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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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6 Chapter 6

Ryker-"(today was a good day I made it to Winterfell met yara and saved Jon snow a lot of trouble now it's time to save Bran's ability to walk)"

When it came time to sleep Ryker gathered his remaining men from the feast hall and headed to the guest house to get some rest

The next day they all got up bright and early ,Ryker told his men to go explore but not to cause trouble afterwards they disbursed

Then Ryker went to find Bran who he found playing with Summer and greeted him , he also finally showed him to use a sword bran learned quickly but probably wouldn't win a fight without some luck eventually Ryker left bran but followed him to the tower and watched him climb the tower

Right before bran reached the top Ryker beamed a rock at summer to scare her off

When he fell Ryker ran to catch him it was still a violent fall but less harsh than hitting the ground Ryker made sure to keep Bran's neck positioned properly and ran screaming to the Maester who treated a still unconscious Bran

Ryker sat with Bran and swore to Catelyn he will stay in Winterfell until Bran had awakened she was grateful for his kindness but rarely spoke to him while they sat at Bran's bedside

Ryker spent most of his time in Winterfell bothering Yara who's tolerance began to grow and speaking with the acting lord of Winterfell Rob but when evening came he spent his time sitting quietly with Bran and left at the same time every night for eight days till the day assassin would appear

On the eighth night Rob and Ryker went out the door to Bran's room to help with the fire but when Ryker left he watched the would be assassin enter the room and followed behind him and the moment he unsheath his blade his jaw was broken by a vicious right hook throwing the scrawny man against the wall Ryker ran over to him and began stomping on his neck till he heard a satisfying snap underneath his boot


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