Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
4 The Siege Of Pyke
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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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4 The Siege Of Pyke

The ships drew close to the southern shore of Pyke the beach and field were swarming with ironborn (Greyjoy's soldiers) Robert and Ned both looked at eachother then readied there weapons then the ship made contact with the beach Thoros of myr lit his sword on fire with wildfire which gave the flames a jade green coloring striking fear into the hearts of the ironborn but they came to there senses too late Thoros of Myr,Robert Baratheon,Eddard Stark (Ned),Jorah Mormont,and many other knights and lords carved the poorly trained ironborn into pieces and lead the siege engines to the walls of Pyke (Pyke is several towers guarded by a wall which is about to be blown open) after the main wall was blown open Thoros ran in waving his flaming sword catching everyone's attention while Ryker slid through the chaos and made his way to the lords chamber some ironborn noticed Ryker running into the main tower but ignored him due to heavy casualties when he reached Balon's Master bedroom all the guards had gone to join the fight and the door was locked

Ryker looked out the window and saw Robert crushing and caving in enemy soldiers faces and heads with Eddard Stark and the King's Guard protected his rear from any suicidal ironborn (the ironborn should really produce crossbows)

After watching men get there brains squished through their noses Ryker felt sick and began sweating but he steeled himself to kill Balon

He placed on his climbing gear and anchored himself to the window and started to claim towards Balon's balcony

He struggled not to look down even though he knew he'd be safe if his hooks came loose he didn't want to break a rib if he snagged on the rope around his stomach so he kept steady and got into a rhythm and slowly climbed into the balcony

When Ryker looked around the room he noticed Balon standing in front of the door to his room seemingly preparing to face the fury of Robert

Quickly Ryker pulled out his bow and shot Balon in his leg causing him to yell in pain

Balon turned towards Ryker and tried to limp over to him but was shot again in his other leg and quickly stabbed several times in his chest ,Ryker wrapped the safety rope that was meant to catch him around Balon's neck and dragged him to the balcony and struggled to throw him over the side (Balon struggled but was over come with pain from the stabs and arrows directly through his knees)

After Balon went over the edge his head and spine came free of his body which landed on Jorah and almost broke his arm

The loud thud gathered a lot of attention of all the combatants causing almost all of the combatants to freeze after the soldiers realized what had happened Robert's forces started to celebrate and the ironborn born immediately dropped there weapons because they knew their cause was lost

Ryker tried his hardest to maintain his composure as he went to collect the anchor with balon's head attached to it

on his way down the tower with balon's head he walked passed several ironborn who didn't look back just stared down blankly at the floor

Ryker ran to Robert and presented him with the gift

Ryker-"I never swore fealty so I wanted to do it in a big way(Ryker said to Robert slightly shaking)"

Before Robert could respond Theon ran up to Ryker and punched him in the back of his head causing him to land face down in the blood on the battlefield Ryker released Balon's head and struggled to get onto his back to defend himself against Theon (who was slightly bigger than him) when Ryker finally managed to get onto his back Theon started calling him a murdering bastard and that he'll pay the iron price for his vengeance while repeatedly punching at Ryker

Ryker thrusts his hips up and turns to get on top of Theon ,using a palm strike he breaks Theon's nose then using his free hand to grab his dirk He attempts to stab Theon in the throat

But Robert demanded the fighting to end and Ryker stood at attention while Theon caught his breath

Robert named Theon lord of the iron islands and sent Yara to live with Eddard Stark as his ward ,Robert also knighted Ryker,Beric,Jorah Mormont ,and Thoros of Myr

Everyone except Ryker was knighted on the battlefield Ryker was knighted infront of the black smith and rewarded the ruins of summer hall and the lands surrounding it but most importantly he got his refund


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