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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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9 Chapter 8

Ryker wanted to confront the men but the last thing he needed was for the Lannisters to be after him so he decided to wait silently ,after going through the stuff they decided to leave so Ryker went back to sleep

In the morning he was woken by the sound of Tom cursing

Tom-"Dammit we've been robbed those cunts probably took some of our food"

Ryker-"calm down Tom nothing was stolen just Lannister's men poking around at night"

Tom-"it seems like every year they're is more of them roaming around "

Ryker-"we should just go home things are getting a little too active and I wanna be prepared for the madness"

Tom-"yeah that would be best for your safety milord"

Tom told the men to pack there things and they all headed home to Blackhelm which is a magnificent sight to see even though Ryker knew he just lifted the design off a castle he saw one time

his arrival caused a bit of a stir because small folk rarely actually see they're lord he took the opportunity to wave and display his dashing smile for his people until he reached the doors of his castle where ruby was waiting for him

Her stomach was huge which made it hard for her to walk so Ryker jumped off his horse and ran to his wife

Ryker"wow you must be due any day now "

Ruby"i think I know that Ryker now please get me to a seat"

Ryker walked her to the drawing room and sat down next to her in the private room Tom and the other guards went off to do they're own thing so it was just ruby and Ryker alone together

Ruby-" I think they'll be boys"

Ryker-"really that would be nice"

Ruby-"maybe they'll be tall like you or maybe taller"

Ryker-"I doubt it but Robb Stark is 6'0 at 15 so who knows"

Ruby-"ooooo what are the starks like"

Ryker-"they're good people sadly there son fell from a tower I caught him"

Ruby-"maybe one day our descendants will be named Stark (she said with a laugh)"

Ryker-"not anytime soon we have two castles our first born takes this one and the younger one takes they other"

Ruby-"hmm but the other one is worth more"

Ryker-"but this castle is awesome and its siege walls are strong"

Ruby-"well it doesn't matter who gets what as long as they get along"

Ryker-"I couldn't have said it myself, it's getting darker so we should get some rest"

They lit some candles and headed to the bed chamber to go to bed after a couple hours ruby went straight to sleep so Ryker slipped out of bed and headed to Tom's house outside the guard barracks when Ryker knocked on the door he heard dragged foot steps and was greeted by Tom who seemed to be out cold before hand

Tom-"something wrong lord Ryker"

Ryker-"not really I just need soldiers and plenty of them trained and ready in a couple of weeks "

Tom-"I'll try my hardest hopefully it'll fall together"

Ryker-"I look forward to it have a nice night Tom"

Ryker returned to the bed chamber and went to bed


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