Lupin Lynchbit
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Lupin Lynchbit
Author :ACaspain
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4 FUN?

The boys parted ways, as Lupin went towards the campus exit.

He could hear an electronic bell signaling the city light rail.

He searched his pockets. All that could be found was a pack of gum. An electronic flats key card. A few shelling inside the orange coat pocket. Then cringed his face in detecting, he continued on his dreary way.

A few blocks away he spotted it, the Wuhan Noodle Cart. The place tended to move around the city frequently. Aside from his native cooking. Lupin attempted to cut through the masses even faster.

The crosse roads had become jaded. Holy and Central was where four roads intersect. Traffic on a night like this was the equivalent of a mosh pit. The boy took delight in the crowd. For a half, the quoter of them did not reek.

He made to a backed up club line. To proceed Lupin had to take an ally nearby. The city wasn't vender craze. So it was rare to come across one, any given day.

"Watch it imp!" Hefty men bumped into Lupin. As he exited the alleyway. "Ditto, I was just . . . excuse me." The boy mumbled as the large men walked off.

Hellenic city's citizens weren't known for their manner.

Lupin took a seat on a wooden bar chair. The stand had slinky like red lanterns hanging from each end. The counter was made of red oak. That had been polished to a pulp. A bamboo turned cup, held numerous pair of chopsticks.

"Hi'ol Lupin." Smiled a tanned aged man, in a black chefs uniform. He dashed to greet the boy. The man then whipped the oak counter table.

"How's your lychnobite." he inquired as for the sizzle echoed in the back. He rushed to a bulbs black pot. Handling the wood handle, wail seasoning it.

[10:32 PM]

"Well, my Doctor said, I'd get used to it. With my medic background and all." He stated as he leaned

"Hmm . . . what will it be?" The boy could spot the man cutting up something. Lupin leaned back to his chair.

"Come on Wai." He sighed as he glanced around. The stand seemed cleaner. Yet no customer could be seen in sight.

"Don't worry about my kid, it doesn't really pick till  after happy hour." He threw a glance at Lupin.

"One bowel of roman chicken seasoned coming up. The dumplings will take a tad longer." He exclaimed with a smile.

"So you seeing anyone?" The question was so out of the blue. All he could do was stare at the table.

"At the moment no, I'm trying to get a financially stable gig before I start courting." It made sense but having stated that way. Made Wai chuckle none stop.

"Here . . . kid - " Wai presented a black bawl of steaming roman noodles. Wail he attempted to catch his breath.

"May I get the dumplings to go. The campus has a strict rule about my position." Lupin clipped the chopstick as Wai turned. The boy lowered his head and whispered a prayer.

[11:07 PM]

Lupin clipped and blew on a strand of noodles. Wai would at a time through bell peppers mushrooms and dill sprinkled on top.

"Take it from me. All you need to do is make one girl laugh. That's how you get one, keeping me around is talk for next time." He cracked his neck. All the kid could be blown and slurp noodles.

"Who said I can't get one?" He mumbled in detest. Wai gave him a stern look. As Lupin paused and gulped.

"Sorry, but getting is easy. I mean look at me?" Lupin regretted it the moment he recalled. That he had bags under his eyes. As well as bed hair.

"Don't Wai, just Don't," Wai smirked hold back a laugh. At the corner of his eye. He spotted a group heading his way. Lupin would tune out every customer. That filled the four extra chair beside him.

"Rice wine please." A soft low tone requested. As she took a seat right next to him. Lupin continued to stuff his mouth.

"Here's to, here's you I guess." She lifted a bottle turned to Lupin. To her, the boy looked like deranged stuffed mouth chipmunk.

"Hmm." He said acknowledged her but yet mumbled something.

"Sorry, I don't drink." Lupin caught himself as Wai was tending to another customer.

"What another city aside Hellenic, would let you drink at the age of fifteen." She teased as he scanned her head to toe. She wore a head bun choker, dark eyelashes. Along with a black knee size dress.

[12:11 AM]

"Look at me like that again and you'll get these hands." She started taking a sip.

"You mean claws right barbie." Lupin teased spotting her original golden roots. Then the boy continued eating.

"Claws, let us see them." Wai teased from behind the counter. She snarled at the banter. Then paid for the drink. She casually placed shellings near Lupin's bowel.

"I apologize miss-" the boy managed to hold a nugget of noodle in his left cheek. He would proceed to slide the shillings back.

"Even if his family, he's gotta pay for himself." Remarked Wai bagging the dumpling into a stair a foam box. Then bagged and placed it on the table.

"My tongs sharper than my fists." She stated turned back. Leaning to pick up something. As she locked on to Lupins eye.

"Would you join me, it  karaoke night at Neon Drape." The boy was reluctant when Wai raised an eyebrow at him.

"Ditto." He replied grabbed the bag and followed her. Wai would watch them off. As the boy button his coat from waist to chest.

