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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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5 Chapter 5

After his intense training Ryker decided to spend time with his pregnant wife Ruby(her real name is Bella) him and her spent 3 months getting to know each other more but Ryker knew there peace would be interrupted by the death of Jon Arryn (the hand of the king)

So when the letter arrived that Jon Arryn had died Ryker packed his things including his partially valerian steel sword winter's reap (which belongs to the lord of House Selmy it had the look of valerian steel and strength too but weighed as much as a normal sword) gathered 10 of his best soldiers all dressed in matching Templar style armor (Ryker has a set but his has more plate) alongside his military band and traveled to Winterfell

Ryker-"(hopefully I don't have to fight someone like Jaime or the mountain they'll probably rip me to pieces)"

Tom the guard captain -"milord I don't understand why we're headed north"

Ryker-"Tom we're going to see my old friends the king and lord Stark"

Tom-"is he expecting us"

Ryker-"No, I wish to make a entrance fitting of a lord of my stature"

They rode north a trip which took several weeks and they were still behind Robert

when they reached Winterfell Ryker stopped his party and waited

His men seemed impatient but they knew not to be insubordinate

After waiting till the start of sunset Ryker sent a raven telling Eddard to expect his arrival but to not inform Robert

Ryker ordered his band to play new world's symphony 4th movement and Ryker cracked two of his fingers one at a time to cause a dramatic storm as he rode through the gates of Winterfell

All of his men wore helmets including himself so he could do a face reveal for the entire castle

When he looked at there faces before he removed his helm he saw looks of fear and confusion lined up against the sides and front of the court yard everyone was present (Robert,Rob,Yara,Eddard,Bran,Rickon,Arya, Jon,Jaime and Cersei, and lastly Sansa who seemed the most scared and confused)

So he removed his helm to reveal his now dashing adult face his eyes seemed to be noticeably more purple but his eye color was still primarily blue

Ryker hopped off of his horse then his men mirrored him and when he went up to Robert prepared to kneel Robert yelled "kraken killer" causing Yara to flinch

Robert-"by the 7 you've grown into imposing young man(giving Ryker a bear hug)"

Ryker told Robert about his magnificent Black castle and Large home of Harvest hall (as they walked into the stark dining hall followed by everyone else )

(After hearing of his wealth and valor Sansa became interested in Ryker ,more than she was for Joffrey)

Everyone enjoy the feast except Joffrey and Cersei who didn't like that Sansa was starring at Ryker so to avoid Cersei's wraith he called over Yara who was very reluctant to hold conversation or look at her father's killer eventually she walked off and sat at a different table Ryker followed her and whispered into her ear hotly

Ryker-"I know you like me "

Yara -"you're a self centered murderer(she said punching him in his face then stomping off)"

After talking to Yara ,Ryker went outside to speak with Jon who was beating a training dummy with a sword(just like in the show) after a few minutes Ryker greeted Jon who was a few inches shorter and a 4 years younger

Ryker asked Jon did he want to spar and Jon agreed (He knew to take it easy on Jon Because he was bigger and more skillful and it would mess up the story if Jon got a serious injury )

Ryker kept his sword sheathed and told Jon to attack him ,Jon seemed confused but charged anyway,lifting his sword over his head he swung his sword down on Ryker's head

The wind from Jon's sword was the only thing to hit Ryker who slid to the right and kicked the wind out of Jon's stomach

After a few minutes of struggling to catch his breath Jon yielded

(Jon needed to learn unarmed combat so he could fight off weak wights)

They spent the rest most of the feast training and talking of they're childhoods (Jon seemed to idolize Ryker but in a brotherly way ) when Ryker heard Tyrion's child like foot steps coming he swore 5 of his guards to Jon and promised to send help to the wall such as men,weapons,and funds as much as he could

and to avoid the question of "why?" Ryker said

"Thank you for your service lord snow"

and sped off to the feast soo fast that it caused a drunk Tyrion to laugh


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