Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
12 The “Siege” of King’s Landing
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Lightning Strikes In Game Of Thrones
Author :Daimon
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12 The “Siege” of King’s Landing

Ryker arrived at King's Landing in and asked to speak with the corrupt head of the city guard Janos Slynt

The Gold cloaks lead Ryker to Janos who was in his office near the Iron gate (one of the 7 major gates into the city )

When Ryker entered the room the balding man was sitting at his desk doing paperwork (probably keeping track of bribes)

Ryker took the open seat on the other side of the desk cleared his throat and spoke

Ryker-" I have 17,020 men sitting in the forest outside the city if you don't allow me to take the city or return to them they will burn the city to the ground and kill you and everyone else here but if you allow me to go through with my plan you will be awarded the castle of Blackhelm and gain a lordship"

Janos-"that's a great deal but what about Tywin"

Ryker-"Tywin is miles north of here fighting the north if I take the city he'll probably retreat and try to hold the westerlands"

Janos-"what do you want to do with Cersei,Joffrey, Tommen, and Marcella "

Ryker-"have them remove the name of Baratheon from themselves and go back to Casterly Rock"

Janos-"ok I'll inform my men and leave the gates open we'll keep the peace while you dethrone them"

Ryker left to inform his men of Janos agreeing to the coup Tom was put in charge of making sure the gold cloaks don't try anything

Ryker and Tom walked into the city without resistance the small folk cheered and tried to form a mob behind the soldiers but were stopped and dispersed by the Gold cloaks

Ryker walked into the red keep which was empty first he entered the throne room then made his way to the royal suite he tried to open the door to the King's Room but it was barred shut

Ryker-"Cersei you and your kids can go free just tell the truth and leave"

Cersei-" What truth , Usurper"

Ryker-" That Joffrey and his siblings aren't royalty but Lannister bastards"

Joffrey finally broke out crying setting off Tommen and Marcella (who are still children) Sansa laughed upsetting Cersei who ordered for the King's Guard to kill Sansa

From behind the door Ryker could hear the crying intensifying and a struggle ensuing after a few loud thumps and more crying the piece of wood that held the door shut was removed and the door was open Cersei had been beaten by Ser Meryn Trant and dragged to the door which was open by Ser Boros Blount

Ryker wasn't surprised by the betrayal anyone would've done the same in their position so he ordered for The King's guard , the "royal"family,Janos Slynt,And the small council to come to the throne room

Petyr tried to run but was stopped by Tom and redirected to the throne room

Ryker stood infront of the iron throne everyone he called was clearly nervous

Ryker-" I'll start with the small names first every member of the King's guard but Sandor Clegane and Arys Oakheart are to be sent to the wall to take the black"

The damned members of the King's guard tried to object but were silenced by Ryker

Sandor,Arys , and Sansa joined Ryker infront of the throne

Ryker-"Pycelle you are sentenced to death for the poisoning of Jon Arryn, Cersei you are sentenced to death for the poisoning of Jon Arryn and murdering Ned Stark,Petyr Baelish you are sentenced to death for the murder of Ned Stark "

The Bastards started to cry again even louder but were drowned out by the sound of Petyr trying to reach out to Sansa

Petyr-"he's lying I'd never do that to Catelyn"

Sandor aka the hound " yes you did lying CUNT "

Sansa was clearly shocked but some how at the same time not surprised her face was a slate of conflicting emotions it was almost as if this outcome hadn't seemed possible to her

Ryker's men grabbed Cersei, Pycelle, and Petyr and brought them to the steps near the iron throne the men also covered the Cersei's younger children's eyes

Pycelle was up first Ryker unsheathed his valerian steel sword and gave it a few practice swings surprisingly Pycelle kept up the old man act until his head was detached from his shoulders and rolled around on the floor inside a puddle of his crimson blood

Cersei , noticing she is next reache's into her cleavage and pulls out a vial that could fit into her palm Ryker tried to take it from her but she quickly gulped it down and fell backwards onto the throne room floor she laid lifeless with a single tear on her face


Petyr took the opportunity to beg some more but Ryker stabbed him through the chest and twisted the sword then removing it from his chest

Petyr let out one last hiss then slouched over

Ryker-"Janos Slynt I sentence you to the wall for corruption"

Janos-"do you think I'll go without a fight ,Boy"

Ryker-"Do you think those men you steal from will get slaughtered for you"

Janos gave up and started preparing for the trip north with the King's guard

So now Jofferey,Tommen, and Marcella were the only ones left to be dealt with

Ryker-"If you drop your claim to the throne you'll be under my protection"

Tommen and Marcella quickly folded but Joffrey wasn't so cooperative

Joffrey-"but all of this is mother's fault I'm the king and when I have my soldiers I'll kill you Aa"

Ryker buried his sword inside the bastard's neck causing Tom to be visibly get upset but not speak and just start on his way out of the throne room

Before he could leave Ryker told him he is now commander of the Gold cloaks

Ryker-" (I have to get Tommen and Marcella to Jaime or someone else or else I'll start to feel bad )"


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