"What does Ditto mean?" She nudged him as she turning back once. Its an answer she'd never heard.

"Oh. . .  for mean it like yes or unha. It depends on the situation."  She leads him through an ally cross the Holly Avenue. To parcel long line.

"Hay Fred it's me! Holly!" She waved at a slim fit doorman.

He had brunet slicked back hair. As well as large smile and squire jaw.

[1:09 AM]

"Fred this is, I never got your name." She turned to the boy, who fidgeted about holding the bag. I mean who takes take out to a nightclub? Lupin's face heated up. As sweat a cumulated in several body areas.

"Lu - Ran just Ran." Holly's jaw dropped in silence. Glaring at Lupin just a tad. Holly slipped Fred a bag.

"Last name basis with an orphan Holly, what happens to Al -" she snared at the incomplete question. Fred gave a cheesy smile. Then opened one of the double doors.

Neon Drape was spacious inside, the walls reflected the crowd. As well as the glass chandelier hanging from the center. It had two whirlpool fountains. One side had a dark hired curvaceous girl. Who danced in her swimsuit. The other had a slick fit guy. Who danced in tight briefs.

"Oh, the dancers are just the tip of the ice burg. The funs in the second and third floor trust me."

Holly leads Lupin to the elevator. As they entered. She took her hair tie out.  A girl in a flashy cluster entered the elevator. As it stopped on the second floor.

"Would you mind unzipping the back for me, darling?" She looked at Lupin as Holly raised a brow. Lupin made a pleading face at Holly. She nodded in return.

"Hurry it up handsome." Lupin reached and tugged at the zipper.

As Holly bit her under the lip. The women held up her undone dress. By crossing her hands over her breast's.

"So the song of choice is Arigato Ma×$#×#$." As Holly lead him down the halls with lettered rooms. Lupin could not take his eyes of the women in the elevator. Even after it closed.

The two entered a private karaoke lounge. It had a wall installed flat screen. A large curved white sofa. As well as a  glass centered tables with two wireless mikes.

[01:50 AM]

"Hello welcome to the Melody lounge. Complimentary drinks will be delivered in a second. Please enjoy." A voice announced from the speakers above them.

Holly would choose a song as Lupin sat down. Placing the dumpling bag on the glass table.  The music started, as he heard a knock at the door. Lupin got up to find a thin wheeled table. That held a tray of Rice wine with two glass cups. As well as a grape juice pack.

Lupin wheeled in the drinks as Holly sang the lasts lyrics. She turned and rushed to the table gleefully. She opened and poured a pint in one cup.

"A midget wouldn't kill you." She teased poring hers to the brink. She then handed him a microphone. Lupin would choose an Indian song. Holly could not understand any of it. As she pored grape juice in his cup.

"I've never seen someone chose a Bollywood theme. Then again India music is not popular in Hellenic." Lupin turned to the grape in the cup. He gaily drank a sip or two. As the night went on, he got tired and sleepy.

Holly would end it there when she noticed the time. She placed Lupins hand over her shoulder. Picked up his food for him. The two would exit Neon Drape into a cold night. As the streets were bare and the only signs of life were graveyard worker.

"I don't . . . at all Holly. Cause it dulls the mind. Plus I've never been a day person. Growing up was weird everyone would sleep all night. As I stayed up . . . when I slept they woke up. Kids teased and called me Sandman. At times they'd call me vamp or bat boy." He started falling into the either.

[11:00 AM]

Three or four knocks shook the door and walls. Lupins brain felt fried as slims of sunlight. Spied through the window hitting his face. He leaped out of bed tripping over a small tube sports bag. As the torturous knocking persisted. He crawled to the door.

"What!" Stood Lupin, a man in his late forty. Who wore a dark trench coat.

"Ran, Lupin Ran. Inspector Thurm with Hellenic City Precinct." Lupin nodded slowly. As the Inspector flashed a badge.

"Do you know anything about the disturbance last night?"  He inquired as he attempted to peek inside the boy's room.

"Disturbance." The boy dragged out the word. As his eye widened, wail he rubbed his head. Sleep fingertips held him back, eyes glazed half closed.

"Yeah, a kind of prowler broke in and attacked manager Macy." He paused quickly glancing to the left hallway.

"You didn't hear anything the prowler unloaded a couple of rounds into the roof of the flat." He stated in shock.

"That's  impossible." The boy lamented in aw of the situation. He looked back at the sports bag. Partly peaking out was green hair and a Winchester. He squinted the door in hopes the inspector didn't see the sports bag.

"That Orange coats and tightie whites impossible, this actually happened." Lupin was unaware he had only the coat and whites under ware on him.

"I'm diagnosed lychnobite, and work as a perfect on campus at night." He proclaimed in a low voice as he used one hand to cover his undies.

"Here's my card if you remember anything strange about last night.  Anything at all calls me." Inspector Thurm handed him a card. Then turned in dis


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