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Make my Mom Fall in Love with Dad
Author :Mel9dy
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57 Cruisin

Tom was beyond surprised when he saw his tyrant boss with a beautiful lady.

"Sweetheart this is Tom my assistant, Tom meet my beautiful wife Hestia." Damon introduced the two when Tom fetched his car.

Hestia smiled. "Nice to meet you Tom!" She raised her hand for a handshake.

Tom glanced at his boss to gauge his reaction and when he was sure it was okay to shake Hestia's hand, Tom quickly shaked her hands. "It is my pleasure to meet you madam."

Hestia smiled. "You can just call me by my name."

"But your my boss' wife, I should address you accordingly."

Hestia glanced at Damon. "Just do as my wife says."

Hestia smiled sweetly at Damon. "Thanks hubby."

"Anything for you sweetheart." Damon smiled and kissed Hestia's hand.

Tom was shocked to see his scary boss act too sweetly, he can almost have tooth decay from too much public display of affection. "Boss here's your car key." He just wants to leave the two love birds alone and go to work to forget his boss' cheesy actions.

Damon grabbed his keys and thanked his ever reliable assistant. "Before you go instruct the moving company to deliver my family's stuff to my house at Mainstreet and order Lance to supervise the company for a week if anything serious comes up just give me a call."

"No problem boss, how about the signing of contract between MGS?"

"I'll contact them later to inform them that Lance will sign it for me as my representative, before signing make sure that the contract is accurate."

"Noted boss."

"One more thing don't contact me unless the situation is dead serious, I want to fully enjoy my honeymoon without any disturbance are we clear."

Hestia blushed beside her husband. Tom was also speechless and he just nod his head.

"Good. Come sweetheart." Damon gently assist Hestia inside the car before he walked regally towards the driver's seat.

Tom was taken aback when someone tapped his shoulders.

"Are you Mr. Wiles?"

Tom quickly nods his head. "Mr. Gray called us to move his family's stuff."

"Ah yes right this way." Tom guide the men towards Hestia's apartment.

Inside the car, Hestia was enjoying the scenic view. They left the city about thirty minutes ago, big tall buildings and busy streets was now replaced by trees and fresh air. "Where exactly are we going?" Hestia glanced at Damon. Damons hair was being blown by the wind and for Hestia it made him more handsome.

"To our farm house." Damon looked at Hestia with a toothy grin. His grin was really a killer, it can make any woman swoon and be at his beck and call.

Hestia is excited to visit the farm house and it showed on her face.

Damon was mesmerized by her beauty. "Damon eyes on the road." Hestia reminded him to focus on the road.

Damon scratched his neck with a sheepish smile he once again concentrates on the road. "Sorry sweetheart I can't just take my eyes off of you. You're just too beautiful." He glanced at her and smirked when he saw how Hestia's cheeks turn red.

"Your such a sweet talker!"

Damon chuckled. Hestia turned the radio on and was happy to hear her favorite song. When she heard the chorus she sang along.

"You're gonna fly away, glad you're goin' my way

I love it when we're cruisin' together

Music is played for love, cruisin' is made for love

I love it when we're cruisin' together." Hestia grabbed her comb and used it as a microphone.

Damon was fascinated. He was pleasantly surprised to know that Hestia has a beautiful seeing voice. It was soft and at the same time sultry.

Hestia smiled at him. "Do you know this song?"

"I've heard of it."

"Then sing with me!" Hestia brought the comb near Damon's mouth when it was the turn of the male singer.

Damon glanced at Hestia. "I can't sing."

Hestia shaked her head. "Come on, you have a beautiful speaking voice you can do it. Please!"

Damon sighed. He can't resist her charm. He cleared his throat and opened his mouth. "Baby tonight."

Hestia smiled. "Belongs to us." She then smiled encouragingly at Damon.

"Everything right.." - Damon

"Do what you must.." - Hestia

Damon can now sing the next line comfortably. "And inch by inch we grow closer and closer."

Hestia then joined Damon. "To every lil' part of each other, ooh baby yeah

So let the music take your mind

Just release and you will find

You're gonna fly away, glad you're goin' my way

I love it when we're cruisin' together

Music is played for love, cruisin' is made for love

I love it when we're cruisin' together."

Hestia's sweet and sultry voice combined with Damon's deep voice was a perfect blend. Their harmonization was good for their first try.

"Cruise with me baby." Hestia looked at Damon with tenderness.

Damon parked the car and looked livingly at Hestia. "I love you sweetheart." He gently caressed Hestia's cheeks and gave her a sweet kiss.

Hestia kissed back with all her blossoming emotions. The kiss was both magical and liberating for Hestia. She can now finally let go of her past and be with Ichigo and Damon with no more worries.

"I could just stay here beside you and love you baby." Hestia softly confessed.

Damon's mind went haywire when he heard Hestia's confession. His heart was beating to fast it was like he run for miles. "Can you repeat that one more time."

Hestia looked straight at Damon's beautiful amber eyes. "I love you hubby."

Damon smiled. "Again."

"I love you!" Hestia kissed Damon.

"Wow! Can you repeat it again."

Hestia giggled. "That's enough kissing for today. "

"Tsked." Damon started the engine in a sulking manner but then he smirked. "Your safe for now but when night falls be prepared to be kissed all over."


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