,and all the other lords spent the day going over tactics and loaded themselves onto the few ships remaining after the burning of the harbor and sailed for Pyke a island filled with reavers and rapists that are willing to fight to the last man they were all prepared for chaos underneath the glow of the full moon


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