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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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11 Chapter 10

The guards went to Ryker's bed room that night and told him Tom lost his left arm earlier trying to save his sister

Tom was still out cold from the pain medication so Ryker took a peak at Tom's missing arm , he lost everything a inch above his elbow but he wasn't bleeding anymore because the wound had been burnt closed

His sister was awake but she sat silently gazing out the infirmary window

Ryker-"(I wonder what I can do for him)"

Ryker called Measter Will , he's the Measter that came with the castle Ryker hasn't needed him until now

Ryker-"could you design a metal forearm and fist with a built in crossbow"

The Measter stood still for a moment and then walked over to Tom and inspected his arm again

Will-"I could but the crossbow would take some time and he might not be able to support the weight"

Ryker-"well trying wouldn't hurt"

Ryker-"(Today is the day of Robert's death I should pick a side I already have connections to the north but my castles are down here)"

Ryker-"(Renly would be a good choice but he's gonna die)"

Ryker-"(Stannis will have the men and with me at his side we'll win the black water)"

Ryker-"(but what about the Starks)"

Ryker-"(fuck it I'll go collect my lesser lords and continue from there)"

So Ryker left once again leaving behind Ruby and Tom but taking a Centuria (80 soldiers) with him , he headed to a house Cafferen nearby to the north just like Tom did

Erys Cafferen was very reluctant but thankfully feudalism forced him to give up 40 soldiers instantly increasing Ryker's standing army to 120 which is small but with his

castles reserves of 12,000 plus the extra 4,000 soldiers and 800 calvery he'll get after his uncle's "death" he will be a force to be reckoned with

Lord Hugh Grandison a old man to the north east is sworn to house Swann but with a promise of land it doesn't matter

So he swore 100 men

This entire process took 3 weeks Robert is died , Ned is dead, Arya is "missing", Robb is king of the north, and Beric is "died "

Ryker is back home surround by his 17,020 soldiers and prepared for war they don't know where they'll march but King's Landing is a prime target the Lannisters are gone fighting the starks in the Riverlands and the city is only guarded by 2,000 men without them so it should be a easy siege if they don't just surrender the redkeep upon Ryker's arrival

He would have to do all this very quickly because he has three castles now all undermanned and in the game of thrones anyone will take advantage of weakness so he marched north to King's Landing

Ryker-"(why didn't someone do this in the show or book ,Janos Slynt must die ,Measter Pycelle must die ,Grand Maester Pycelle must die so much killing so little time )"


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