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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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7 Chapter 7

@@The scrawny assassin lasted on the floor lifeless with his neck bent irregularly towards the floor

Ryker turned to Catelyn who was clearly shaken by the assassin and Ryker's hardcore aggression but she quickly grabbed the dagger and surveyed it

Ryker fetched Rob and brought him to Bran's room and Rob was surprised by the assassin's mangled neck but hurried to get men to clean up the body

Ryker slept at the guest house for the last time and left for kings landing to aid Gendry and participate in the hand's tourney

Early in the morning on his way to the gates he was stopped by a tired looking Catelyn who thanked him for saving Bran twice named him a friend of the north and gave him some silver for the road Ryker tried to be humble as possible

Ryker ,Tom the guard captain,and the 4 remaining men hit the road after a while on the road they stopped to camp ,after the sun went down Ryker heard foot steps he tried to wake his men but couldn't do it quiet enough to not attract attention so he peaked out of his tent and saw three Lannister soldiers poking around



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