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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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8 Chapter 8

Grumpkin-"why are you staring at me like that? ,what do I look like to you a Snark?"

Ryker blinked a few times then replied

Ryker-"Snarks are real?"

The Grumpkin sighed and shook his death gripped leg

Grumpkin"well you see me so what do you want I can grant 3 wishes."

Excitement flashed across Ryker's face

Ryker immediately ask for full control over his lightning powers

Next he wished to be a Pure Targaryen

Lastly he wished for a dragon

After he made the wishes Ryker released the Grumpkin's leg

Ryker got even more excited when the Grumpkin started making a "mmmmmmm" sound and clapping

The first 2 times nothing happened the the second 2 made Ryker's eyes twitch and he began to feel something oozing from the top of his head , he reached up to inspect the slime which was his hair pigment rolling down to reveal long platinum hair and when he looked back at his hands they had turned pale

Ryker got jittery wondering where his dragon would come from ,he crawled out of his tent and looked towards the night sky after a little bit of waiting he looked down at the Grumpkin

who now was holding a dark purple dragon egg

The Grumpkin struggled to throw the egg up to Ryker and said

Grumpkin -"Don't expect to ever see me again, idiot"

With the work "idiot" he vanished into a cloud of white smoke

Since his men were sleeping Ryker went far from camp to train and try to hatch the egg as soon as possible

When he reached a distance where they couldn't hear him if he yelled at the top of his lungs he began to train first he wanted to test the techniques that his favorite characters used on tv when he was back on earth

For example,chidori, kirin , flying raijin, special beam cannon,instant transmission,fairy law, force shout, galactic donut,shoryuken,barriers,raging demon,avatar state(just lightning),and dragon fist

After testing all his abilities Ryker turned around and saw all his men awake and shocked

Ryker-"(Shit how am I gonna explain this)"


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