Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
10 Chapter 9 the adventure of Tom
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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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10 Chapter 9 the adventure of Tom

Tom woke up in a great mood dark and early

So he hopped out of bed and got dressed in his uniform (which wasn't too plated like war or tourney armor but not just plain clothes)

he ate a roasted chicken with eggs and headed out

Tom headed out to the barracks and woke up Ryker's men

They snapped out of bed immediately when they heard the door open

Tom-"ok men for the next few weeks all non security detail will be doing recruiting,anyone older than 16 but tall 15 is fair game make sure to inform them of room and board ,dismissed "

And the men fell out to go recruit but some went to the castle to do the security detail

Tom stood at the door and contemplated what he was going to do today he had plenty of time sense the sun was just coming up

Tom-"(I could go see lord Ryker, work on my reading with measter will, court some women I am getting old, maybe I'll visit my sister )"

Tom-"(I haven't seen her in a while I should stop by)"

Tom rode his horse north west towards his sister's cabin ,he arrived with plenty of sunlight to spare

Her cabin seemed to be in disrepair it was directly off the side of the road so plenty of people must have saw it

Tom dismounted his horse and entered the cabin slowly

her furniture was gone, cabinets open and empty,and also her dressers were empty but her fire place was lit with a burnt rabbit inside

So he started looking for signs of struggle after some looking he found drag marks on the wooden floor leading out the back door of the cabin towards the King's wood (a forest) so Tom went to lord Cafferen at Fawnton

(A small castle at the edge of the river nearby)

When Tom reached the gates he requested a audience with Lord Cafferen they let him through and led him to the lord

Lord Erys Cafferen is a 30 or 40 something year old man not tall at all and doesn't seem like a fighter compared to his long dead older brother

Tom-"Lord Cafferen there are bandits somewhere in the King's wood and they've taken my sister"

Lord Cafferen-"that's not good,did the abduction take place on my land?"

Tom-"yes directly down the road from your castle "

Lord Cafferen-"well pick three men to deal with those scum , but if they refuse you're on your own"

Tom picked 3 guys who looked like they could handle themselves and headed to the tracks outside his sister's home Tom and the men followed the tracks until they found a camp where screaming could be heard Tom asked 2

of the men to head over to the other side of the camp then close in for a pincer maneuver

They crept over to the three tents and prepared there weapons but were spotted by a bandit who was using the bathroom in the woods that alerted the others who ran out of the tents Tom went after the potty bandit who started sprinting into the forest Tom struggled to keep up because of his uniform but managed to keep his eyes on the potty bandit eventually the both ran out of breath and were far away from the camp

Tom-"stop trying to run"

Potty-"We both know i ain't going ( he said displaying his disgusting yellow teeth )"

Tom charged hold the blade of his sword and swinging the pummel at the bandit's patchy head

After a slim miss the gross bandit bit Tom's arm but cracked his teeth on Tom's chain mail which caused the potty bandit's mouth to fill with blood

The bite left the bandit wide open for a pummeled strike to the ribs which cracked several ribs and allowed him to get bashed in the jaw with the sword's pummeled dislocating his jaw

Tom dragged the potty bandit back to the camp and saw that one of the men he came with was bleeding out next to a died bandit and the other two were getting closed in on by 4 other bandits so Tom took out one of them with a sword stab to the back of the throat giving a opening for the cornered men

Tom stabbed at another bandit it was dodged and countered with a axe swing towards Tom's left arm burying it inside going deep into the bone

The pain was unbearable but also was the sight of it but the axe was stuck so he took the opportunity to slay the bandit with a fatal slash across his liver which didn't kill him quickly but gave him some time to suffer

Tom ,due to blood loss planted his sword in the ground and flopped onto the ground

Tom-"(hopefully they can handle those 2)"

He thought as he lost consciousness


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