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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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1 Chapter 1

"Being the strongest in the world really sucks. Damn I have got nothing to do. No one to challenge. Only one sided respect and reverence and jealousy. ", said the world's strongest individual with a sad face and sighed.

Our protagonist here is a reincarnated soul. His previous life was a mess. He barely had any hope left to live in the previous world. He had quite a normal family. Until he fell in love with another woman and started cheating. However it did not end there. Rather before he even knew about her, his wife was already cheating on him. However it was not the end of his problems. They had a child but it was not his. Ultimately fed up of his life, he decided to end it then and there.

And now, here we are, in a new body, a new world, a new life. However, problems would not leave him. The body that he possessed is called Sachiro. Though his gender and memories were retained, his problems however changed.

Apparently, this new world is a martial world. Here only the law of jungles work. That is, the strong preys over the weak. Even though there were different laws aimed for the weak or common people, however those were just an excuse to stop the strong from preying on the weak. However, if a strong cultivator truly wished to disturb them, no one would be able to stop him and ultimately comply to his wished in order to prevent their deaths.

In this world, Sachiro was born of a noble. Due to a power struggle, he was abandoned from his family along with the reason of his weak body constitution. With the aim to become to become strong, he followed a sage whom he randomly met while his initial stages of aimless walking from his sudden birth in this world.

However, the sage was only kind in the appearance. In reality, his cruel and inhumane methods could be identified if someone followed him. He suffered from what is called the ultimate training. Hanging down upside down from a tall tree, getting beaten around for almost six years, training different martial skills and most importantly less consumption of food.

He went through day with the pretence of becoming strong. He underwent the hellish training for almost two years. Then after learning almost the basic killing techniques along with the healing ones, he traveled around the world, with the context of getting stronger. He joined several sects and groups just to gain experience and strength.

After almost ten more years, he had grown into the ultimate being. Almost no one compared to him. Defeating his enemies was a play of had. And the most important thing was his attribute specialty.

This world's abilities can be broadly grouped into the following five categories - the raging Fire, the calm Water, the strong Earth, the swift Wind and the drifting Space. Each abilities with special skills that are restricted to their users. For example, a fire attribute person can get skills to blast fireball or create a mini sun, where a water attribute person can get skills to create water balls and water sphere, an earth person can gain the power of earth to build a strong body impregnable to all attacks, a wind attribute can easily parry a long distance in a short movement and a space attribute person can easily create space distortions to attack at the blind spot of an enemy. These are a few examples of ability users. These skills could almost be said to be inborn and comes as one progresses in cultivating and leveling up. A few abnormalities may be born such as a person with more than one or two abilities.

However, our Sachiro here is quite different from them. He is born or rather after reincarnation gained something mystical called the Void attribute. Well void is said to bee nothing but emptiness, a pure mystic attribute that shall be discovered as our hero progresses in finding his partners. However, to tell the truth, it is the culmination of all attributes together that are existing in the nature.

For a person, the leveling up can be described as follows: first comes Starters with five levels, then comes Intermediate with five levels, then False God stage with five levels and ultimately Transcendent Being, the ultimate being in the cultivation world.

When Sachiro found that he gained enough strength to topple kingdoms, he decided to return home to settle some matters about the previous owner of his current body. After a savage sixteen year gap, he finally decided to return home.

There he found out that his parents were long dead. They abandoned him in order for him to survive. He found that not long after he was abandoned, his parents were killed in a civil war. The king of the Ishtar Empire is behind it.

To satisfy his thirst for revenge and vengeance for the body of the previous owner, he helped in the civil war. He participated in several fights with a lot of strong cultivators but found out the sad truth that he cannot enjoy such fights for they were already too low leveled for him. He could easily kill his enemies with a single strike. He was not all needed to bring out all his learned skilled. His fist and sword are alone enough to kill all. He could not enjoy the taste for vengeance at all as he murdered his way through to the throne and killed the current king.

He later helped in the appointment of the new king and requested the present king to keep his property or rather his family's mansion out of his majesty's influence. His wish was easily granted as the main person who helped in killing the previous corrupt king.

Now back to the present, the Ishtar Empire hero is sitting in his large family's mansion with no one in it. The eerie mansion is currently occupied with only the last descendant of the Duke family.

Sachiro was currently looking at the mirror or rather at himself. What was reflected was a young man in his twenties, for when he was abandoned he was only thirteen and after sixteen years, he is currently twenty nine. With dark hair and dense black pupils, he was standing alone in front of the mirror and looking at himself. His body features were moderate, with veins popping out from his arms as he clenched his fists tightly as to what to do now.

He is currently too strong for the world. Enough to rival the demon king itself, if one was ever born. As he was thinking what to do now, he decided, "Lets make this house bloom with noise and life."

"Okay I have decided, I will have ten wives unlike one from my previous life. And this time it will be true love. Hmph."

As if set with a strong resolution, he again decided to travel the world, but this time to roam rather than to fight and to gain true life partners unlike his previous life. This was his resolution rather than to fight his way through and kidnap others. A start of a new, rather odd journey could be witnessed now.


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